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"Why do players always choose a Guardian Druid to tank? Because bear necessities. "

Table of Content:


Races and their racials
Abilities and Spell Priority
Artifact and Relics
Legendaries and Gear
Closing Word


Legion expansion arrived on Freakz for a while now, I thought that would be a good idea to come with a 7.1.5 Guardian Druid PvE guide.
Guardian Druids are having a good time on this patch being one of the strongest tank specialization in the game at this moment for different reasons: huge health pool, lots of effective mitigation spells as well as good damage output.

Races and their racials

Looking at races we have the following:

    Night Elves

    -Shadowmeld Shadowmeld can bring some situational utility. If you find yourself in a situation when you want to lose aggro quick you can use this.
    -Quickness 2% dodge rating and 2% movement speed. Both being nice especially in Mythic+ scenarios.
    -Elusiveness Less relevant to guardians. Little movement speed bouns while in stealth.
    -Touch of Elune Another reason why you would want to choose Night Elf as a race for your druid guardian. Nice stats bonus that comes in form of either Haste or Critical Strike depanding on the server time.


    -Viciousness 1% increased Critical Strike Chance. Not that great.
    -Darkflight Druids already got Dash and Stampeding Roar so this is not that significant because of that. Situational it can be useful.


    -War Stomp Good utility offered by Taurens giving you an extra ability that can aoe stun especially in Mythic+.
    -Endurance Bonus stamina that scales with your level. At 110 you will get 1283.
    -Brawn Decent racial, both benefiting you as a tank.


    -Berserking Great racial ability that grants you 15% haste for 10 sec. The downside is its long cooldown.
    -Da Voodoo Shuffle Because tanks usually receive a huge number of debuffs during an encounter, this definitely can be helpful.
    -Regeneration You regenerate an extra 1% max HP per 2 seconds out of combat, and an extra 0.11% max HP per 2 seconds while in combat.

    Discussion: Overall, I consider Night Elf giving more benefits than Worgen if you want to play Alliance. As for Horde, Tauren is over Troll.
    Obviously, depending on your playstyle you can choose either race, each having its own benefits as you can see above.



    Mangle generates 5 Rage when used, good single target damage. Cooldown can be reset passively through Gore.

    Thrash generates 5 rage and applies a bleeding damage that stacks 3 times on top of the initial damage.
    It has a nice synergy with our 100 talent Rend and Tear increasing our damage and also decreasing damage taken depending on the number of stacks the target has. Also, with our trait Bloody Paws, Trash will also apply a movement speed debuff.

    Moonfire On
    Legion this spell becomes available in Bear form and combined with our talent Galactic Guardian Moonfire will become a main rage generator spell as well as damage dealer.

    Swipe Its our filler ability, mainly used in AoE scenarios when Thrash is on CD . It does not grant you any rage and the damage is mediocre unless adds stack together.

    Maul now costs 20 rage in exchange for a small damage.
    This spell has its own independent global cooldown.

Spells Priority
    Single Target Priorities:

    You will want to start by using Moonfire on the target as it has good range then Taunt in order to establish and keep the threat on you. Feel free to recast Taunt if you see your aggro is dropping low especially in the burst phase.

    Mangle on cooldown;
    Thrash on cooldown;
    Pulverise on cooldown if present;
    Moonfire on cooldown when Galactic Guardian procs if present;
    Swipe as a filler when everything else is on cooldown;
    Maul on cooldown, when you are confident that you will not need your rage in the scenarios that are about to come.

    Catweaving in Feral Form:

    If you consider that is it safe for you to go in Cat form using the Feral Affinity, you can do that applying the following rotation in order to maximize your damage output:
    You start by putting Mangle and Thrash on CD. Then, you switch to Cat form and do the folowing:
    • 1 x Rake ;
    • 3 or 4 x Shred until you use all your energy.(this depends on your energy regeneration therefore haste);

    The point is you want to use all your energy and build combo points for a 5 CP Rip . As soon as you waste your energy you will go back to Bear form, continue your rotation and let the energy in Cat From build up again.
    After putting your Bear Form abilities on CD, you go back in Cat Form and apply Rake if you have 4 CP then a 5 CP Rip or the other way around if you ended up with 5 CP in the first transition.

    This is a two stages rotation, where you want to keep a 5 CP Rip on the target as well as Rake then, use the remaining energy on Shred and switch back to Bear Form.

    3+ Targets Priorities:

    Thrash on cooldown;
    Swipe as a filler;
    Maul on cooldown, when you are confident that you will not need your rage in the scenarios that are about to come.


    Ironfur is our active mitigation ability, providing 80% armor for 6 sec in exchange for 45 rage.

