[PVE] Greg's 7.1.5 Havoc Demon Hunter Raid Guide

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7.1.5 Demon Hunter Guide


Heya, Greg here again with another Demon Hunter guide! This time around we'll be discussing the Single Target build that you will be using for Raids.
I will be discussing the general value of each spell and effect in regards to each Nighthold boss, as it is the current raid for this patch.
The Single Target build revolves around short Burst Windows and being smart with your Fury in order to put out as many Chaos Strikes as possible. Let's get on with the guide then!


Talent choices are mostly baseline and changes are based off of the type of the encounter you will be facing aswell as whether or not you are experienced at the encounter. The highlighted ones you will run 90% of the time, and those are in my opinion the best overall options.

Talent choices

Level 99

Fel Mastery is a very lackluster talent. You will never use this.
Felblade is what you will be using for the Single Target build, it's your best source of Fury generation and the fact that you can control when you want to use it (when it's off cooldown) makes it even better. The only encounter where you will not be taking this is Krosus due a texture-related bug that makes it unusable. Using this smartly will increase your overall Damage.
Blind Fury is disregarded in most cases, you never want to use Eye Beam on Single Target, so this only becomes "tolerable" in AOE fights (Skorpyron,Tichondrius). Only ever take this with the Legendary Head and the Demonic Build.

Level 100

Prepared is not a bad talent, but not the best in it's row for this build.
Demon Blades is the go-to here even though not having an on-demand Fury generator does make the rotation clunky sometimes. The effect of this talent is huge and swapping it out with something else in this row makes a big difference. You will, however, need to swap this out with Demonic Appetite on Krosus due to not having Felblade available and needing a reliable source of Fury (Demon's Bite).
Demonic Appetite - explanation above ^.

Level 102

Chaos Cleave - Now this is where it gets trickier to decide what talents to run. The choice here is between Chaos Cleave and First Blood. Here's my take on the dilemma. If the fight is more pure Single Target - go with Chaos Cleave (the additional 10% damage is dealt to the primary target aswell, making this technically a flat 10% damage increase). If the fight will have a few targets that don't die quickly, again - go for Chaos Cleave, as the longer that there are multiple adds up, the better it gets as opposed to First Blood. If there will often be low Health mobs up that need to die quickly (Feast of Blood on Tichondrius) - go for First Blood. If you take Chaos Cleave, you never want to use Blade Dance as it costs only 5 Fury less than Chaos Strike. HOWEVER, the difference is very minimal and you should play with what you like more.
First Blood - explanation above ^. Taking this puts Blade Dance higher up on the Rotation Priority, so you will want to use it whenever it's not on Cooldown.
Bloodlet is mostly for PvP and some extreme cases (having only the Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers at your disposal).

Level 104

Netherwalk is an extremely useful talent for progress raiding. It allows you to sometimes skip certain boss mechanics and maintain a very high uptime on the Target (for example, instead of running away from Star Augur Etraeus when he casts his Fel Nova spell, you can just pop this before the cast goes off and cancel it right after without losing more than 1 GCD on the Boss). Use this with a /cancelaura macro.
Desperate Instincts should never be taken.
Soul Rending is okay but Netherwalk is useful more often.

Level 106

Momentum is very tough to use in Raids where everything is on a timer, and most of the time you won't be able to use this efficiently.
Fel Eruption - Nope. This is a PVE guide.
Nemesis is the go-to pick in this row, it aligns with your Chaos Blades perfectly and maximises your Burst Windows.

Level 108

Master of the Glaive - Best pick here, gives you another button to press whenever you're Fury-starved.
Unleashed Power shouldn't be taken as Chaos Nova's damage is laughable.
Demon Reborn - you don't really care about any of the spells that this could reset, bad talent for Raiding.

Level 110

Chaos Blades is the only viable option here, align this with Nemesis for huge Burst Windows.
Fel Barrage - //
Demonic - only when playing the Demonic Build and in conjunction with Blind Fury and Raddon's Cascading Eyes.


