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My own point of view about Paladin Holy in Legion 7.1.5 Patch

  • Paladin, once mastered, is the most powerful healer in the current patch.

  • Paladin, has the most powerful heal during aoe encounters.

  • During basic encounters, it still gets place #1 because of mastery benefits i'm gonna talk later.

Races to choice


1.Human - The Human Spirit
2.Dwarf - Might of the Mountain
3.Draenei - Gift of the Naaru

Personally, i would choice Dwarf because of critical bonus.


1.Tauren - Brawn
2.Blood Elf - Arcane Torrent + Arcane Acuity

Basically, Tauren would be a better choice, but im playing Blood Elf cause of Arcane Torrent.


On Legion, Paladin has to focus 24/7 on the following stats priority:


First two are the most important stats for paladin, others two, depends on your own choice.
Personally, i would go with Versatility for healing bonus.

Some advises on choicing the correct gear depending on ilvl/stats

Always go for critical+mastery items, if your other item has different stats / low ilvl / higher ilvl + different stats (not higher than +15).
Between, for example, a 860 crit+mastery and 880 crit+haste, go for 880 for intellect bonus.
Between, for example, a 860 crit+mastery and 880 non critical item, go for 860 one.

Below i'm gonna present best talents of each tier, depending on fight + specific fights build

Tier 1:

Bestow Faith is the best choice of this tier, for 90% of encounter, dungeon or raid, because even if it heals after 5seconds, it still heals for a big amount.
Light's Hammer is a rarely used talent, i recommand it ONLY for stacked fights when you must heal fast multiple targets ( 6+ ).
Crusader's Might as the tooltip says, it reduces HS/LoD cd by 1.5 when using Crusader Strike. I recommand using this talent only if you are at end gear, and just on low dungeons ( under 10 mythic + ). Most of paladins would use it for the well-known Shokadin.

Tier 2:

Rule of Law is most important talent from this tier, i highly recommand the use of this tier everywhere, anytime, because it doesnt increase just your healing range, it increases your mastery healing, being THE best use, specially on raids.
Cavalier gives you 2charges on Divine Steed, i don't recommand using this ability anywhere, maybe for PvP.
Unbreakable Spirit just decrease the cooldown of defending abilities.

Tier 3:

Nothing important on this tier, for PvE.
Fist of Justice
Blinding Light probably the best choice for the damage it does and disorient effect.

Tier 4:

Devotion Aura is the best choice if you are not playing for numbers, because getting 20% damage reduction for 6seconds is a big thing, specially for raids.
Aura of Sacrifice may be used just on fights that are kinda stacked and needs a fast healing up ( but not recommanded over Devotion Aura ).
Aura of Mercy, mostly are playing with this talent, even me sometimes, but just for numbers, because basically, for both raids and dungeons, Devotion Aura is the best choice.


On this tier, you can personally choice between Divine Purpose & Holy Avenger. Me, personally, im going with DP just on stacked fights, when i can benefit from it for using much often Light of Dawn, in rest, im betting on HA not just for haste buff, but for Holy Shock increased healing.
Holy Prism can barely be taken in consideration, because is not such an important talent.


On this Tier, you got 2options:
1) Sanctified Wrath, i recommand this talent specially for dungeons. In raids, go for this talent only if you have Chain of Thrayn.
2) If you dont possess Chain of Thrayn, best choice is going for judgment rotation for Judgment of Light ( only for raids ).
Fervent Martyr makes your next LotM no mana cost after 2uses of DL/FoL, not so important, can be ignored.


I mostly recommand using Beacon of the Lightbringer in raids, because of the increased range&healing of your Light of Dawn, which should be your main healing ability, using it on fully potential & cd.
For dungeons, the obviously choice is ofcourse Beacon of Virtue, because, you can see from China that, a beacon that affects 4players was made for dungeon use.
Beacon of Faith allows you to use beacon on both tanks. I dont recommand using it because of the healing&range you get from Lightbringer one, and having beacons on both tanks is not so "cool" because, most of time, 1tank is taking the damage, the other is waiting for his turn to get damage.

Some of my own talent builds for specific encounters

1. The well-known Shokadin
This playstyle is recommanded only for end gear players, and under m10 dungeons, where the damage is not so big so you have time to deal some damage aswell in order to push the keytime & help the others & having fun dpsing as holy.

2. Dungeons above m10
Next build is firstly recommanded for non-endgear paladin healers, for every kind of mythic+ difficulty. For endgear ones, you can choice using it for m10 and above aswell, if you like using shokadin below m10.

