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Legion Mining Guide 1-700

This guide is for Players who wish to know how to level up mining on our Felsong Legion Server

Mining here is fairly simple, if you know which way to go, it will take some time and a lot of patience because Deposits give Nuggets instead of actual ores but in the end, it's quite worth it. You will mainly level mining by Smelting only, and not by mining the Deposits themselves. What you want to do is smelt the ores to bars until it greys out, and then continue to the next one.

Copper will be your first to start with, Fly to Darkshore and start from the north and make your way south. Mine these until you have enough nuggets to make enough ores to smelt bars, at start Copper Deposits will give you points, but might not be enough for the next deposit.

For Tin you need at least 50/800 to mine it, fly to Hillsbrad Foothills and mine around the Ruins of Alterac, Mine enough ores and smelt your way up to the next one.

I hope you saved those bars, because you will need them to smelt Bronze One of each bar will do, Smelt the bronze until it greys out, if you ran out of bars, Go and farm more ores, now that your mining is higher you will no longer receive nuggets but propper ores instead.

For Silver Fly to Stranglethorn Jungle and mine the Silver, Also here keep on mining until you have enough ores, and smelt your way up to level 125/800.

For Iron Fly to Feralas and start from north to south to the right and make a loop, Get yourself enough ores to smelt your way up to 155/800.

For Gold fly to Western Plaguelands and start from top to south in a C loop, once you reach to the end, fly back to the start and the veins should be respawned. Farm enough ores to smelt your way to 175/800

For Mithril fly to Badlands and mine the clutch of Mithril ores on the north, once they are gone fly from left around Badlands in a circle until you reach back at the clutch from before. Get yourself enough ores to smelt your way up to 205/800

From here you can choose wich one you wish to do in order to reach 275/800

For Truesilver Fly to Burning Steppes, on the right side of the zone is a small Volcano, around there, are a lot of Deposits closely together and are very easy to gather, Get yourself enough ores to smelt your way to 275/800

For Thorium Fly to Winterspring, On the south are a few Deposits very closely together and easily farmable, watch out for mobs since they are close to the veins and will interrupt your mining. Get yourself enough ores to smelt your way up to 275/800 You can make Enchanted Thorium Bars if you wish to but it is harder because you will need 3x Dreamdust in order to make them, the Dreamdust is disenchanted from gear ilvl 48-55

Once you reach 275, you can continue to outlands.

For Fel Iron We go to Outlands! Go to Hellfire Peninsula and fly around, I didn't really find a route for it and just gathered them around, Get yourself enough ores to smelt your way up to 325/800

For Adamantite we stay in Nagrand and collect a few of the ores to make bars
You should be able to mine the Tortured Earth Spirit Mine them till they are greyed out and continue back with the Adamentite smelting, Use your Eternium ores to make Eternium bars, You need them in order to make Felsteel. Smelt your way up through this long progress until you reach 350/800

For Cobalt you want to fly to Dragonblight, on the North-East is a small line of Cobalt Deposits very closely together, After Cobalt, if you did not reach 400/800 mining yet, You can go and smelt Hardened Adamantite and Khorium Bar Smelt your way up trough this so you are able to mine the next.

You wish to aim for 420/800 mining so you can start mining Obsidium You can mine these with 420/800 mining but I would recomend to smelt till atleast 450 in northrend with help of the Saronite in Sholarzar Basin and Titanium in Icecrown Citadel.

Smelt your way up to 475/800 with Obsidium, once you reach it you can mine Elementium Mine Elementium and smelt your way till you can make Hardened Elementium Bar You will need to make these bars until you reach 525/800. In order to make the Hardened Elementium Bars, you need to farm Volatile Earth this is also a very long progress, so be patient. Elementium and Pyrite are both best farmed in Twilight Highlands around the river in the middle. circle around it and the nodes will be respawned once you reach your start point again. [One tip for needs of gold!] Hardened Elementium Bars sell for 4k for 20x on the AH, Same count of the Pyrite since this bar is needed for Vial of the Sands

We made it to Pandaria, now we can finally rest a bit because now the nodes will give points instead of the eternal smelting. Farm yourself Ghost Iron in Veiled Stairs until they are grey, Even if they start to become green, keep on mining because once they turn Grey you can start mining Trillium which are now Orange, Mine the Trillium in Dread Wastes on the right side of the zone, start from the North and fly down, Watch out for mobs, there are a fair few, if you wish for a calmer zone, fly to Vale of Eternal Blossom and mine at the south near the Mogu Burial Grounds. Keep both of the ores and make them into bars, Ghost Iron is really wanted on the AH by Engineers that make the Sky Golem Trillium is wanted by Alchemists for making Living Steel Mine and smelt your way until both nodes turn grey, Then we are able to mine our last nodes.

Now that both Pandaria ores are Grey, you should be around 600 mining You can mine now until you reach a number around 670-700 mining. Higher you are currently not able to mine. Now you can go to Draenor and mine Blackrock Ore and True Iron Both of these ores can be used to trade for Draenor mats in your Garrison. These Ores do not have a strict route to farm by, you will be seeing them all shattered over Draenor zones, Best zones I recommend to go to is Talador and Nagrand. True Iron is used by Engineers in order to make Goblin Gliders which are very much used in legion areas like Highmountain and Stormheim.

Down below are a few Tips to farm lots of Legion Ores in a short time

Leystone and Felslate are quickly farmed in a small circle in Suramar, Both small and rich deposits are spawned in this area and can give you up to 200 Felslate/Leystone in 20minutes. Felslate has a slight chance to spawn a Felslate Basilisk, these basilisks drop 9-19 Felslate each, loot them and you can also mine the Basilisk, giving you a chance for additional 1-2 Felslate.

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