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Protection Warrior 7.1.5 Guide

1. Introduction
2. General Overview
3. Stats Priority
4. Talents
5. Enchants, Gems, Consumables
6. Artifact Traits
7. Best in slot Gear
8. Rotation

1. Introduction

Hi again, everyone! After making my Fury Warrior DPS Guide, I decided to make another one, about another Warrior specialization that I enjoy playing, and that is the Tank spec, Protection.

I remember the first time I tried playing a tank. It was back in The Burning Crusade, many years ago. I liked the idea of being able to protect the others, by making all the monsters attack me, while I am blocking, parrying or dodging all their attacks with my shield. There was something very exciting about hearing the sound of a Raid Boss swinging it's huge claw, club, fist or paw at you, but you managing to stay alive against all odds, with the help of your healers.
Of course, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I was just putting on the items with the most stamina and I had no clue about what talents to choose, how to position myself or anything related to tanking, I just really liked the idea behind it.

That's what I'm hoping to help you with, with this guide. It's aimed at people that like the idea of being a tank, but are afraid of failing or to be made fun of. It is also aimed at people that have some idea of how they should tank, but are looking for some extra tips and suggestions about optimizations of their survivability and their damage output.

The last thing I would like to say before getting into it, is that Protection Warriors are extremely fun to play, especially in an AoE environment, but also in a single target environment, both in a Raid and a Mythic Dungeon. Its' talents and mechanics synergize very well with each other, it has a lot of active mitigation abilities that will make you take reduced damage at most of the times and it's very, very enjoyable to play. It's not only a good tank, but also a decent DPS in mythics. We will see in this guide how a Protection Tank can be very very survivable, while at the same time using that survivability to do high amounts of damage. That being said, let's get into it!

Note* This Guide will be aimed more towards the Devastator build, which is a more exciting and damage dealing one. If you wish to take these tips and explanations and choose different talents, it's totally up to you. A lot of the guide is still valid for the non-Devastator build.
This guide will mention the term "mitigation" or "active mitigation" a lot. It means that you must have some sort of defensive ability active on you at all times, to reduce de incoming damage. To mitigate means to decrease, to lower, to deny, a portion of the incoming damage.

2. General Overview

As I've said above, everything synergizes very well in this spec, so it's hard to single out one or two abilities that are the most important about Protection, that's why I will list all the abilities in the General Overview, because they are all important. Here they are:
1. Shield Slam - your main rage generating ability and single target damage dealing ability. Generating Rage is good because you can either deal damage with it, or increase your defenses.
2. Revenge - Your main damage attack that you will be using whenever you have enough rage for it. Revenge shines especially in AoE fights, since it hits all targets in front of you. This ability synergizes well with Ignore Pain, because of a talent that I will mention later on.
3. Ignore Pain - A pretty good absorb. This will be one of the damage mitigation effects that you will have on you most of the times.
4. Thunder Clap - A very good AoE ability that generates 5 rage. It is not limited to AoE usage, and should also be used on single target when Shield Slam is on cooldown and you don't have enough rage for Revenge.
5. Shield Block - Your second damage blocking effect next to Ignore Pain, that should be active at most times, no matter who you are fighting, since it also increases the damage that you deal with Shield Slam by 30%. You block all melee attacks for the duration and it blocks 30% of the enemy melee hits damage and that amount can be doubled to 60%, because it can critically block.
6. Spell Reflection - A nice defensive ability that reduces all spell damage that you take for the next 5 seconds by 30%, with the help of Reflective Plating.
7. Neltharion's Fury - Your Artifact Weapon's ability. Critically blocks all melee hits while you are channeling it. Useful only in an AoE situation.
8. Demoralizing Shout - Another defensive ability that makes you take 20% less damage.
9. Shield Wall - Your big defensive ability. Using this, along side with Shield Block and Ignore Pain (that should always be on you), pretty much ensures that you can't die for at least 8 seconds, while this is active. In combination with the high amount of Armor that you have as a tank, which will make you take even less physical damage, and the above mentioned damage mitigation effects, you will not worry about dying while this is up.
10. Last Stand - Your last resort when it comes to defensive cooldowns. Best used when you are in sticky situation and all your other defensive abilities are on cooldown.
11. Battle Cry - A very small damage boost to your dps in a single target fight, and a very large damage boost in a AoE fight.
12. Taunt - An ability that makes the targeted mob attack you, if it wasn't already. This is a pretty obvious one. It's name should speak for itself. It's origins are since the start of WoW, when only Warriors were considered a viable tanking class. Since then more classes can tank pretty well, even better than the Warrior can, but you still hear and see on game chats or on Discord and Teamspeak people saying "Taunt it". Taunt makes the target attack you, if it wasn't already. As a tank your main concern, above all else will be to keep all NPCs attacking you (unless the Raid strategy requires a tank switch and have to wait for the duration of certain effects to go away before you can resume tanking the boss). You will already have high threat generation from your abilities, but you will want to use this ability at the beginning of a fight, when pulling a boss, just to make sure that you don't use aggro/threat.
13. Devastate - I've left if for last because my whole guide revolves of using the Devastator talent, which eliminates this ability, and makes it a passive ability that will automatically hit each time you hit with a melee swing.

