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Hello and welcome to WoW Freakz!

Whether you're an aspiring hero of the Horde or the Alliance, a completely new player or someone who just hasn't played World of Warcraft for several expansions - this guide is here to help you out to get started on our Legion realm - Felsong.

If you have already played on another official Blizzard or private server, check out our Migration offer to receive up to two starting characters at level 105 alongside other goodies. If you migrate here with your guild, you can receive even more rewards!

Your first step in Legion will be to level up to level 98 in order to access Legion content. If you've played the game before you should know the basics, nothing's really changed since the last time you played, except that players are now much more powerful in the early levels compared to pre-Cataclysm times, and monsters of your, or even a slightly higher level, are mostly trivial and can be effortlessly mowed down. Even elite monsters are often soloable nowadays.

If you're a new player, or not familiar with the revamped zones in the old world, don't worry. Once you reach level 15 you can open the Adventure Guide with Shift+J, it will suggest you quests for zones appropriate for your level. You can also open the map by pressing M, zoom out by right clicking on it, and hover your mouse over the different zones on the map, their name and level range will be displayed at the top of the screen.


Are you looking to play a Death Knight or Demon Hunter but don't want to level all the way from level 1? No worries! You can create a Death Knight as your first character, it is no longer required to have a character of level 55 or higher in order to make one. Demon Hunters require you to have a character of at least level 70, so if you wish your first character to be a Demon Hunter then it is recommended starting with a Death Knight as they start with level 55 and are easily levelled up to 70.

If this isn't your first character, or if you have friends playing here who don't mind helping you out with some gold, you could look into buying Heirloom gear from the Heirloom vendors in Ironforge and Undercity. Heirlooms have much better stats than normal gear at the same level, they level with your character and they give you a noticable bonus to experience earned. For more info on Heirlooms, click here.

Before you start levelling you should have a look at our customizable rates option on the Website. Here you can customize various rates, should you prefer different rates than our default ones.

Here on WoW Freakz you will see that all flight paths are unlocked and using them leads to instant teleportation - use this to your advantage to access your favorite levelling zones. Please note however that flight paths are only automatically discovered and instant up to the Mists of Pandaria content. Warlords of Draenor and Legion flight paths have to be discovered manually and they're not instant by default.

In the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King zones you will find many of our custom Freakz Levelling Chests - these will provide you with some dungeon gear to help you keeping your gear up to date with your level.

For the levels 80 to 85 it's generally recommended to acquire these in Mount Hyjal, it's a tight, compact zone with many quests being in close vicinity to each other. This shouldn't take much more than 30 minutes.

The levels 85 to 90 are gained in the Mists of Pandaria zones. We have a guide available on how to access these zones here.
When you're level 88 or higher, we recommend paying this vendor a visit, he sells item level 406 gear. While not the best, it's most likely better than what you're wearing at the time.

Once level 90, return to your capital city (Stormwind or Orgrimmar), you will be given a quest called "To the Dark Portal", this will introduce the Warlords of Draenor quest chain. Follow this chain until you've built your Garrison and get to level 92 by questing in the starting zone for your respective faction.

When you've reached level 92, head to the Gorgrond zone as soon as possible, it's the most effective one for levelling by far. Do the initial quests in this zone, then scout around looking for so-called Bonus Objectives on the map. These are fast and easy to do and give large chunks of experience. You can leave Warlords of Draenor zones with level 98, however, I would definitely recommend getting to 100 or even 101, it will save you a lot of trouble.

Now, whether you've decided to leave at 98, 100 or 101 - the next step is unlocking Legion content. We have a guide on how to do that on our forums.

Once you have done that, walk around Dalaran (Legion Dalaran, not the old WotLK Dalaran) a bit, an NPC should appear and give you a starting quest for your Artifact Weapon acquisition and your Class Hall campaign. Should it not appear, take the portal back to your capital city, then take the same portal back to Dalaran again, the NPC sometimes bugs out and doesn't show the first time. Once again, we have guides for these initial quests for each class.