    Mark of ursol It is a spell that offers you 30% magic damage reduction for 6 seconds for 45 rage. Amazing ability that guardians benefited only on 7.0 and 7.1, being removed by blizzard beginning with 7.2.
    Make sure you are aware of each type of damage you take so you don't end up wasting rage on ineffective mitigation spells.

    Barkskin Provides 20% damage reduction coming with a decent cooldown. The fact that is usable during CC can be useful.

    Survival Instincts Huge defensive spell that has 2 charges. Because it has a long cooldown you must assess when is the best moment to use each stack depending on the encounter.

    Rage of the Sleeper is our artifact spell. It has decent cooldown and give you some extra mitigation on top of some increased damage output.
    The best out of this spell comes when you pick up the Embrace of the Nightmare trait on your weapon. On top of the extra 25% damage increase, you also get 25% leach and immunity to all loss control effects on you.
    I find this trait very useful especially in Mythic+ dungeons. It makes you able to tank large groups of adds that normally you would not be able to do to their mechanics.

    *Tip: It is easier to keep aggro on pulls in Mythic Dungeons with Skittish while RotS is active.


    Skull Bash Standard interrupt with a decent cooldown. It also can help you to close gaps quick after a knockback.

    Rebirth Resurrects your target with 60% health baseline and 20% mana. Usable in combat.

    Stampeding Roar is one of the things i like about druid tanks. The ability to give yourself and the others around a movement speed bonus is a great utility that the other tanks don't posses. On top of this, Roar of the Crowd trait makes this even better.

    Incapacitating Roar Good AoE disable.


Tier 1 - Level 15

    We have Brambles a cheap damage absorbed and reflected and two spells that provides you extra rage generation, Bristling Fur and Blood Frenzy .

    Brambles is good when are tanking encounters that are less difficult and you can afford going for some extra light damage.
    For progress and hard encounters Blood Frenzy is a good pick due to the fact that gives us more rage, therefore more resources to spend on defenses.
    If the mechanics are forcing you to move or be disable a lot you can pick Bristling Fur.

    Tier 2 - Level 30

    We have a Guttural Roars , Intimidating Roar and Wild Charge .

    Guttural Roars is the choice most of the time due to the broad utility offered compared with the other two talents.

    Intimidating Roar can be good in Mythic+, you can use this and synchronize with your party to reset Necrotic stacks or win some time to reset a fight for whatever reasons.

    Tier 3 - Level 45

    On Legion for each druid specialization you choose, you can pick a talent that will give you some benefits of an another specialization. For guardian we have:

    Balance Affinity It gives you some more utility increasing the range of your spells(including AoE like Thrash and Swipe);

    Feral Affinity increases your movement speed also boost mainly your single target damage through performing the catweaving rotation.

    Restoration Affinity provides a cheap passive heal through Ysera's Gift based on your total HP.

    Restoration Affinity is the safe choice when you go for progress in Mythic+ or raids.
    Feral Affinity is worth picking in encounters that does not put you at risk going in Cat Form to increase your DPS. It good when you have Tyrannical affix in Mythic+ on a medium difficulty to your gear and level.
    Balance Affinity is good when you face easy to medium difficulty mythic+ dungeons due to the extra range on on your spells. Also, it helps against Skittish when you want to get control back on targets you lost your aggro and are running away from you.

    * If you have Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds Legendary both your main specialization and affinity benefits the bonus.

    Tier 4 - Level 60

    Mighty Bash , Mass Entanglement and Typhoon .
    Typhoon is the choice for Mythic+ giving you an additional way of interrupting adds or knocking them back.
    Mass Entanglement is a good choice when you want to look targets in place serving a similar purpose as Intimidating Roar.

    Tier 5 - Level 75

    Soul of the Forest is the least important talent on this tier, gives low rage generation and damage output compared with the other two.

    Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc is a 3 minutes cooldown spell that gives you more aggro control and burst damage increase. It can be situationally useful in Mythic+ and short duration encounters.

    Galactic Gaurdian This is the talent I would recommend you to go for. It easier to use compared with Incarnation and it gives you a lot more rage overall and also a lot of AoE damage.

    Tier 6 - Level 90

    Earthwarden offers you good control over melee attacks received. It is useful during some encounters where you are capable of controlling the damage coming from the magic schools and you want some more control against melee attacks. It is not really great against lots of targets as you can stack maximum 3 charges every time you use Thrash.

    Guardian of Elune It enhances your defensive capabilities every time you use Mangle. You get one stacks of Guardian of Elune to use with one of your mitigation spells.

    Survival of the FittestYou get a considerable cooldown decreased on Barkskin and Survival Instincts. Can be useful on encounters with intervals of high damage taken .

    Tier 7 - Level 100

    Rend and Tear It is an effective talent for high AoE encounters where adds have high HP and allows you to stack Thrash.
    . Good thing about this talent is that it works passively, giving you one less thing to focus on although it does take around 12-15 seconds to build to make it fully effective depending on your Thrash CD.

