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7.1.5 Changes
Secondary Stats
Right off the bat, you're going to notice that all of your items (especially rings and necklaces) give more secondary stats than they did before 7.1.5, but your stat percents (except Mastery, but we're getting to that in a second) are all roughly the same. That's because our secondary stat scaling has changed. Haste and Critical Strike had their rating needed for 1% stat bumped up by 50 rating (350 and 400, respectively), whereas Versatility was bumped up by 75 rating (to 475).

What does mastery do?
Our mastery received an overall buff, where 1 Mastery Point (now 400 Mastery rating) gives us 13% Spellpower added onto Mastery: Gust of Mists, instead of 10%. This is still an overall buff.
Gust of mists: "Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for (0.01% of Spell power)."

Overall monk changes this pach:
Crackling Jade Lightning has its base damage double. Sounds great, right? Unfortunately, the Mistweaver Monk passive had its buff to Mistweaver Crackling Jade Lightning go from a 900% buff to a 400% buff, resulting in an overall damage loss from Crackling Jade Lightning.

Ring of Peace has been reworked. You are now able to place it nearby, forcing all enemies outside of it, no matter if they're casting something or not. Just immediately jettisoned. It will definitely see some use in fights where the positioning of adds matters.

Diffuse Magic has its cooldown reduced to 1:30. Definitely nice to have in magic intensive fights

Dampen Harm has been reworked into a flat damage reduction for its now much shorter duration. However, it still scales up its damage reduction depending on the size of the incoming hit. An incredible alternative to Healing Elixir; when you can use this ability before telegraphed damage, the damage reduction will greatly outweigh the burst healing you can do to yourself with Healing Elixir.
MW specifics
Rising Sun Kick had its mana cost reduced by 0.25% mana. This change ultimately means very little, unless you're making extensive use of Rising Sun Kick.

Zen Pulse had a cap of 6 enemies placed on its healing count in a hotfix during 7.1, but the buff to its healing per enemy hit is sorely needed, as it will no longer scale ridiculously.

Mistwalk had its healing increased to 420% spellpower, up from 350%. Not enough to lose out on Chi Burst in raids, or Zen Pulse in M+. However, in the few fights it can see some use, the buff is welcome.

Song of Chi-Ji is an interesting change. It's cooldown is now lower than both its duration as well as the disorient diminishing returns threshold, meaning you can indefinitely disorient a pack of mobs, as long as you're able to hit them with this slow moving ability.

The Soothing Mist change in the patch notes is just a tooltip correction. It had already been changed to 64% spellpower per tick sometime in 7.1

Legendary items changes
Ei'thas, Lunar Glides of Eramas had its duration given to HoTs increased to 5 seconds, making this legendary very helpful whenever you're tank healing with Enveloping Mist.

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus is being changed to give a massive amounts of stats, while also greatly improving passive survivability.

Sephuz's Secret gives more Haste on successful loss of control effects (Leg Sweep, Song of Chi-Ji, Paralysis), as well on successful dispells.

Shelter of Rin is one of the two new legendary items introduced to the legendary item pool in 7.1.5. 15% of Sheilun's Gift's total healing (including overhealing and boosts from outside sources) is replicated on every person with Renewing Mist on them. This can turn Thunder Focus Tea Renewing Mist into a potent group burst heal, if you let Sheilun's Gift stack high enough.

Velen's Future Sight is a very powerful trinket added in 7.1.5. An on demand 15% boost to healing, that emulates the MoP legendary cloak's effect. Using this with a Chi Burst in a raid will result in ridiculous healing just in that one cast, let alone for the rest of its duration.
Talents for this spec

Those are the optimal choices for this spec

Tier 1

Chi burst - It's an aoe heal that is very useful. Does lots of heal for a cheap CD, also it costs no mana
Zen Pulse - It's designed for a heavy on-tank build.[b] I recommend using it on mythic 10+ keystones over chi burst.

Mistwalk - It can be used in some instances where you have to move alot but most of the time it's just not worth it (It's the best choice if you want to go for PVP)

Tier 2 - This tier is mostly your choice

Chi Torpedo - It changes your roll to "chi torpedo" with it you travel more distance than with roll, also after casted it gives you "Chi Torpedo" wich is a passive that gives you 30% movement speed stacking two times.
Tiger's Lust - It's an active ability that gives you (or a friendly target ) 70% movement speed for 6 seconds, also it removes all roots and snares.
Celerity - It's a passive that gives you 3 charges of roll and also it reduces it's CD by 5 seconds