Here's where the tricky part begins. Due to the high experience rate and lack of gear in Draenor, you will start Legion content with an itemlevel somewhere around 400 to 500, you are however supposed to be around 640. Doing the artifact scenario will prove very difficult, if not downright impossible. Now, calm down, this is not a bug, you're just undergeared. This is why I've recommended levelling up to 101 in Draenor. That will allow you buy cheap item level 680 green gear off the Auction House. Alternatively, try running some Warlords of Draenor dungeons or Legion Normal dungeons, however, since those aren't being done all that regularly, it's easier to simply just buy gear off the Auction House.

Once you've completed the Artifact Scenario you'll find yourself with so called Artifact Weapons for all specializations for your class. This will be the only weapon you will be using for the entire expansion. You will be able to upgrade their itemlevel by inserting relics into them, similarly to how you used to insert gems into gear in previous expansions. You can also unlock Traits for your weapons. Traits are small, often passive, buffs, similar to the old talent trees.

Now, it's time to start questing in the Broken Isles. To access the four levelling zones "Azsuna", "Highmountain", "Stormheim" and "Val'sharah" you need to go to your class hall. There you will see a Scouting Map, use that to start the initial quests for all zones, that will allow you to use the Flight Master in Dalaran to access them.

Also, while you're in your class hall, make sure to accept and do any quest you can do right now. It's important to complete the class campaign, it will unlock additional power for your weapon, and it's required for parts of the patch 7.2 questchain.

Should you ever have trouble finding the next quest in the storyline of a zone, there are several resources you can use to help you getting back on track. Gamepedia offers a greatly structurized list of all quests for all chapters in each zone: Azsuna, Highmountain, Stormheim, Val'sharah. Look the quests up on Wowhead or our Quest Helper to find out their ID. You can use said ID to copy paste this command into the ingame chat:

/run local questID = 00000; isComplete=IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(questID); if (isComplete == true) then print("Quest" , questID, "is completed. ") else print("Quest" , questID, "is NOT completed. Check again") end;

Replace the "00000" with the quest ID you are looking for, this will tell you if you have completed that quest or not. Use this command to track the last quest you did, then use the storyline lists of Gamepedia to find the next quest to continue your journey.

Once you're level 110, don't drop all of your quests immediately. It's important that you finish all four zones' storylines. Now at level 110 you can open the adventure guide by pressing Shift+J, you can start the questchain for the fifth, level 110 only zone, Suramar, that way.

You need to achieve "Friendly" reputation with the Legion reputations "Court of Farondis", "Highmountain Tribe", "The Dreamweavers", "The Valarjar" and "The Nightfallen", this is achieved simply through questing in the five zones. Once you've done that, talk to Archmage Khadgar in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran. If you have it already, you can now hand in the quest "Uniting the Isles", if you don't have it yet, take it first, then hand it in. Completing this quest unlocks World Quests, a system which shows auto-accepted quests on the map all over the Broken Isles. You will receive a daily emissary quest for one of the zones, to do this emissary, simply do four World Quests in the respective zone, then go to the Emissary NPC to hand it in. You will be awarded with some Artifact Power and a chest which contains a piece of gear and gold or Order Resources.

You should also be getting a quest from Khadgar called "Armies of Legionfall", it's recommended to ignore this for now, you're very likely not strong enough to do this yet. (Depending on your class/spec I'd say you should be around 830-860 average itemlevel for this, and have a good chunk of traits unlocked.)

We recommend doing as many World Quests which reward Order Resources as you can find. Order Resources are primarily spent in your Class Hall to advance your Artifact Knowledge level. Each level of Artifact Knowledge costs 500 Order Resources to research. The research time is instant up to level 15. For the levels 16 to 40 there will be a 4 hours research time per level. Artifact Knowledge increases the amount of Artifact Power gained from Artifact Power rewarding sources, it's absolutely necessary to reach Artifact Knowledge level 40 as fast as possible. (When a character has reached AK level 40, you're able to buy tomes for your other characters, these tomes increase their AK level to 40 instantly, so you only need to go this long, research route once.)

Order Resources can also be used to research Class Hall upgrades. While the initial upgrades may sound a bit unspectacular, the later ones are very vital. You can research the ability to use two legendary items instead of one, and you can further increase the amount of artifact power you can get.

