[FIXED] [Shaman][Restoration] Tier 21 4p interaction vs Mastery

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Downpour healing formula is not working as intended and will not interact correctly with mastery or critical strike, first of all, downpour should be able to critically strike on its own accord, and it should do exactly 40% (of the source base heal, and if its a critically strike, it will do 40% of that critical strike) of the heal that procs said downpour and then be affected by mastery (this will be applied at the highest possible, depends on which target would grant more, if the source heal or the target heal) and or critical strike, atm its doing 40% of the heal done after mastery was applied to the primary target and is unable to critically strike on its own accord.

Example, if i heal a player for 1million via healing wave, and i trigger downpour on a nearby player, it should do a minimun of 40% of that million (in this case 400k), and then be affected by mastery depending on the player mastery and the downpour target player %hp / source player %hp (whichever higher) + critically strike or not.

Currently, downpour will do exactly 40% of the main heal to a nearby player (and be classified as critical strike if the source heal was such), disregarding mastery towards the affected player by downpour.

This first screenshot is of a downpour heal towards a player at 90%+ hp

![Proof 2](


In the following screenshot you can see how downpour works towards a player that is at 10% (would benefit fully from mastery, and my exact mastery is 103% at this moment), in this case the main heal is 1.156.434 (critical), which is 578.217 non critical (against a 100% HP player). If we subtract the 40% of the non crit, you will get 231.286k (which x2 is exactly the heal of downpour, 462.572). Instead the healing done should've been 1.156.434 (direct heal (critical)) * 0.4 = 462.572 (non critical strike) + Mastery (103%), which would be 939.024 (non critical)

![Proof 1](


As you can see, in both heals, the output of downpour is exactly the same (40% of the main heal), and will always be clasified crit or non-crit based on the source heal. Which is very wrong.

Now as for retail proof:

In this following link, you can check the log of one of the highest parses in antorus the burning throne, and you can easily check that the player's downpours, they are exactly 40% of the source heal (crit or not) + active mastery on the affected player + crit or not.
Log link: [Clicky!](

As further proof, where its very evident, here you can see that downpour and the source heal do not share a critical strike pool (where if the main heal crits, downpour also crits, and vice versa), and they are independant from one another.

![Proof ret 1](

![Proof ret 1.5](
*Healing Surge is the source heal, where it will critically strike its target, and then trigger downpour which will not critically strike in this case.*

As for the math, the source heal does exactly 2.262.381, and 40% of that is exactly 904.952.4, to this we add the mastery % bonus based on the source heal target, which would increase the healing by roughtly 54.53% , leading to 1.398.438 (which is exactly his healing done via downpour to said player.

As proof, his main heal and source, which was Healing surge, was casted on a player at 55% health. Which dealt a total of 2.262.381 (critical) health points, which is 1.131.190 (non crit) while been affected by roughly 60% of his total mastery (which would be a bonus of 54.53% hps increase.

*As a resumed version, Downpour should work as an independant heal that can critically strike on its own, and benefit from the highest mastery % possible based on source heal / target heal on its own, while taking as base healing 40% of the total healing done by the source heal*

As further proof, and to just emphasize the issue, this is the healing done breakdown of one of the top 100 parses at Imonar for downpour at retail:
![Proof ret 2](

While this is what you will usually find yourself with in freakz:
![Proof ret 2 vs freakz](

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