Tier 3

Lifecycles - "Enveloping Mist reduces the mana cost of your next Vivify by 20%, and Vivify reduces the mana cost of your next Enveloping Mist by 20%." It can be useful in fight where you need strong aoe heals but overall it's not that great.
Spirit of the Crane - Each additional Blackout Kick gives you 0,65% mana back. What "additional Blackout Kick" means is the stacks from Teaching of the monastery. It's used by the ppl playing the fistweaving spec, healing while doing damage
Mist Wrap - This seems like the best choice here considering what i'm trying to do here. It gives your Enveloping Mist + 1 second and increases your bonus healing from it by 10%

Tier 4

Ring of Peace - It can work in some situations but overall it's pretty useless. I saw it working only in pvp instances.
Song of Chi-Ji - It is an AOE DISORIENT, again in some instances it can work but most of the time it's not that good. Keep in mind that Disorients break from damage
Leg Sweep - It's the best one of this tier. It's a stun for 4 seconds meaning it does not break on dmg like Song of Chi-Ji does. Our only CC is Paralysis so another aoe one is pretty good -

Tier 5

Healing Elixir - It's an active/passive ability (this means it activates itself) that heals you for 15% of your total hp, it has 2 charges and it activates itself if you drop below 35% hp. It's pretty much a safe net for the critical moments when you can't heal yourself cause the dps is dying.
Diffuse Magic - Reduces magic damage you take by 60% for 6 sec, and transfers all currently active harmful magical effects on you back to their original caster if possible. I personally never used it but i can see it being used. The thing is most of the dmg you get in pve is psyhical not magic.
Dampen Harm - Reduces all damage you take by 20% to 50% for 10 sec, with larger attacks being reduced by more. As you can see it's a defensive. Wich means it's good only if you take dmg from mobs/boss. As a healer this shouldn't be a problem at all. I can see it used in pvp as you can get focused.

Tier 6

Refreshing Wind Jade - Summon a whirling tornado around you, causing [(33% of Spell power) * 13] healing over 9 sec to up to 6 allies within 10 yards. It is an aoe heal around you. The thing with it is that the range is pretty low, meaning it is the best choice for a stack fight but not for all the situations.
Invoke Chi-Ji, The Red Crane - Summons an effigy of Chi-Ji, the Red Crane for 45 sec. Chi-Ji heals nearby allies with Crane Heal for (135% of Attack power). It summons Chi-Ji wich acts like a pet and heals all the players around you for a pretty significant amount of hp. It is a burst-like heal meaning it heals much for 3 min CD. In a normal situation it isn't that useful but in a critical situation like a high lvl mythic or a mythic raid it's probably the best choice.
Summon Jade Serpent Statue - Summons a Jade Serpent Statue at the target locat1on. When you channel Soothing Mist, the statue will also channel Soothing Mist on your target, healing for 50% as much. It is normally the choice you want to go for. It is usefull in pretty much all scenarios it's just a filler to keep your mana up and your allies HP up.

Tier 7

Mana Tea - Reduces the mana cost of your spells by 50% for 10 sec. I recommand this for either a newbie to the class or in a hard and long fight.
Focused Thunder - Thunder Focus Tea now empowers your next 2 spells. Pretty much it gives your thunder focus tea another stack. It can be used in many situation. Like empowering a Enveloping Mist then using Effuse. Or using Renewing Mist on two targets. Anyways it's overall the best choice if you have some experience with the class and know how to keep your mana up.
Rising Thunder - Rising Sun Kick resets the remaining cooldown on Thunder Focus Tea. This one is mostly used by the ppl playing the fistweaving spec.


Gust of Mists : Effuse, Renewing Mist, Enveloping Mist, and Vivify also cause a gust of healing mists, instantly healing the primary target for (0.01% of Spell power). This is our mastery passive. Depending on your mastery percent it can proc a bonus heal.
Soothing Mist : Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, and Life Cocoon also trigger Soothing Mist.After casting these spells, you continue to channel healing mists into the target, healing them for (64% of Spell power) every 0.5 sec, until you take any other action. For ppl coming from MOP this may be a surprise but yea, Soothing mist is now a passive triggered by your healing spells. This is your filler heal, while you channel it you don't use any mana at all making it a good mana saver.
Teachings of the Monastery : Tiger Palm causes your next Blackout Kick to strike an additional time, stacking up to 3.Blackout Kick has a 15% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Rising Sun Kick. This is your main damaging tool. Is mostly used by ppl playing with the Fistweaving spec.

Abilities - If you're an average / advanced player you can skip those

Blackout Kick : Kick with a blast of Chi energy, dealing (469.7% of Attack power) Physical damage. It is affected by Teachings of the Monastery and it's one of your damaging abilities.

Crackling Jade Lightning : Channel Jade lightning, causing (170.8% of Attack power) Nature damage over 4 sec to the target and sometimes knocking back melee attackers. This is a range damaging spell that you channel. You can use this between the heals, like when the party is full you can just use this for an extra damage on the boss.