Once you've reached some levels of Artifact Power (15 is a good place to start) it's time to start doing some dungeons. These will give you gear and Artifact Power. Spend your artifact power at the forge in your class hall regularly, unlocking new traits increases your power and your health.

Once you've reached a good amount of traits and a decent itemlevel of 830+, you should head to Krasus Landing in Dalaran and do the quest "Armies of Legionfall", which introduces you to the patch 7.2 content (aka the latest content we're supporting on our server right now). Do the Assault on the Broken Shore scenario and the few quests that follow after, this will unlock a few new things to do:

- Broken Shore as a new World Quest zone and "Armies of Legionfall" as new reputation faction
- Access to the Sentinax Legion Ship "event", killing the mobs below the Sentinax awards Nethershards and Gear Tokens for level 850 gear
- Legion Assaults occuring every 12.5 hours (special World Quests rewarding Nethershards and large amounts of Artifact Power)
- A new 7.2 questchain, however, the quest "Champions of Legionfall" requires you to have completed your class campaign, which, if you play a lot per day, you likely won't have done yet
- Access to the new dungeon Cathedral of Eternal Night and the new raid, Tomb of Sargeras

From here on, you will be a bit more open in what to do / various types of content will be more viable. Up to this point, doing things differently from what we've suggested would decrease your efficiency, i.e, farming dungeons as soon as you reach level 110 won't really be that effective as you would hardly gain artifact power from it, etc. However, at this point you should have a decent amount of Artifact Knowledge to get good chunks of Artifact Power. Below are some suggestions on what to do at this point:

- Do Heroic dungeons up to an itemlevel of 845-850
- Start doing Mythic dungeons at 845+ itemlevel, you might need to make your own group for this, as many groups will require a higher itemlevel than this (because they want fast runs. 845+ is enough to do the dungeons)
- Do your own Mythic Keystone dungeon (Mythic Keystones, commonly called Mythic+ or M+, are dungeons with buffed enemies, bonus effects and a time limit) up to the level you feel comfortable at. As a rule of thumb, the itemlevel you should have is "Itemlevel dropping in the dungeon minus 15"
- At 860+ you can start queuing for Tomb of Sargeras Raid Finder wings (Raid Finder works like dungeon finder, just for raids. It's an easy version of the raid, tuned to be doable with random players who have little to no knowledge about the bossfights)
- Buy Relinquished gear with Nethershards, Relinquished items have a base itemlevel of 880. However, wait for this until doing the other things, then upgrade your weakest gear slots for maximum upgrade efficiency.
- Look for a guild either ingame or on the forums to start raiding the Normal and Heroic difficulties with, eventually even Mythic once you reach the required itemlevel for that

An important thing worth noting is the Warforge/Titanforge system. This system gives every item from Legion content the possibility to, fully randomly, drop at a higher itemlevel than its default itemlevel. This system makes it impossible to really create a "best in slot" list as we used to do in past expansions. This also means that it may, if you're lucky, be worth doing content you normally already overgear by a few itemlevels as you may get lucky and get a few Titanforges from it.

Next important thing to mention are Legion Legendaries. Unlike in past expansions, Legion Legendaries do not come from long questchains. Instead, they can drop randomly from doing Legion content. We have a guide on how to efficiently obtain legendaries, found here.

Finally, we'd like to point out something important that many players seem to not know about until being told so: Once you have at least 35 traits in your artifact weapon and have completed the Assault of Broken Shore scenario, you can go to Archmage Modera in the Violet Citadel in Dalaran and take the quest "A Gift from the Six", this will upgrade your artifact weapon, giving you access to new traits.

That concludes the new player guide to Legion, however, here are some helpful resources you can use:

- Our Guides made by our staff and other players
- If you like using AddOns, we have a nice amount of 7.2.5 AddOns compatible with our server here
- If you're looking for 7.2.5 class guides, first check our forum. If you can't find any there, try checking YouTube for old 7.2.5 guides
- You can also use the Wayback Machine to look up old versions of guides on websites like Wowhead or Icy Veins.
- Join our Discord server to simply talk to other players and staff members or to ask for help

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