[EN] 7.1.5 Nighthold Gearing guide for fury warriors.

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I just want to go through all the items that can drop from the raid and what you should be dumping your bonus rolls on.

Luckly on this raid, we can get all 3 of our best relics. Storm,iron and fire.

We're going to go with the most basic and common stats for a fury warrior, haste and mastery is going to be the best for the majority of players this will be the case.

1) Relics:
-For the storm relic we can get it from Star Augur Etraeus and it's called Tempest of the Heavens.

-For the fire relic it's going to be the Exothermic Core wich drops from Elisande.

-for the iron relic it's going to be the Infused Chitin Fragment from Skorpyron.

2) Items and Tier 19 Armor Sets:

A- Starting from the helm, you only have two choices from nighthold THAT if you don't have the leggy Helm, you should aim for the Tier piece helm : Warhelm of the Obsidian Aspect which drops from Elisande.

B- For the neck we have a couple of choices here, we have Brooch of the Astral Scryer ( it's very good cause of the High haste and vers, vers still a good stat for us especially if you got none) which drops from Star Augur Etraeus. HOWEVER we still can go for the secondary necklace if we couldn't get the first one, the radiant string of scorpid eyes also pretty good it has a 2000 haste which kinda cover the crit on it. which drops from Skorpyron.

C- For the shoulders you're just gonna aim for the tier shoulders. shoulderplates of the obsidian aspect drops from Tichondrius.

D- For the cloak AND ONLY IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE LEGGY ONE , you're going to aim for the tier piece cloack Greatcloak of the Obsidian Aspect which drops from Trilliax
if you're not capble of getting any of those 2 cloacks a good alternative would be Astromancer's Greatcloak from Star Augur Etraeus ( cause of the high haste )

E- For the chest you're gonna want the tier piece Chestplate of the Obsidian Aspect from Krosus and if you can't get it then just get the one from gul'dan , Breastplate of the Remembered King just cause of the great stats on it( haste - mastery) and a higher ilvl.

*- For the Bracers the best that you can get is Eternally Recurring Bracers that drops from Elisande just cause of the high haste that it have, if not you could get Jagged Carapace Wristclamps from Skorpyron cause of the mastery.

G- For the hands the tier piece is best, Gauntlets of the Obsidian Aspect drops from Star Augur Etraeus, if you can't get that any other gloves from NH should be an upgrade for you.

D- For the belt Goresmeared Abyssal Waistplate is our best belt piece that we can get just cause it's the only belt that does not have crit on it - drops from Tichondrius btw

H- For the Pants you'll wana get the tier pants Legplates of the Obsidian Aspect wich drops from Gul'dan, other then that you can aim for Chrono-Tempered Legplates which got lots of mastery and haste on it, drops from Chronomatic Anomaly

I- For Shoes you can get an cool adids - like this one Sabatons of Unchanging Fate great stats haste-mastery yay. other then that Meh both of the other shoes are kinda really baad :'(

J- For rings you wana get Ring of Braided Stems drops from High Botanist Tel'arn and
Ring of the Scoured Clan from Gul'dan , the other 2 rings unfortunately are really bad.

K- For trinks YOU HAVE TO GET Convergence of Fates drops from Elisande and Draught of Souls from Gul'dan ! won't recommend anything besides that -

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