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  Topic: [REJECTED] Warrior

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 20-09-2018, 18:56:45   Subject: Warrior
I cant unlock my third relic, because i need to finish my order campaign, but the problem is that i dont have any kind of missions or anything to complete and i really dont know how to do.. please can ...
  Topic: Fortnite

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PostForum: Surveys   Posted: 24-07-2018, 11:15:39   Subject: Fortnite
ce parere aveti
  Topic: [REJECTED] Bugged in firelands

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 09-03-2018, 14:01:35   Subject: Bugged in firelands
i was trying to do firelands and i`m get stuck like that and i cant move i cant do anything and i try to "unstuck" my char on the site but appears only the mop chars not on the legion ..
Pr ...
  Topic: Buying gold !!!

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PostForum: Auction House   Posted: 03-03-2018, 14:27:32   Subject: Buying gold !!!
Hello there i have over 400 rep and i wanna to buy a lot of gold on Legion if anyone want post here or PM any amout of gold is welcome -
  Topic: Buying gold !!!

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PostForum: Auction House   Posted: 01-03-2018, 13:03:10   Subject: Buying gold !!!
i have over 400 rep and i want to buy a lot of gold on legion can anyone help me ? ( i have already x3 good trades you can see that on my profile )
  Topic: [REJECTED] Suramar bug quest

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 27-02-2018, 16:58:36   Subject: Suramar bug quest
I have a problem that I really don't know how to solve, I have also asked many other players for their help but they also don't know. I have achieved friendly in all the zones except in Suramar where ...
  Topic: Ofer reputatie pe arme cs go

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PostForum: Sales / Buys - Steam   Posted: 23-07-2016, 11:43:17   Subject: Ofer reputatie pe arme cs go
Cum spune si titlul ofer reputatie pentru arme cs go, pretul il stabilim prin PM.
Ps: Nu doresc sa fur pe nimeni, dupa cum bine se vede am facut deja x2 trad-uri in valoare de 500 rep
Astept oferte ...
  Topic: Sell rep for gold !

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 22-04-2016, 09:11:47   Subject: Sell rep for gold !
Dau reputatie pentru gold cine se ofera sa lase comentariu mai jos.
  Topic: Donate bug

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PostForum: Other   Posted: 12-04-2016, 17:31:07   Subject: Donate bug
about 5 min ago i donated 10E on wow.freakz and i wanted to spend my money and there is a bug that cant buy anything , i have 11.8 E and cant but anything , somebody can tell me why?
  Topic: [REJECTED] sha of ager

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 02-11-2015, 14:46:40   Subject: sha of ager
Wowhead quest link:
WoW Freakz quest link:
Bug description: nu merge deloc sa ma teleportez in sha of ager si nici sa fac q, cineva mi-a zis ca ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] bug pandaria portal

Replies: 10
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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 27-10-2015, 16:39:16   Subject: bug pandaria portal
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: i cant teleport to the pandaria
Ps: acest bug il am pe toate caracterele.
  Topic: Codatii lui wOrSe

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 24-10-2014, 22:41:06   Subject: Codatii lui wOrSe
Nume: BlaSkoVitz
Motiv: aim+wall
Dovada: [url=]ADMIN wOrSe: amx_fuck BlaSkoVitz (
  Topic: o mica problema

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PostForum: Romanian   Posted: 05-08-2014, 00:25:54   Subject: o mica problema
am facut de curand level 85 ( deabea m-am apucat de joc) si doresc sa fac reputatie pentru a putea lua niste iteme din Uldum , Twilight , Depholm etc.. dar acum ca am level maxim nu mai pot face ques ...
  Topic: Reclamatie SNake Eye

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 12-04-2014, 11:27:06   Subject: Reclamatie SNake Eye
- Numele tau: wOrSe
- Numele adminului reclamat: Snake Eye parca
- Harta, ora si data faptei reclamate: acum pe fy_snow
- Motivul / Regula incalcata: imi da slap de 20 de ori , dupa imi da kick dup ...
  Topic: Invitatii HeathStone

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PostForum: Off-topic   Posted: 26-11-2013, 22:20:38   Subject: Invitatii HeathStone
Cine are invitatii va rog sa-mi trimite-ti si mie una la adresa de mail [email protected]
Multumesc - ( +rep )
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