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Unholy Death Knight PvP Guide 7.1.5

1. Introduction

Hello everyone,

I would like to briefly explain a few terms and abbreviations that are used in PvP:

  • CC - short for Crowd Control, a term used to describe any effect that causes loss of control over your character: Polymorph, Sap, Stuns etc. Some of those effects can be broken by damage.
  • DR - short for Diminishing Returns, it is used to describe the resistance of players against repeatedly used CC effects. For example, if a player gets stunned for 5 seconds, and if in the next 15 seconds he gets stunned again, the second stun will only last 2.5 seconds, the third one 1.25 seconds, and the fourth one 0 seconds.
  • RNG - abbreviation for Random Number Generator. It describes abilities or events that have a set chance to happen, such as Critical Strikes.
  • Peel - term used to describe the act of helping your teammates in trouble, either by CC-ing the enemy, slowing them, or by simply damaging them.
  • Fakecast / Juke - when a caster suddenly stops his cast to trick you into interrupting nothing.
  • Burst - used to describe the moment when a player uses all of his cooldowns to maximize damage.
  • Downtime - used to describe the moments when a Death Knight has no Runes or Runic Power and he cannot do anything.
  • Baseline - something that is available by default.
  • Proc - when something procs, its special effect becomes active or available to use.
  • Uptime - used to describe the amount of time you spend in melee range. For example, if the fight took 10 minutes and you had an uptime of 70%, it means that you spent 7 minutes out of 10 in melee range.
  • GCD - short for Global Cooldown, a 1 second cooldown shared by most abilities.

2. What Has Changed With Death Knights?

  • The rune system is completely different and a lot easier to manage. In the past there were frost, blood, death, and unholy runes, but now they are basically like having six death runes.
  • Abilities That Were Pruned Include: Desecrated Ground, Lichborne, Death Siphon, Death Pact, Icy Touch(along with its dispel), Plague Strike, Plague Leech, Blood Boil, Empower Rune Weapon have been removed. Strangulate was replaced with Asphyxiate, and one of the biggest prunes in my opinion was the presence pruning.
  • All Death Knight specs have a ranged kick of 15 yards called Mind Freeze, which is very nice because we lack mobility.
  • Runic Corruption is now a passive ability, and is the only means of increasing Rune regeneration rate.
  • We have a great, utilizable talent tree for many different arena situations.
  • Soul Reaper is now a talent.
  • Festering Strike no longer extends the duration of diseases, instead applying a new debuff called Festering Wound.
  • Diseases are now replaced by a single DoT, Virulent Plague. It can only be applied/refreshed by Outbreak.
  • Dark Transformation is now a simple 20-second buff to your pet, and has no more baseline interaction with Death Coil (though the tier 6 Shadow Infusion talent causes Death Coil to reduce the cooldown of Dark Transformation).
  • Death Knights have a new ability called Wraith Walk, which allows you to break roots and slowing effects, and increase your movement speed by 70% for 3 seconds. So, this is essentially a 3 second Freedom every 45 seconds, just remember that any action you do, will cancel the effect.
  • Chains of Ice is now a 70% slow, up from 50%, which is a great tool to peel for your teammates.
  • Death Strike costs 45 runic power instead costing 2 runes like it used to. It can heal you for a minimum of 10% of your maximum health plus 20% of all the damage you took in the last 5 seconds.
  • We have a new ability that comes from our artifact weapon. This ability is called Apocalypse. It does a massive amount of single target damage and summons an army of undead minions that attack your target. These minions have special effects that they may place upon your target.
    Effect 1: Pestilence - Is a Dot that does physical damage stacking up to 3 times.
    Effect 2: Death - Increases damage taken by the DK by 5% per stack. Maximum 15% increase.
    Effect 3: War - Reduces Healing by 5% per stack. Maximum 15% reduction.
    Effect 4: Famine - Reduces damage dealt to the dk by 5% per stack. Maximum 15% reduction.
  • Glyphs are completely removed from the game, but you are able to buy cosmetic glyphs to make some of your abilities look cooler.
  • An important thing to notice is your artifact weapon talent tree as well. When you guys obtain your weapon make sure to read each piece because some of them are extremely vital tools for your kit in arena.

3. Races and Their Benefits



  • Best ally race for Death Knights.
  • Every Man for Himself - Stun removal with a 2 minute cooldown, shares a 30 second cooldown with trinket / medallions.
  • The Human Spirit - You gain 2% more from all secondary stats "Haste, Crit, Mastery, Versatility" from all sources.