Now, take your time to carefully read again all these abilities and understand what each of them does, as it is essential in going further into the guide with Traits, Talents and Stats combinations.

Good, now let's get into the Protection Warrior Stats Priority.

3. Stats Priority

After playing for a while a Protection Warrior, and weighing different stats and items, I have found that there is an amalgam of 3 stats that are about equally beneficial to a Protection Warrior. If you have these 3 stats at equal level, your Warrior will be performing very well, but of course there is a very small difference in these stats that will benefit you just a teeny, tiny more, but at the end of the day, you need all 3 of them.

1. Haste - Some of you might be wondering why would Haste be the first stat in importance, since it gives you no direct survivability increase. The reason it is the best stat is because it decreases the cooldown of some your abilities, so you can use them faster. For example: Shield Block, Thunder Clap, Revenge, Shield Slam and you will also have a faster melee attack speed, which is very important, especially when paired with the Devastator talent, which will make your melee attacks generate 5 rage each time you hit (will expand more on the Devastator and Haste synergy in the discussion about Talents). Haste will make it so that you will basically have a 100% uptime of Shield Block, therefore mitigating a lot of the physical damage. This stat will increase both your damage and tanking capabilities, by lowering your cooldown on your rage generating abilities, which will allow you to boost your defenses and your attack at the same time.
2. Critical Strike - Right behind Haste, Critical Strike increases your parry chance, thus increasing your survivability, by avoiding attacks, and it also increases your damage output, by being able to critical hit with abilities more.
Note that Critical Strike is especially more beneficial to you in Mythic Dungeons, where you can benefit more from critical hits, because there are more targets. Critical Strike, as I've said gives you an increased parry chance. An increased Parry chance gives you an additional chance of making your next Revenge cost no rage, therefore making you deal more damage, and a cost-reduced Ignore Pain after you use Revenge, because of the Vengeance talent, which will, in turn, make you more survivable, so it's a philosophy of being hard to kill by doing high amounts of damage.
3. Mastery - Increases your block chance and your critical block chance. It also passively increases your attack power by a percent. The flat damage increase from the attack power is very nice to have, while at the same time increasing your survivabilty with an increased chance to block attacks. The reason why mastery is behind Mastery slightly is because Haste will make you have a 100% uptime (or around that high percentage) on Shield Block, making the increased block chance part of your Mastery irrelevant, but still being good for the increased attack power and the Critical Block chance.
4. Versatility - Not a terrible stat, but behind these 3. If you are gearing up, definitely go for a flat percent increase in damage done and decrease in damage taken.
5. Strength - Your last stat. Don't worry about it too much, as the only item that can have additional strength on it is a trinket, and as a Protection Warrior we won't want trinkets with strength, but rather with Haste/Mastery/Critical Strike.
Note* This Stats Priority is valid only if you feel comfortable enough with this tanking strategy. If you want a more laid back tanking experience, that will go all in for survivability and disregarding damage, you will want to go for Haste first, Mastery second, Versatility 3rd, Critical Strike and Strength being your last choices, and the talent you want to go with in that case is Indomitable. All other talents are situational and can be changed accordingly. Indomitable is the only one that will ensure a more passive and steady tanking experience.