    * It has great synergy with Elize's Everlasting Encasement Legendary .

    Lunar Beam Effective during encounters where enemies die fast and It does not give you time to stack Thrash for the other two talents to be useful.

    Pulverize It provides 9% damage reduction and a lot of single target damage in exchange for 2 Thrash stacks. It is the talent we pick in raids and hard Mythic+ dungeons unless we have Elize's Everlasting Encasement Legendary that gives overall 10% damage reduction and damage dealt increase.

    My recomandation:

    *Check my talents analysis to get a full view of what should you pick and when as these are more like standard builds.

Progress in Mythic+

Raid Progress:

Artifact and Relics

Guardian Druid's artifact is Claws of Ursoc .

That is the path is believed to be the most effective to follow. You can always go and pick anything you consider it suits you but, you must take into consideration that aiming for a Gloden Trait is what is going to be more useful for you in the long run.

Our Golden Traits are:

Embrace of the Nightmare

Adaptive Fur

Gory Fur

Defensive Relics:

    1. Ursoc Endurance

    Fire Relic = High Botanist Tel'arn Nighthold,
    Blood Relic = Halls of Valor, Karazhan, Trilliax Nighthold.
    Life Relic = Black Rook Hold, Karazhan, Flotsam, Trial of Valor

    2. Reinforced Fur

    Fire Relic = Assault on Violet Hold, Il'gynoth
    Blood Relic = Neltharion's Lair, Vault of the Wardens, Gul'dan Nighthold.
    Life Relic = Darkheart Thicket, Dragons of Nightmare

    3. Wildflesh

    Fire Relic = Eye of Azhara
    Blood Relic = Darkheart Ticket
    Life Relic = Halls of Valor, Karazhan

Offensive Relics:

    1. Jagged Claws

    Fire Relic = Halls of Valor, Karazhan, Calamir
    Blood Relic = The Arcway, Tichondrius Nighthold
    Life Relic = Maw of Souls

    2. Vicious Bites

    Fire Relic = Black Rook Hold
    Blood Relic = The Arcway
    Life Relic = Neltharion's Lair


    Agility increases your overall effectiveness. It is weaker then it was on previous patches as It is not increases critical strike anymore.

    Mastery increases our Mastery: Nature's Guardian. This increases your Attack Power, maximum HP and all the heals we receive including self-healing spells.
    * The healing increase from Mastery comes as a secondary self-heal and does not affect the initial healing spell. (it appears as your own heal)

    Haste is a great stats when it comes to Guardian Druids. Haste not only increases your Auto Attacks rate therefore more rage generation, It also decreases your global cooldown and some spells cooldown(Thrash and Mangle affected).

    Versatility is a new stat introduced in 6.0.2. It increases your attacks and heals done and also reduces all the damage taken for half the value.

    Critical Strike gives a chance for a 2x extra effectiveness on attacks and heals. Also, it increases dodge chance through Lightning Reflexes.

    Stamina increases your health pool. Important when you take large damage hits.

    Dodge is our chance to dodge Melee Attacks. It is increased by Critical Strike through Lightning Reflexes.

Defensive Stats Priority

Versatility > Mastery > Haste > Critical Strike

Offensive Stats Priority

Haste > Versatility ≥ Critical Strike > Mastery



Since I have seen plenty of guardians who are simply confused regarding their item choice and prioritization I will say that in a scenario where you are using your abilities correctly, you want to get gear that has versa and haste as much as you can.
The reason for this is because versatility scales great both offensively and defensively giving you and overall buff to your guardian druid. Although mastery is not bad, is less valuable than versatility or even haste both in a raid scenario or mythic+.
The aggro issues that some players I have seen that complain about this specialization is definitely influenced by bad items prioritization.

Tu give you an idea of what I am trying to see I show you what I am using most of the time Goblet of Nightmarish Ichor and Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish.

If I really consider that I need survivability then I will swap Kil'jaeden with a defensive trinket that gives some sort of damage mitigation or absorb. The point is, depending how confident you are with the spec you can opt out for some more offensive trinket that will be more useful for your raid.

    Tier 19

    • 2 pieces (Guardian) : Your abilities have an additional 10% chance to trigger Gore.
    • 4 pieces (Guardian) : Mangle reduces the cost of your next Ironfur, Mark of Ursol, or Frenzied Regeneration by 5 Rage, stacking up to 2 times.

    The tier bonuses synergies really well and if you can you really want to get them. It just makes your rotation more fluid giving you rage reduction cost.

Enchants and Consumables


Closing Words

In conclusion, as a guardian you have lots of ways to mitigate the damage taken using your defensive abilities in order to survive.

Knowing the scripts and mechanics of different encounters and having a good ability and rage management are necessities in order to achieve that.