  • Stoneform - Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
  • Might of the Mountain - Critical Strike damage and healing increased by 2%

Night Elf

  • Shadowmeld - Activate to stealth. Lasts until cancelled or upon movement or damage intake. Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of the effect.
  • Elusiveness - Speed in stealth increased by 5%
  • Quickness - Increases your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks by 2% and increases movement speed by 2%
  • Touch of Elune - Increases critical strike chance by 1% during daytime, and increases haste by 1% during nighttime.


  • Escape artist - Removes the effects of any immobilizarion or movement speed reduction effects. 1 minute cooldown.
  • Expansive mind - Maximum mana increased by 5%
  • Engineering specialization - Engineering skill increased by 15 "allowing you to go 15 points higher than the average engineer".
  • Nimble Fingers - Haste increased by 1%


  • Gift of the Naaru - Heals the friendly target for 20% of the caster's total health over 5 seconds. 40 yard range. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Heroic Presence - Increase strength, agility, and intellect by a fixed amount based on your level.


  • Darkflight - Increases your speed by 40% for 10 seconds.
  • Viciousness - Increases critical strike chance by 1%.



  • Best horde race for Death Knights.
  • Blood fury - Increases your attack power and spell power by 4 "scales with level" for 15 seconds, 2 minute cooldown.
  • Command - Damage done by pets increased by 1%
  • Hardiness - Stun duration reduced by 20%


  • Cannibalize - When used regenerates 7% of total health and mana every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. "35% total." (Requires a dead body nearby within 5 yds).
  • Will of the Forsaken - Removes any charm, fear and sleep effects. This shares a 30 second cooldown with medallion/trinket. 2 minute cooldown.
  • Touch of the Grave - Your attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target dealing 12 "scales with level" shadow damage and healing you for the same amount.


  • War stomp - Stuns up to 5 enemies within 5 yards for 2 seconds "Affected by dimishing returns" 0.5 second cast time, 1.5 minute cooldown.
  • Brawn - Critical strike damage and healing increased by 2%
  • Endurance - Increases your stamina by 2 "scales with level".


  • Berserking - Increases your haste by 15% for 10 seconds. 3 minute cooldown.
  • Da Voodoo Shuffle - Reduces the duration of all movement impairing effects by 20%
  • Regeneration - Health regeneration rate increased by 10%, and you get 10% of your health regeneration during combat.

Blood Elf
Blood Elf male, you say? There's no such thing...

  • Arcane Torrent - Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds, and restores 3% mana, 15 rage, 15 energy, 20 runic power, or 15 focus (based on your class).
  • Arcane Acuity - Increases critical strike chance by 1%


  • Rocket barrage - Deals 13 "scales with level" fire damage, 30 yard range, shares a cooldown with rocket jump.
  • Rocket jump - Lunges you forward, cannot be slow falled for 10 seconds after using, shares cooldown with rocket jump.
  • Time is money - 1% haste increase​.

4. Talents

Necrotic Spec - My best choice

Damage Spec - My second choice

Level 56 [Damage and Necrotic Spec]: Ebon Fever is the best choice here in almost every situation. Try it and you'll see.

All Will Serve is another option to chose as well if you want more steady damage, plus its always nice to be able to summon your pet because they pruned Death Coil being able to heal it.

Bursting Sores makes your Apocalypse burst hit a lot stronger with each wound that you burst which makes for a nice nuke every 1.5 minutes.

Level 57 [Damage and Necrotic Spec]: I personally like Blighted Rune Weapon for this tier because it allows you to keep your wounds up on your target more often, rather than expending more runes to apply them, you can spend more runes to burst them or to necrotic them.

Level 58 [Necrotic Spec]: Unholy Frenzy is my best option in arena 2v2 / 3v3, depends on the comp you face. If you play vs Mage/Restoration Druid you may want to take Clawing Shadows but you will keep also your Necrotic Strike for the moment when he's in melle range.

Level 58 [Damage Spec]: Clawing Shadows is ideal for this tree because the damage increase from Scourge Strike to Clawing Shadows is a lot higher. The only reason I know this is because I have tested many hours attack a dummy to ensure that this was true. You also have to take into consideration that Clawing Shadows is unaffected by armor and can be used from a distance, which is nice due to the lack of mobility that you have.

For me BG's it is almost always Clawing Shadows due to problems with ranged attackers without it and lack of peel/shutdowns life is a [email protected]#$%. Also CS allows you to sit back and avoid the scenario where DK's can die quick if they are focused.

Level 60 [Damage and Necrotic Spec]: Asphyxiate is the ideal ability in almost every situation because without this, you would only have a 2 second ghoul stun on a 1.5 minute CD, which is not ideal. I have testing if the Sludge Belcher hits harder than the regular ghoul and the answer is no, they hit the same.