4. Talents

Level 15:
1. Shockwave - your only choice basically at level 15. A nice AoE stun that will help you gain a little bit of extra time on getting all your damage mitigation abilities up, while also giving you the opportunity to position yourself better. Very good especially in Mythic Dungeons. By having this ability you can help your party members increase their damage or survivability by letting them choose a different talent, rather than an AoE stun, which will be have a diminished effect if used in close interval one from another.
2. Storm Bolt - useless in PvE.
3. Warbringer - not worth it, Shockwave is better.
Note* For single target fights the level 15 talents will not benefit you that much, as they do not offer anything useful in particular.

Level 30:
1. Impending Victory - Good for doing content alone, such as Draenor raids. Also good if your healer(s) are low and you think you need the extra heal once every 30 seconds.
2. Inspiring Presence - The best pick out of the level 30 talents. It basically gives your whole group a 3% leech, being healed by 3% of the damage they deal and helping the healers a little bit, in this regard. 3% leech means that every 1 million damage that you deal, you will be healed for 30,000, and considering that your group's AoE damage will probably be somewhere around that value, 30,000 heal a second is a decent heal to have. In the case of a single target fight, where people will be doing around 500k DPS, they will still be healed for 15,000 every second, which adds up, little by little and it makes it a useful talent to have.
3. Safeguard - Not very useful, unless there is a scenario in which you know there will be a huge amount of damage that the group will taken in the next seconds, and you want to save a particular individual.

Level 45:
1. Renewed Fury - You will be using Ignore Pain at all times, so you will have a 10% damage increase at all times. This is basically your best choice in all situations.
2. Best Served Cold - This is an AoE talent, it can increase your damage dealt by Revenge to a maximum of 25%. And this is only in the case that you are fighting 5 or more enemies. Not that good in single target fights. Between having a 25% damage increase to a single ability and having a 10% damage increase to all my abilities (Thunder Clap included, which will be at the top of the damage dealt in AoE fights) I choose the overall 10% damage increase.
3. Avatar - 20% damage increase for 20 seconds, with a 90 seconds cooldown. It's good only in the scenario in which you desperately want more burst damage for a small window. Not worth it at the end of the day, since Renewed Fury gives you 10% damage increase at all times.

Level 60:
1. Warlord's Challenge - Very good talent for doing Mythic+ Dungeon where the affix is Skittish and you can lose aggro easily.
2. Bounding Stride - Good for mobility and running ahead of the group and pulling large amounts of NPCs. Good especially in raids, where the other 2 talents are not that useful.
3. Crackling Thunder - Good for easily getting aggro of NPCs, because of the increased range. Sometimes you just don't have what ability to use to get aggro on a mob with a high damage dealing ability, and it's frustrating. The extra range on this will ensure that the enemies will be attacking you, since they will always get hit by it. Best choice in Mythic+ Dungeons.