Finding the balance between your defensive and offensive capabilities in the same time bringing utility to your party it is what is going to make you a good tank, a good Guardian Druid and a good player in general.

Special thanks to:


** To be updated

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Post Posted: 24-08-2017, 22:17:24 | Translate post to: ... (Click for more languages)

*basically, expanded (you didnt even try to ReUpload the images. just wtf bro)

*please PUT SOME EFFORT and add some rotations / other builds to this guide.

currently, as i see, only 1 rotation that is not really affected by talent choices. simply, the guide has nothing to say.

*i also hate that you people mention Racial buffs or ...

that choice is NOT a necessity to be a good player.

*35x scrolls which should be 105 lines, is dedicated to enormous pictures, table, and racial stuff. spoiler them out.

*suggested to remove the addon part, since you did not explain how to configure them.

*provide links to the relics that you suggested.

dude. this isnt okay.

you could've just gave link to the website,. i mean, their website has better and nicer scripts.
currently, as it is, i can call it "copy paste"

and god bless the previous DK guide.
at least he put some effort. (given that his guide is not "Copy Paste" shit)

Protecting Game Settings - Shaman Guide - Rogue Guide - Sneaky Macros
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Thanks for your comment.

Posting a new BUG REPORT has to follow the template you get when opening a new topic or it can be instantly rejected.

Freakz Lich King 25H

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Tier 2 - Intimidating Roar still best choice, use it wise and talk with your group before you use it so they can stop dps, and you can kait them or drop necrotic debuff, etc.
Tier 4 - Typhoon all the way, best form of "cc" that helps a lot on mythic +
Tier 6 - Earthwarden - this talent is still good, since it got buff and it's usefull when you are in a mythic key stone 12 +, since trash hit with melle a lot.

Tanks don't have rotation, they have priorities, just wanted to point that out.

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Thanks, I will make some changes soon.

Posting a new BUG REPORT has to follow the template you get when opening a new topic or it can be instantly rejected.

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Ok, let's see.

In Tier 1 best choise is Blood Frenzy but if you don't have problems with rage you can go with Brambles for an extra damage.

For Tier 2 best choise is Guttural Roars, you will find this very helpfull at bosses when you need to move fast and also all the raid besides that it will reduce the cooldown for stomp to 1 min which is very good. The second choise in this tier is Wild Charge. Personaly i can't find Intimidating Roar very usefull expacialy in raids.

Tier 3 also depends on boss and necesity. For exemple in Nighthold at Star Augur Etraeus you will find very usefull Balance Affinity becouse you have more range and can stay more spreded, on krosus probably Feral Affinity will be better becouse you have 15% incresed movement speed for slam when he breaks the bridge. And Restoration Affinity is good when you need some extra healing.

Tier 4, Typhoon will be the 1st choise but you can take a look at Mass Entanglement too, for exemple at Il'Gynoth, Heart of Corruption i used Mass Entanglement.

Tier 5 i use Galactic Guardian espacily if i have the balance shoulders Lady and the Child becouse the work very good togheter, otherwise i would use Incarnation becouse it gives a good burst damage, but also a very good burst threat and if the tanks work good on theat (i mean blizzlike) druid tanks have some threat issues, but also Incarnation can be used as a defensive cooldown too, the mangle spam provides you a very huge amount of rage and you can use freely Ironfur, Mark of Ursol and Frenzied Regeneration.

Tier 6 Guardian of Elune is the best choise, but also the other two talents are good.

Tier 7 i think the best choise would be Rend and Tear espacialy if you have the Elize's Everlasting Encasement becouse those two more stacks of Thrash give you 5 stacks of Thrash whitch means you have a 10% damage reduced all the time with this legendary.

For legendaries best choises are Elize's Everlasting Encasement and Luffa Wrappings no matter what, dps or survability but Lady and the Child is also a very good choise.

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Thanks for the awesome guide. it helps alot. as for a new player to class, this guide show me how to live in wow-freakz as guirdian druid.
I found a problem is that i didnt understand the exact diffrence between magic school damage types and Physical school damage types. so i didn't know what active mitigation spell (Ironfur or MOU ) to use most of incoming damage. ( later i found a way using Milky scrolling bar and weakaura strings )

i would like to introduce a Addon and Weakaura string, which will be very helpfull for new players.

1. Frenzier Regenaration
Addon - Shows expected healing from Frenzied Regeneration based on damaged taken in last 5 seconds
Link -

Weakaura String - does the same thing as addon
Link -

2. Tells if Mark of Ursol would be better than Ironfur ? ( Will show a icon ) - weakaura string, copy this sting and import it

Source -

3. What type damage take in last 5 minuts - ( Will only say damage type, no icon )

Source -

wish this will help.
good luck

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