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Don't hesitate to read topics that are marked as 'Announcement' from every section of our forum, every announce contains informations that you have to be aware of before opening a new thread.

NOTE - When you are opening a thread that refers to a problem you are encountering, ALWAYS SPECIFY YOUR CHARACTER NAME AND THE REALM YOU ARE PLAYING ON (this way, you can be helped faster)
NOTE - You can PM one of our staff members if you couldn't solve your issue
NOTE - For better cooperation, please read Forum Rules and WoW Freakz Rules

    General Information

    • You've lost an item due to a server crash or you have problems with our Vote/Donation Shop ? Open a new thread here
    • You've stumbled upon a bug and you want to notify us ? Visit Bug Reports / (Note - Don't post Exploits/Game-breaking bugs in that section, read this)
    • You saw someone cheating or you were insulted by someone ? Report him @Ban and Mute Request
    • You have been banned/muted unfairly or by a mistake? Open a unban/unmute request here
    • You don't have a guild and you want to find one or you have a guild and want to promote it ? Visit Felsong Guilds
    • You believe that a GameMaster was unfair with you and you want justice ? Report him here
    • You're looking for a guide to help you get into the new class you've started ? Look over the guides section
    • You've heard your friends talking about an upcoming event but you don't really know what it's about ? Find out all the details here
    • You can't find an arena partner and want to try your luck on our forums too ? Search one here
    • You just downloaded World of Warcraft and you want some nifty addons to make your interface cooler ? Maybe you'll find something that you like here

    You won't get helped in the following situations:

    • You tried to exchange/sell your account with someone else and that guy tricked you
    • Somebody entered your account and deleted your characters/items or stolen your gold
    • You want to get your account back/change your account email adress/remove the IP lock from your account, but you can't use our
      recover password or remove IP lock pages, because you don't have access to your email address (it doesn't matter if the email is valid or not)
    • You were banned and you are trying to put the guilt on someone who might have entered your account (mother, father, sister etc)
    • You can't remember the password of an account and you say that you've lost the email adress. You'll get just a part of the accounts registered email adress
    • You were raiding with pugs and the leader ninjaed the item you won

    Additional Information:

    • Deleted characters can be recovered with this script
    • You can unstuck any character from your account with this script
    • Every big change is announced in this section and public fixes can be seen in this section, keep in mind that a lot of fixes are hidden and might appear only in our changelogs
    • You can see all the IP adresses that logged on your account with our Account/Character Logs script
    • We do not care if you come and tell us 'How was I supposed to know this would happen?', it is your problem and you should take all the security measures you can
    • If you lie to us with any small detail, you'll be permanently banned
    • If you don't get a positive answer, don't open thousands of threads because the answers won't change (only in the case you are getting some solid arguments/explications)

The high number of frauds that occur weekly has determined me to post this in order to clarify some issues which, apparently, you did not pay much attention to.
    What you need to know

    • Absolutely NO ONE will ask for your account password/e-mail.
    • DO NOT register on other servers / sites with your Freakz login data (Username & Password)! (That will keep your account secure)
    • DO NOT share your account with anyone, however, in case you do it, you do it at your own risk (The more people know your account password, the bigger the chance of losing it)
    • You WILL NOT get helped if you no longer have access to the e-mail address required at registration
    • We DO NOT offer support in case of sold/purchased accounts (irrespective of the story behind the trade)
    • We DO NOT change the e-mail an account has been created on (irrespective of the story behind the request)
    • We DO NOT offer support to those who ask us to check IPs and recover their accounts (claiming that they are the former owners)
    • We DO NOT offer support to those who ask us to their accounts, bringing a forum profile bound to their ingame account as proof
    • We will not ban someone just because they stole your account, this was caused by your own negligence

    How we can help you

    • We can reveal the e-mail address on which an account has been created(through a PM), in case you've forgotten it. However, you will receive it PARTIALLY, not entirely
    • We can tell you if someone logins on your account and when the last login occured, other details such as what IP is connecting to it or the accounts owned by that IP etc, won't be revealed (irrespective of your pretexts)
        Note - I will review every single request received, don't send me or other GameMasters PMs with requests @accounts that you have never owned, you will get Warned/Banned

    Additional information

    • Deleted LEVEL 110 Characters can be recovered through Characters List (site script)
    • Accounts can be recovered through Recover Password (site script) (If you still have access to your e-mail address, a piece of information which can not be changed by the one who hacked your account)
    • You can check by yourselves the IPs that have logged on one of your accounts through Account/Character Logs (site script) (during the time that your account had been hacked, supposing you've already recovered it)
    • Deleted items can be recovered here

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