Critical Chance > Mastery > Haste > Versatility

You want to aim for atleast 50% Critical Chance(60% with the Nighthold 4-set). After that try to get a healthy amount of Mastery to make those Chaos Strike really hurt(around 40% is decent). After that aim for 12% Haste, in order to smooth out your rotation and Fury Generation. Once you got that sorted out, look for some more Critical Chance to further increase the reliability of your Damage. Versatility is not very important, about 4-5% is what you'll get from your 4-set anyway and that's enough.

BiS Relics

Aim for 2x Critical Chaos and 1x Unleashed Demons to make your Metamorphosis better align with your other CD's.

General Playstyle tips & tricks

A general Demon Hunter tip - aim for every Interrupt, Consume Magic generates you fury when you successfully Interrupt a spell. Use it often, it's free DPS and you'll also be a better teammate overall.

You can combo Vengeful Retreat right before using Felblade, negating the knockback and making it basically free damage.

Use your Netherwalk well, it's a very potent ability in the right hands.

Only pop Chaos Blades when under 100 Fury when the target will die before the buff runs out. Activating it before you have gathered some Fury will often result in you wasting it due to starvation.

Don't use Felblade unless you are below ~80 Fury otherwise you might overcap and end up wasting Resources.

Your opener should be:
1. Jump at the target with Metamorphosis

2. Nemesis

3. Felblade

4. Felblade if it procs again, otherwise Throw Glaive

5. Throw Glaive(if not at atleast 100 Fury)

6. Once you hit atleast 100 Fury, pop Chaos Blades

7. Annihilation spam

8. If you're out of Fury use Fury of the Illidari/Felblade

9. Annihilation spam until Chaos Blades run out.

10. After that just go back to the basic pattern of generating Fury with Felblade/Demon Blades and spending it with Chaos Strikes, while filling your Fury-starved GCD's with Throw Glaive.


Netherwalk Cancelaura Macro (Make sure not to panic spam it otherwise you might cancel it too early):

#showtooltip Netherwalk
/cancelaura Netherwalk
/cast Netherwalk

Mouseover Interrupt Macro (Interrupt the mob that you're hovering with your mouse):

#showtooltip Consume Magic
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Consume Magic


There are no real necessary add-ons for Demon Hunter, but here's a few generally useful ones.

Skada - provides detailed information about every aspect of the encounter, the group's DPS, HPS, Interrupts etc. Good alternatives are Recount and Details!

ElvUI - Best UI Add-on out there imho.

Deadly Boss Mods - If you're new to PVE, you need this. It tracks boss timers, and also warns you about important mechanics.

Weak Auras - Overall extremely useful add-on. Get used to it and you will prosper.


Anger of the Half Giants is the best Legendary for you, hands down. It increases your Fury generation marginally. I had the missfortune of it dropping last out of all Havoc Legendaries. -

Delusions of Grandeur is your 2nd best Legendary, it allows you to pretty much align Metamorphosis' cooldown with Nemesis and Chaos Blades, giving you Huge Burst Windows every ~2,5 minutes. A good replacement for this is the Convergence of Fates Trinket.

Prydaz and Mo'arg Bionic Stabilizers are decent substitutes for those 2, with Prydaz coming out on top due to the sheer amount of stats it gives you(Demon Hunter's love items that give them lots of Critical Chance and Mastery).

Items to look for

Unstable Arcanocrystal - Drops off the Withered J'im world boss in Aszuna. As of right now, it's BiS for most classes, including Demon Hunter. The sheer amount of stats it gives you outvalues most on-use/proc trinkets.

Eye of Guarm is also a great option, following the same philosophy. It can also be substituted with a Hunger of the Pack.

Nighthold T19 4-set - Increases your Fury Generation and Chaos Strike critical chance. A must have.

Final Words

With the next patch coming soon, stuff will change, and I will be sure to update this guide when the time comes. Until then, enjoy your fingers hurting from all the Chaos Strike spamming -.
If you have any questions, contact me in-game @ Gregolas-Felsong (Horde).
Good luck!

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Havoc Raid Guide

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