Level 75:
1. Never Surrender - Worst talent out of these 3. It gives you more absorb to your Ignore Pain. The lower you are in health, the more it will absorb. This basically implies that you will have to be at a lower health value, to benefit more from it, which you do not want to be, as a tank.
2. Indomitable - A passive increase to your maximum health and your maximum Ignore Pain absorb by 25%. Note that this does not mean that your Ignore Pain will be 25% more effective. It just means that it is possible to absorb more with it, if you have the required rage. You will still have to spend more rage than usual to fill up that extra 25% more absorb on Ignore Pain. I suggest using this talent if you are just getting the hang of tanking and don't want to risk it. You won't have to work for the extra survivability, as it's just a passive increase.
3. Devastator - The talent on which everything revolves in doing large amounts of damage. The way this talent works is that it eliminates your Devastate ability, and makes it so your melee hits will automatically hit with Devastate, making it a passive ability. It also gives you 5 rage each time you hit with a melee hit. Rage generation is the most important thing for a Protection Warrior. If you generate rage, you can use more defensive abilities. If you use defensive abilities, they increase your damage dealt. It's a "one hand washes the other one" type of deal. Not to mention that each time you hit with a melee swing, you will have a 30% chance to reset the remaining cooldown of your Shield Slam. This will eliminate Devastate from the rotation and from the time that you would have to waste in a global cooldown on it, and it will give you all its' bonuses for free. More Shields Slams means more rage. More rage generated means faster and more usages of Ignore Pain. You will have to master using this talent in order for it to work. You will have to work for constantly building up your absorb, while dealing high amounts of damage. If you won't be able to do so, you will fail miserably, and this talent will be useless.

Level 90:
1. Booming Voice - Not that good, as it just increases your damage dealt by 25% when you use Demoralizing Shout. The first problem with it is that Demoralizing Shout is a defensive cooldown, and there are quite a lot of scenario where you do not want to use a defensive cooldowns just to get a 25% damage boost, and you want to use them separately. The second problem is that its' cooldown is too long for it to be worth it.
2. Into The Fray - Good for AoE fights. But not as good as the last talent, which will be your go-to talent in this tier.
3. Vengeance - The best choice. The perfect balance between damage dealt and survivability. This talent will be active all the times, and you will benefit from it a lot. Your Revenge will cost 19 rage, down from 30, and your Ignore Pain will cost 13-39 Rage. You will always want to use Revenge and Ignore Pain in sequence, one after the other one, using this talent. This talent combined with the Devastator talent will make you rage machine, generating lots of rage that you can both use for offensive and defensive abilities, at a low cost. A very fun combination that requires you pay attention at all times to what abilities, but significantly increases your capabilities as a tank, whereas going for a more passive build will not be so rewarding and fun.

Level 100:
1. Ravager - Only useful in scenarios in which you need the extra defensive ability once every while, for example when you pull a large amount of mobs in a Mythic+. Only usable as a defensive ability for the 35% increased parry chance, as the damage it deals is very, very low, even in AoE situations, where you pull 10 or more NPCs. If you feel that you need this extra defensive cooldown, go for it, however it will not benefit in a situation where you want to be actively mitigating damage and do damage.
2. Heavy Repercussions - The way to go for single target fights, especially in raids. You will have Shield Block up all the times and it will increase the damage of your Shield Slam by an additional 30%.
3. Anger Management - Best option for Mythic+ dungeons. We have talked about how previous talents have this dichotomy of offensive and defensive at the same time. This is the cherry on top where it comes to this. Spending rage lowers the remaining cooldown on Battle Cry, Demoralizing Shout, Last Stand, Shield Wall by 1 second for every 10 rage spent. This is incredibly strong on Mythic+ dungeons where you can gain and spend even more rage, thus maximizing the effect of this talent. How will you gain more rage in an AoE environment, more than a single target environment? Simple, in an AoE situation, your Revenge will proc more often, thus giving you free Revenge uses. The Revenge that you use counts as a full rage spent on it, of 30 rage, even if you have the Vengeance talent, which reduces theRevenge's cost. The rage spent will be considered at its' full value and the same for Ignore Pain. Therefore, if you manage to get a few procs of free Revenge, followed up by Ignore Pain's, you will find yourself getting to use Battle Cry twice for the same mob pack, not to mention that your defensive abilities will come off cooldown much, much faster, thus giving you the liberty of using them more often, without having to worry about finding the perfect moment to use them. Another perfect example of offensive/defensive synergy.