Level 75 [Damage and Necrotic Spec]: Corpse Shield is good in just about every situation. I can see where some would think Spell Eater is great for full caster teams, but my argument would be that if you could effectively use your Corpse Shield, then it is a 100% better tool. A useful niche with this Corpse Shield is the fact that you can Huddle your pet so that it stays up longer.

Level 90 [Necrotic Spec]: I personally like Infected Claws for this tier because it allows your pet to apply more wounds to your target and more wounds without the expenditure of your own runes means more Necrotic Strike to absorb healing on your target.

Level 90 [Damage Spec]: Necrosis for obvious reasons. It increases the damage of your Scourge Strike / Clawing Shadows after every Death Coil. Maximize your damage output by Death Coil into Clawing Shadows after.

Level 100 [Damage and Necrotic Spec]: I really enjoy Soul Reaper for this tier because not only does it do large damage, but has a niche as well. If you apply Soul Reaper before you use your Apocalypse ability, then it will give you the 21% haste buff immediately rather than expending 3 globals to obtain the haste. This haste is great because it allows you to put out globals faster and faster globals equals more damage.

5. PvP Talents

Necrotic Spec - My best choice

Damage Spec - My second choice

First Tier: Gladiator's Medallion is usually a go to vs teams that have spammable cc, like polymorphs, or fears. ORC OPTION: If the team has heavy stuns and you are an orc, then the Relentless talent would be the way to go. If you run Adaptation, sure you have a shorter trinket, but you will also face teams who will exploit the trinket proc, and kill you a couple seconds later with a full CC.

Second Tier: Reinforced Armor is used in almost all situations because one, dks have the highest HP pool in arena, and two, Sparring is only really viable against pure physical melee teams, which rarely exist.

Third Tier: Most of you might not like this talent tree because there are two very good options on there. Dark Simulacrum and Anti-Magic Zone. AMZ, which has been significantly buffed, has always been a great defensive tool for either yourself or your teammates. I personally choose Anti-Magic Zone because it is, literally, another entire defensive CD for your team and can save trinkets from your healer or defensives for your partners in general. Dark Simulacrum is also viable, especially if you do not need the extra defensive CD.

Fourth Tier: This is a pretty easy decision based on team comp. Running with a physical DPS (Warr/WW)? Decomposing Aura. Running with magic damage (Ret/Enh/Lock)? Necrotic Aura. Heartstop Aura should be used against super mobile teams so you can more easily connect to them after movement enhancing abilities.

Fifth Tier: This tier is extremely amazing. Crypt Fever is literally the highest dps ability that you will have versus teams that have a lot of hot healing, like resto druids and mistweaver monks. You will notice that it will top your dps meters, which is hilarious to me because a passive ability shouldn't do that much in my opinion, but it is what it is. It may seem weak versus classes that don't have many hot healing options, but is still the best option on that tier.

Sixth Tier: Unholy Mutation with your damage spec and obviously Necrotic Strike with the necrotic spec. DO TAKE NOTICE, that you can only Necrotic Strike a target and obtain your Necrotic Wound if there are Festering Wounds present on your target. If there are no Festering Wounds present, then you will not obtain the absorb and you will just be doing weak damage that doesn't do anything.

6. Artifact Progression

1. Apocalypse
2. Feast of Souls
3. Rotten Touch
4. Runic Tattoos
5. Scourge of Worlds
6. Eternal Agony
7. The Darkest Crusade
8. Plaguebearer
9. Deadly Durability
10. Double Doom
11. Gravitational Pull
12. Deadliest Coil
13. Unholy Endurance
14. The Shambler
15. Scourge the Unbeliever
16. Armies of the Damned
17. Portal to the Underworld
18. Fleshsearer

7. Relic Choice

When choosing which relics to use, always take the one that grants you the highest item level, regardless of the benefit it offers. When having to choose between relics that grant the same item level, chose based on the following trait enhancement priority:

1. Rotten Touch - Searing Cinder
2. Runic Tattoos - Fragment of Eternal Spite
3. The Darkest Crusade - Exothermic Core
4. Scourge the Unbeliever - Calamir's Jaw
5. Plaguebearer - Unkindled Ember
6. Eternal Agony - Lava-Quenched Hoofplate

8. Gearing

People are confused on the whole gearing subject, so I am going to explain it to you guys, so you can benefit yourselves in the best way. The simplest way to explain how to gear in Legion for PvP purposes is to achieve the highest ITEM LEVEL GEAR that you could obtain. Regardless of the stats, each class has a predetermined PvP template of stats when they enter either a BattleGround or Arena. This "Predetermined" Set of Stats increase with Item level, NOT WITH WHAT THE STATS ON YOUR GEAR SAY.