Detox : This is your Dispell. Removes all Magic, Poison, and Disease effects from the target. When the tank / dps has a DOT (Damage over time) effect or some kind of debuff you can use this to get rid of it. Keep in mind that not all debuffs can be dispell-ed.

Effuse - This is your main filler meaning you'll be using it when the dps / tank take some dmg, not much, just a little bit.

Enveloping Mist - Wraps the target in healing mists, healing for (990% of Spell power) over 6 sec and increases the healing your target gets by a specific amount. This is your core hard heal meaning you'll be using it when the things are getting bad. It is a very strong ability and the main focus of this spec.

Essence Font - Unleashes a rapid twirl of healing bolts at up to 6 allies within 25 yds, every 1.002 sec for 3 sec. Each bolt heals a target for (135% of Spell power)plus an additional (48% of Spell power) over 8 sec. I don't recommand using this too much it costs way too much mana for a pretty weak aoe heal.

Life Cocoon : Encases the target in a cocoon of Chi energy for 12 sec, absorbing [(((Spell power * 42) + 0)) * (1 + Versatility)] damage and increasing all healing over time received by 50%. This is a safe net, when the things are getting out of control you can use that for a big absorb that will give you enough time to get the target filled up.

Paralysis - Incapacitates the target for 1 min. Limit 1. Damage will cancel the effect. This our default CC ability. It's a Incapacitate meaning it breaks on damage and it lasts for 1 min on a npc. This can be used in dungeons to skip mobs.

Provoke - Taunts the target and causes them to move toward you at 50% increased speed. This is a taunt ability. You usually don't need to use this at all.

Reawaken - Returns all dead party members to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. This is our AOE Ressurect

Renewing Mist - Surrounds the target with healing mists, restoring (700% of Spell power) health over 20 sec.If Renewing Mist heals a target past maximum health, it will travel to another injured ally within 20 yds.Each time Renewing Mist heals, it has a 4% chance to increase the healing of your next Vivify by 40%. This is our HOT (Healing Over Time) spell it is very good in all situations singe-target and aoe it spreads from player to player and sometimes it can proc a 40% boost to vivify's healing.

Resuscitate - Returns the spirit to the body, restoring a dead target to life with 35% of maximum health and mana. Cannot be cast when in combat. This is our basic Ressurect ability

Revival - Heals all party and raid members within 40 yards for (720% of Spell power) and clears them of all harmful Magical, Poison, and Disease effects. This is a good ability in critical situations where the whole grup is taking damage and it's about to die. It also acts like a mass- dispell

Rising Sun Kick - Kick upwards, dealing (1110.2% of Attack power) damage. This is one of your main damaging abilities. When you get three stacks of Teaching of the Monastery and use them with Blackout Kick you get a chance to reset the cooldown on RSK.

Sheilum's Gift : Sheilun, Staff of the Mists Draws in all nearby clouds of mist generated by Sheilun, healing the target for (200% of Spell power) per cloud absorbed. Basically while you have your artifact equipped and you're in combat your staff will attract those green clouds stacking up to 12 clouds, when you use this ability the staff will draw all those clouds to it healing for a lot if used corectly. I recommand using it when you have at least 6 clouds if you want to do some damage. Keep in mind it has a fairly long cast time so don't use it in very critical situations.

Spinning Crane Kick - Spin while kicking in the air, dealing [4 * (122% of Attack power)] damage over 1.5 sec to enemies within 8 yds. This is a AOE damaging ability.

Thunder Focus Tea - Receive a jolt of energy, empowering your next spell cast:Effuse: Healing increased by 200%.Enveloping Mist: Instant cast.Essence Font: Channels 100% faster.Renewing Mist: Does not trigger cooldown.Vivify: No mana cost. So as you can read this ability is empowering one of your main abilities. The most popular use of it is to empower effuse for a big single-target heal but you can use it in many ways, like: Using it when you don't have mana to get a free vivify for some aoe healing, using 2 renewing mists to spread some HOT. Using it to get an instant enveloping mist for critical situations. This combines very well with the Focused Thunder talent.

Tiger Palm - This is another one of your single-target damaging abilities. With it you get the stacks from Teachings of the Monastery passive.

Transcendence - Split your body and spirit, leaving your spirit behind for 15 min. Use Transcendence: Transfer to swap locations with your spirit. So, to break it down for you. You pretty much put down a "clone" of you later using it to get back to the location you want to.

Transcendence: Transfer - Your body and spirit swap locations. This is the ability you use to get back to your "clone".

Vivify - Causes a surge of invigorating mists around the target, healing them and their 2 nearest injured allies for (300% of Spell power). This is your main AOE heal.