3. Full AoE Healing build
This build is recommanded only for full AoE & Stacked encounters, like Guarm or Cenarius for example, where you can bring your HPS to a totally different level.
Also, i recommand here using Judgment of Light instead of Sanctified Wrath if you don't have Chain of Thrayn.

4. Basic Raid build
This is the basic talents build that you must use in any kind of encounter. Again, i recommand here using Judgment of Light instead of Sanctified Wrath if you don't have Chain of Thrayn.

The traits road you must follow for your holy artefact

Even if the photo has 7.3 Traits aswell, just ignore them and focus on 7.1 Traits instead.
Like blizzard, i recommand the next traits road aswell.

Road 1 & Road 2 are specially for healing boost.
Road 3 & Road 5 are specially for managing the raid damage that people or you will take.

Paladin Holy's healing spells and tips of how to maximize their use/your healing

Light of Dawn is the most important ability of the paladin holy, you must use it properly in order to fully benefit from it.
How to fully benefit?
Use it everytime in combination with Rule of Law, and also, try to predict where the damage will be higher, and where are the most players stacked.

Holy Shock is an ability that's maximizing your Flash of Light healing.
Is very important to use it on cooldown, to heal players if there is damage, or to damage enemies if there is no damage.

Flash of Light should be your 24/7 filler, when you've got cooldown on Holy Shock or Light of Dawn, or when you got HS proc.

Bestow Faith is a boring ability, that does a big amount of heal, but after 5seconds. Is very hard to predict what player will be taking damage in the next 5seconds so you can know on who to use it, so i usually use it on tanks when there is no damage, but when there is aoe damage, the chance to heal something after 5seconds with this spell is very high.

Divine Light is the most useless paladin's spell that exist, i dont recommand using it ever, not even when your mana is low. Maybe when you got HS proc and there is nothing to heal & you're bored of casting Flash of Light.

Light of the Martyr is a very interesting ability that paladin holy has, i'm using it much often because of legendary cloak, but that's an ability that must be use for example when there is big damage on others, and using it after a Flash of Light cast because of ICD ( internal cooldown ).

Healing Cooldowns
Aura Mastery empowers your chosen aura, is a good healing cooldown aswell because of artifact's trait Protection of Tyr
Avenging Wrath the most usefull and powerful healing cooldown from the world of warcraft. A big healing & critical burst that your paladin gets, making him the most hated healer by bosses & most loved the the raid.
Tyr's Deliverance is the ability that we get from our artifact, an ability that heals the players, but also increase the healing they take from your FoL/DL by 20% for 10seconds. Very useful.

Raid Cooldowns

Divine Protection is a 1minute CD ability that reduce the damage you take by 20%. Is a very useful ability specially when you are going to take damage.
Divine Shield, the blessed bubble, helps you everytime you are in trouble -
Blessing of Protection is another bubble:), but this bubble makes the players you are using it on to be immune to physical damage taken. Kinda useful when someone has to take agro because the tank died -
Blessing of Sacrifice decrase the targeted player's damage taken by 30%. This is a 2way ability, because it can save someone's ass, but it can fuck off yours -
Blessing of Freedom, useful spell that lets you run properly.

In the current patch, 7.1.5, the next legendary items are the best for Paladin
I will talk about them in "best 2 use" order

1.Ilterendi, Crown Jewel of Silvermoon, as the tooltip says, your judgment increase your healing by 20% for 5seconds. Is a very important benefit, the most important i could say, and a really big healing cooldown. I personally still dont have it on my paladin, damn me.

2.Chain of Thrayn, i still hear whispers that people are saying: "why you use this, is broken", but i assure you that this belt is working & is even more powerful than the trinket himself, if you use the belt with Sanctified Wrath.

3.Velen's future sight, basically, Mists of Pandaria's legendary healing cloak. An important healing cooldown, but i still bet on the belt first, trinket after.

4.Maraad's Dying Breath, is my 2nd legendary, and is a very important piece of your healing rotation in case you got it, using it everytime, 24/7, after you used Light of Dawn properly, to benefit from the healing increase you get.

As i specified on the title, is my own Point of View about Holy Paladins.
If you got any questions, you can ask me anytime ingame.
I'm most of time online on evenings, after 20:00 Server Time.

I know the guide is not completed yet, im going to complete it in the following days/weeks.

Regards, Thanks for reading?? -

Holy Paladin 7.1.5 Guide

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