Here is an example: You obtain a 850 Ilvl piece that gives you mastery and crit and you are like "WoW this is great!" "My Best Stats!". Then 20 minutes later you receive a 855 Warforged piece that gives you haste and versatility. Go for the piece with the higher item level regardless of the stats on the gear, because those stats do not matter at all once you step into a PvP related experience.

To those DKs who want to do the most optimal damage in arena, you are going to have to get your pve pants on because the item level for mythic raiding gear gives your pvp stat templates a nice boost in arena if you are maxed out. The difference would be 5% or so, but that is very worth it in my eyes, especially in higher rated PvP.

9. Rotation In PvP

Runeforging - Rune of the Fallen Crusader

Coming to a PvP guide looking for a rotation is a very bad way to try and get used to a PvP playstyle. PvP requires you to go on more of a priority-based system with your abilities, because it is dynamic and it is not about doing the highest damage possible through some rotation. There is no ideal rotation for a death knight in PvP because the way the rune system works. There is a lot of RNG built into the rotation, but the best way I can start you off is with this:

Maintain Virulent Plague on the target, using Outbreak to refresh it when it is about to expire.

Use Festering Strike - This applies 2-4 stacks of the Festering Wound debuff (up to 6 if you have taken the Castigator talent), which caps at 8 stacks. Do not use Festering Strike if you are at maximum stacks, and ideally avoid wasting any potential stacks unless Apocalypse is available or will be available shortly (so try not to use it when you have 5 or more stacks).

Make sure your target is slowed so you can keep on them. You will notice that you have the worst mobility in the game and that is supposed to be normal since we are supposed to do a massive amount of damage and pressure, but this is not the case anymore post Mists of Pandaria.

Then you will start stacking Necrotics on your target.

Follow the same rules when bursting. Make sure you've got as many procs as possible, use Dark Transformation, use Blighted Rune Weapon, Summon Gargoyle, Soul Reaper, Apocalypse and maintain Necrotics stacks on your target.

Use Death Coil and avoid capping Runic Power. Sudden Doom procs can stack twice and are only usable with Death Coil.

It is ideal to use your Apocalypse ability with 8 Festering Wounds present on your target to increase the maximum damage that you do towards your target. Also try to apply your Soul Reaper before you use Apocalypse.

When running the Damage Spec, it is ideal to Death Coil to get your Necrosis proc, then Clawing Shadows to have its damage increased.

The best way to get a feel for it is to literally attack a target dummy for an hour or so until you are perfectly comfortable and quick enough to maximize your damage.

Just because you're a DK, which is well-known for just doing straight damage, doesn't mean you can get away without doing some sort of CC or disruption of the enemy team's flow. This stuff right here is what separates a good DK from a great DK, get used to doing more than damage.

10. Everything about your Ghoul

Ghouls are often underrated and overlooked. In reality, they are a major source of damage and utility, and learning to control him will maximize his potential.

Before we begin, here's some information about Timmy:

  • His abilities use Energy.
  • His Energy's Regeneration rate is increased by your Haste, as well as his attack speed.
  • His health is equal to 35% of your Health for Ghoul and 40% for Abomination.
  • His damage scales with your Attack Power.
  • He inherits Critical Strike from you.

Those are his abilities:

Claw - deals 125% of normal damage.
Transformed Claw - deals 135% of normal damage and hits up to 3 targets.

Gnaw - stuns your target for 1 second.
Transformed Gnaw - deals 125% of normal damage and stuns for 2 seconds.

Leap - essentially a Charge ability.
Transformed Leap - charges the enemy, interrupts spellcasting and roots them for 2 seconds.

Huddle - reduces damage taken by 50% but it has to be channeled for 10 seconds.
Transformed Huddle - reduces damage taken by 50%. No channeling required.

As you can see, his Transformed abilities are much more effective. That is why you will want to keep him Transformed as much as possible.

Controlling your Ghoul

Your Ghoul has 3 different behaviour methods (a.k.a. Stances): Passive, Defensive and Assist.

  • Passive means he won't do anything unless you tell him to.
  • A Defensive Ghoul will only attack if you get atacked.
  • A Ghoul that Assists you will attack your current target.

You will want to keep him on your main target all the time. For that, you're going to keep your Ghoul in the Assist stance. You're also going to need to keybind the abilities on your pet bar.

