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Freakz - Registration Agreement Terms

Once you register on the Freakz Forum you inherently agree to abide and respect the rules below. Every rule is followed by the punishment associated with the infringement of that rule.

Rules regarding posting and user relation on the forums:

  1. In a topic you will post only what is related to the topic, discussions that are off-topic will be punished. (1 Warning)

  2. Use a decent vocabulary in your posts. Do not verbally attack other users and do not use vulgar expressions. Every user on the forums would like to be respected regardless of their age, sex, gender, nationality or level of education/knowledge. Avoid hostile attitudes towards other users. (1 - 4 Warnings / Temporary or permanent Ban)

  3. Before opening a new topic, use the search function of the forum, insuring that said topic has not been already opened and discussed. (1 Warning)

  4. Do not revive very old topic unless you have something very important to add or are in need of help on the same problem and the solutions posted have not been of use. (1 Warning)

  5. Do not post twice consecutively in the same topic in a 6-/ 12-hour interval unless it is absolutely necessary. If you have something to add to your topic, use the "Edit" button in the top right corner of your post.(1 Warning)

  6. Advertisement on the forums is NOT permitted in any way or form, not even referer links. The only place you may mention your website on the forums is in the "Website" field of your profile. Do not post links that have no relation to the topic, they will be deleted. Advertising in your signature is NOT permitted. Users that have links in their signatures will have the rights to bear a signature revoked. (1 - 4 Warnings / Temporary or permanent Ban)

  7. The title of a topic must be clear and must reflect the content of the original post. Also, you must be as explicit as possible so as to avoid any misunderstandings. Titles that go along the line of "Heeeelp", "What should I do", "Look here" are not permitted. When posting a problem and not receiving the expected answer, rephrase the issue in a way that is understandable to anyone trying to offer help. (1 Warning)

  8. Avoid having a post consisting solely of monosyllabic words like "OK", "Ty", "qq" or other that are only proof of lack of respect and/or proper education (1 Warning)

  9. The posting of pornographic / indecent / vulgar material on the forums is strictly forbidden as is any other material that may offend other users (1 - 4 Warnings/ Permanent Ban)

  10. Do not make excessive use of the "CAPS LOCK" button or the emoticons available and avoid writing with text that is very large or brightly colored. (1 Warning)

  11. In case you are posting a tutorial that is not of your authorship, it is mandatory to mention the author's name out of respect of the time they spent writing it (1-4 Warnings / Permanent Ban)

  12. Every user is expected to post at least once on the forum, even those that have registered to get informed. To avoid confusion, you may post first in the "Welcome" section of the forums by creating a topic in which you present yourself.

  13. Do not ask for punishments to be awarded to other users (You may do so by using the Report function) or the closing of the topic (1 - 2 Warnings)

  14. * You are not allowed to use the special green color when posting (it's the color automatically applied to posts with many likes) (1 Warning)

  15. Do not mention other server names or try to spread false rumors (1 - 4 Warnings) or Permanent ban

Rules regarding avatars, ranks, signatures and images posted on the forums:

  1. You may use an image in your signature [460x150 pixels] | [not exceeding 100 KB]

  2. The maximum dimensions that the avatar may have is 150x150. [not exceeding 50 KB]

  3. Do not use as an avatar images that are exclusive to the special ranks of the forum [moderator, administrator, etc.]. Doing so will mandate the administrators to revoke your right to wear an avatar, plus 2-4 warnings.

  4. Do not use as a personalized rank vulgar words or phrases or ranks that are similar to those of moderators, administrators and GMs. (2-4 Warnings)

  5. Do not use in your signature or avatar indecent/pornographic images. Consequences: removal of the rights to wear avatars/signature and sanctioning with to 1 - 4 Warnings / Ban.

  6. Do not use links to personal websites in avatar/images used as signature.

Extra rules and dispositions:

  1. Presence duality on the forums is forbidden.

  2. Every warning you receive automatically subtracts 40 reputation points from your account.

  3. If you receive 5 warnings you will be automatically and permanently banned on the forums.

  4. If you wish to have your warnings removed, you must help the forums: Create tutorials and post them in the right categories, help forum users when they encounter problems, act decently, post only when necessary and respect the rules.

  5. Special accounts (as moderator) on the forums are not given judging by the number of posts, do not post just to have one more post if you have nothing to say!

  6. Do not register on the forums with nicknames that are vulgar/indecent (Permanent ban)

  7. In case you will be banned, your email address and IP will be made public in the Ban List.

  8. Warnings disappear after 45 days one by one (only if you didn't receive any other warning in that period)

Rules for Spambots:

  1. Don't register on the forums, we have garlic!

I, Shocker, the administrator and owner of the forum and of the entire community, reserve my right to modify the rules at any given moment (even without announcing it, although I will try most often to bring to your knowledge modifications made to the rules), and if you continue to post on the forums after I modify the rules represents your acceptance of the new rules.

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