Zen Pilgrimage - Your spirit travels to your home temple, leaving your body behind. Use Zen Pilgrimage again to return back to near your departure point. You use this in order to get to your classhall. You can use this again to get back where you were initially. You can use this in order to get rid of combat.


The main stat for healing is Intellect.
The main secondary stats you want to get is Crit followed by Versatility for overall healing.
For high m+ dungeons you will want to switch to Haste and Mastery.


Healers don't have a rotation is mostly just situational play, but i'll give you some tips -

Single target

Enveloping Mist
Renewing Mist

Single target - critical situations

Enveloping Mist
Thunder Focus Tea
Renewing Mist

AOE Healing

Keep Renewing Mist applied on the melee so it spreads on all.
Use vivify and thunder focus tea vivify if you don't have mana.
In Critical Situations use Revival.


Flask of the Whispered Pact - This will give you an additional 1300 intellect.
Potion of Prolonged Power - Drink to increase all stats by 2500 for 1 min. (1 Min Cooldown). You can use this in critical situations.
Salt & Pepper Shank - Restores 2400000 health and 1200000 mana over 20 sec. Must remain seated while eating. If you spend at least 10 seconds eating you will become well fed and gain 225 Critical Strike for 1 hour.
Requires Level 101. So basically this gives you 225 crit for 1h. It's fairly cheap on the AH.
Leybeque Ribs - Does the same thing as the above but instead of 225 crit it gives you 300.
Faronaar Fizz - Gives you 225 Versatility, you can use this if you lack versatility and have plenty of Crit.
Koi-Scented Stormray - Does the same thing as the above but instead it gives you 300.

Legendary Items

I think the BIS (Best in Slot) legendaryes for this spec are:

Velen's Future Sight - Trinket
+2,264 [Agility or Strength or Intellect]
+408 Critical Strike
+408 Haste
+408 Mastery
Use: Increase all healing done by 15% and causes 50% of overhealing on players to be redistributed to up to 3 nearby injured allies, for 10 sec. (1 Min, 15 Sec Cooldown)
This is the best legendary for most of the healers, it gives you a boost in healing with some aoe healing potential. Also giving you crit,haste,mastery.

Leggings of The Black Flame Legs
352 Armor
+2,382 [Agility or Intellect]
+3,573 Stamina
+1,103 Critical Strike
+612 Haste
Durability 145 / 145
Classes: Monk
Equip: Thunder Focus Tea also grants Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Essence Font, Renewing Mist, and Vivify 1 extra charge at random.

Legendaryes that can also work :

Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum OpusNeck
+2,010 Stamina
+1,247 Critical Strike
+1,247 Haste
+1,247 Mastery

Prismatic Socket

Equip: Every 30 sec, gain an absorb shield for 25% of your maximum health for 30 sec.
This gives you a pretty powerful absorb. It is pretty good considering we, as healers ourselves don't have something to defend ourselves so a 25% HP absorb is good.

Unison Spaulders Shoulder
301 Armor
+1,786 [Agility or Intellect]
+2,680 Stamina
+827 Haste
+459 Mastery
Durability 120 / 120
Classes: Monk
Equip: Soothing Mist heals a second injured ally within 15 yds for 50% of the amount healed.

This is one for you lazy-healers out there. If you use soothing mist on a target with full HP another soothing mist will appear healing the nearby injured ally. It is a good choice if you want to save mana and it can be the BIS for a M+ kind of spec.

Sephuz's Secret Finger
+2,010 Stamina
+2,227 Critical Strike
+890 Haste

Prismatic Socket

Equip: Gain 10% increased movement speed and 2% Haste. Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy, interrupting an enemy, or dispelling any target increases this effect to 70% increased movement speed and 25% Haste for 10 sec. This increase may occur once every 30 sec.
This is good only for the crit, the effect is not good at all.

Gems & Enchants

Gems :
Enchants :
Cloak -
Neck -
Rings -

Artifact traits

This is the optimal build.


Detox Macro
#showtooltip Detox
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Detox;Detox
Using this macro will cast Detox Icon Detox on your mouseover target, if they are a friendly player and they are not dead. Otherwise, it will cast Detox on your current target.

Tiger's Lust Mouseover Macro

#showtooltip Tiger's Lust
/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Tiger's Lust;Tiger's Lust
Using this macro will cast Tiger's Lust Icon Tiger's Lust on your mouseover target, if they are a friendly player and they are not dead. Otherwise, it will cast Tiger's Lust on your current target.

Mouseover Macros

For all your healing and utility spells, we advise you to use mouseover macros such as:

#showtooltip Soothing Mist
/cast [@mouseover] Soothing Mist


So this was the guide, i hope you enjoyed it, if you haven't please leave a reply below -
Sorry for my bad english i hope you could understand everything.
If you find any mistakes please leave a reply.
Sources : WoWhead, Cranehealing, Icy Veins`

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