For example you can have Pet Attack on "CTRL-1", Pet Stun @ Gnaw - "CTRL-2", Huddle - "CTRL-3", Pet Follow - "F3", Assist Stance - "V", Passive Stance - "B", Leap - "Shift-1", Pet Move - "Shift-C", etc. You will need a macro for Focus "Pet Stun @ Gnaw" and Focus "Leap". For that check the Macros section.

11. Macros

About macros. Modifiers and Targets.

Macros allow you to put several spells on a single keybind, and you can also define Modifiers and Targets in your macros. Let's have a look at an example:

/use [nomod] Scourge Strike
/use [mod:shift] Leap
/use [mod:alt, @focus] Leap
/use [mod:alt, @focus] Gnaw

When I will press this macro normally, it will cast Scourge Strike on my target. If I keep Shift pressed, it will use Leap. If I keep Alt pressed, it will use Leap on my Focus Target, and if I press it again it will use Gnaw.

So here are the modifiers you can use:


It is important to define [nomod] in any macro that has at least 1 modifier, else it will not work.

And the targets:

[@partyX] - replace X with any number between 1 and 5.
[@arenaX] - replace X with any number between 1 and 5.
[@player] - macros with @player will be cast on yourself.
[@mouseover] - macros with @mouseover will be cast on the target you're keeping your mouse on.

Macros that you're going to need:

Focus current Target:

Focus Mouseover:

/focus [@mouseover]

Focus Arena 1,2,3:

/focus [@arena1,exists]

/focus [@arena2,exists]

/focus [@arena3,exists]

Remove current Focus:

Death Grip + Focus:
#showtooltip Death Grip
/use [nomod] Death Grip
/use [mod:shift, @focus] Death Grip

Chains of Ice + Focus:
#showtooltip Chains of ice
/use [nomod] Chains of Ice
/use [mod:shift, @focus] Chains of Ice

Asphyxiate + Focus:
#showtooltip Asphyxiate
/use [nomod] Asphyxiate
/use [mod:shift, @focus] Asphyxiate

Mind Freeze + Focus:
#showtooltip Mind Freeze
/use [nomod] Mind Freeze
/use [mod:shift, @focus] Mind Freeze

Focus Dark Simulacrum:
#showtooltip Dark Simulacrum
/use [@focus] Dark Simulacrum

It's a good practice to keep 2 keybinds for Dark Simulacrum, one for your normal Target, and one for this Macro. For instance, let's say that you will put the normal Dark Simulacrum on 5. Then you will need to keybind shift-5 somewhere else on your Action Bar, and you will put this Macro there. This way, when you copy something with Dark Simulacrum, the copied spell will be properly cast on your Focus if you press shift-5. If you make a macro for both Focus and normal Target and put it on a single keybind, the copied spell will always be cast on your normal Target, even if you keep Shift pressed.

Focus Leap + Gnaw:
#showtooltip Leap
/use [modifier:alt, @focus] Gnaw
/use [nomodifier, @focus] Leap

You can bind this macro on Capslock for example. When I will press this macro normally, it will use Leap on my Focus Target. If I keep ALT pressed, it will use Gnaw on my Focus Target. If you don't like this macro, you can try the following:

/petattack [@focus]
/use [@focus] Gnaw

This macro will first send your Pet towards your Focus Target. Press it a second time when he's in melee range and it will also use Gnaw. If your Focus Target is already close, your pet will use Gnaw. Note that by using this macro, your pet will also sit on your focus target if he's set on Passive.

Slot Macros

Slot Macros will activate whatever special effect you have on the respective Gear slot. For example, if you're an Engineer, "/use 10" will activate Synapse Springs if you have it on your Hands. Now let's look at the slot numbers:

/use 6

Will activate whatever enchant you have on your BELT.

/use 10

Will activate whatever enchant you have on your HANDS.

/use 13

Will activate whatever TRINKET you have in the FIRST trinket slot.

/use 14

Will activate whatever TRINKET you have in the SECOND trinket slot.

/use 15

Will activate whatever enchant you have on your BACK.

These types of macros are A LOT more reliable than "/use (itemname)" because you don't have to change the macro every time you change your respective item.

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Great job! Keep it up and remind me to upload it as official guide once we figure Legion guides section.

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You weren't slacking at all these days, gj! -

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Please modify the info about pet's health, because you are misleading people over here -

It's 35% for Ghoul and 40% for Abomination in this expansion

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Done, thank you.

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I've made some updates for Talents Section.

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Aye Cosmin, thought it'd be appropriate to show you a quick little vid so you can make a small adjustment to the Corpse Shield tactic because unfortunately it doesn't work :'(

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@Rapidprime: Done, thank you sir. I've completely forgotten to change that. It used to work even on Retail.

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