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  Topic: [Pet Journal][Put in the cage]

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PostForum: Low priority / visual bugs - Misc   Posted: 29-03-2020, 19:39:44   Subject: [Pet Journal][Put in the cage]
WoW Freakz link: ~
Bug description: Put in the cage not working as it should be
Proof: ~
  Topic: [Item] [Flawless Battle-Training Stone]

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PostForum: Items   Posted: 27-03-2020, 17:59:22   Subject: [Item] [Flawless Battle-Training Stone]
WoW Freakz item link: [url=]Flawless Battle-Training Stone
Bug description: Not leveling the pet
Proof ...
  Topic: [The Desolate Host] Affli lock & Spiritual Fonts

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PostForum: 7.2.5 Bug report   Posted: 18-12-2019, 16:41:41   Subject: [The Desolate Host] Affli lock & Spiritual Fonts
WoW Freakz link: [url=]The Desolate Host
Bug description: If u start the fight on corp realm as affli lock and dot the s ...
  Topic: [Hunter] vs Fallen Avatar

Replies: 12
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PostForum: 7.2.5 Bug report   Posted: 03-12-2019, 08:46:28   Subject: [Hunter] vs Fallen Avatar
WoW Freakz spell link: [url=]Feign Death
Bug description: Spamming feign death during changing phase 1 to phase 2 cause a short le ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Warlock] combat Ally triggering pvp

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 29-11-2019, 19:00:22   Subject: [Warlock] combat Ally triggering pvp
WoW Freakz spell link: [url=]Kanrethad Ebonlocke
Bug description: Combat ally triggers ur pvp when it sees a player wi ...
  Topic: Mythic+ Leaderboards & Armory Upgrade

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PostForum: Suggestions   Posted: 13-11-2019, 12:07:52   Subject: Mythic+ Leaderboards & Armory Upgrade
At the moment doing any high key with premade group has a big chance of not finishing in time due to various reasons which it can be solved with some updates on Mythic+ Leaderboards & armoy.
one ...
  Topic: [Maw of Souls][Harbaron] Ascendance vs Fragment

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PostForum: 7.2.5 Bug report   Posted: 21-10-2019, 19:40:58   Subject: [Maw of Souls][Harbaron] Ascendance vs Fragment
WoW Freakz link: -
Bug description: If your [url=]ascendance ends when boss targeted you with its [url= ...
  Topic: Buff/Spells in Mythic+

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PostForum: 7.2.5 Bug report   Posted: 13-10-2019, 12:35:00   Subject: Buff/Spells in Mythic+
WoW Freakz link: -
Bug description: On retail when u active a key it would reset the whole spells and abilities such as bloodlust after starting the keystone, bcuz of that on some dungeons like mos p ...
  Topic: Changing legendaries allowing marksman hunters to change their talent

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PostForum: Hunter   Posted: 03-10-2019, 12:57:38   Subject: Changing legendaries allowing marksman hunters to change their talent
WoW Freakz link :
Bug description: by changing [url=]MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer to [url= ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Kirin Tor World Quests

Replies: 1
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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 22-08-2019, 16:46:53   Subject: Kirin Tor World Quests
WoW Freakz link: Too many active world quests at same time
Bug description: there are so many active kirin tor world quests which it should be much lower than what is it right now
Proof: https://prn ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Mythic plus desync issue

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Views: 625

PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 31-07-2019, 11:00:11   Subject: Mythic plus desync issue
there is a desync issue which mostly happens to the key owners, which if the key owner get game crash during the keystone is active when he get back to the game its like m0 for him while others ar ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Warlock summoning demons glyph

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 08-06-2019, 16:39:39   Subject: Warlock summoning demons glyph
WoW Freakz item link: Glyph of the Observer, Glyph of the Shadow Succubus, Glyph of the Voidlord, Glyph of Fel Imp, Glyph of the Shivarra
Bug description: by using any of these glyps basically ur [ur ...
  Topic: [COMPLETED] Missing Echo of Time

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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 02-06-2019, 07:45:41   Subject: Missing Echo of Time
Character Name: Darkheart
Item Name & ID: [url=]Echo of Time
Armory Link: [url= ...
  Topic: [FIXED] Class Hall followers equipment slots

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 12-04-2019, 07:53:33   Subject: [FIXED] Class Hall followers equipment slots
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: anytime u equipment an item to one of ur followers it will add another item slot
Proof: > > https://pr ...
  Topic: [DUPLICATE] Emblem of Margoss

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 09-08-2018, 16:54:16   Subject: Emblem of Margoss
Bug description: I wanted to obtain the Brinedeep Bottom-Feeder but when I went to in the Black Market area in the Underbelly of dalaran, I couldn't even fish anything and I need that to teleport me t ...
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