5. Rotation

As far as a rotation is concerned, there is none. There are priorities and abilities that proc, and you will want to use them as soon as they do, but other than that, it's just a matter of prioritizing which ability you use. Therefore, here is an explanation of when you should use each of these abilities, and what they are:
1. Shield Slam - use it always on cooldown, no matter the situation. Do not use it if you are at more rage cap, or about to hit the rage cap.
2. Shield Block - should be always active, no matter what. The only reason you would not prioritize it is because you are fighting a target that deals more magical damage that physical damage, and you desperately need more rage for Ignore Pain, which absorbs all kinds of damage, not just physical.
3. Ignore Pain - should always be used following a Revenge, because of the Vengeance talent. No matter how much rage you have, you will always use it after a Revenge. If you see that Shield Slam has come off cooldown, because of the 30% chance of reset that your spells have, use Ignore Pain first, and Shield Slam after. That way, you will have more room to decide what you want to next. You will have enough rage for both a Revenge (which should be used in most cases) or Ignore Pain (if you are falling low in health). If you just use Shield Slam and then Ignore Pain, Ignore Pain will consume all the rage that you have, and you will have no rage to work with.
4. Revenge - use it always after following an Ignore Pain, again, because of the Vengeance talent. Consume the free Revenge as soon as it comes. If the free Revenge procs, it is above in priority, even to Shield Slam, especially in AoE fights.
5. Thunder Clap - Whenever Shield Slam is on cooldown, and you have no rage-free Revenge, you will use this ability on cooldown, no matter if it's an AoE or a single target fight, because it generates 5 rage and it applies a DoT (Deep Wounds) on the targets. In an AoE environment, this changes a bit, and you will want to use it as soon as it comes off cooldown.
6. Spell Reflection - it has a short cooldown. Don't be afraid to use it whenever you know you are going to take a large amount of magic damage.
7. Demoralizing Shout - Your medium defensive ability. Use it whenever the situation asks for it. Don't wait for the situation to get sticky for you to use it. Do not use it all together with your other defensive cooldowns, such as Shield Wall or Last Stand, unless the situation absolutely requires it. You want to use these defensive cooldowns one by one, not all at once.
8. Shield Wall - Be mindful of using this. It has a pretty long cooldown of 4 minutes, so you do not want to use it when it's not required. In a Raid you will use it once per fight, so be careful. In a Mythc+ you can use it more often, especially with the Anger Management talent.
9. Last Stand - The same as with Shield Wall.
Note * Where defensive cooldowns are concerned (Demoralizing Shout, Shield Wall, Last Stand), try to not use them all at the same time (unless the situation absolutely requires it), but one after another, so you will always have some sort of damage mitigation effect on you, which of course, will be combined with Spell Reflection, Shield Block and Ignore Pain.
10. Battle Cry - should be used whenever it comes off cooldown, in an AoE environment. In a single target environment, it should be used if you can use Shield Slam right after activating it, for a little bit of extra damage on it.
11. Neltharion's Fury - Best used when there are a lot of NPCs in front of you, and you have activated Battle Cry. You will do high amounts of AoE damage with this ability, because of the Scales of the Earth trait which will hit all the mobs for at least 2-3 times. Don't forget that you can also use defensive abilities while you are channeling this.
12. If you are not playing at the Devastator talent, then you will also want to include Devastate into your rotation. Use Devastate whenever Shield Slam, Thunder Clap or rage-free Revenge are not available.

6. Enchants, gems, relics, consumables

1. Flask of the Countless Armies For more DPS
2. Flask of Ten Thousand Scars For more survivability.

1. Potion of Prolonged Power is the way to go overall.
2. Unbeding Potion for an additional defensive cooldown, if you feel like you need it.

1. Quick Dawnlight +150 haste.

1. Cloak - Binding of Strength +200 strength.
2. Neck - Mark of the Claw or Mark of the Heavy Hide for an additional defensive proc.
3. Rings - Binding of Haste on both of your rings +150 haste.

The relics that increase your survivability are marginal. They either offer a 1% stamina increase, 2% armor increase, 2% more absorb from Ignore Pain, which will not make that huge of a difference. The other ones are not useful as far as tanking and doing damage are concerned. You will want to equip relics that offer a 10% bonus to your Thunder Clap, if not, you can go with the 6% increased damage to Revenge. These 2 are the best Relics that you want.
Examples of relics:
1. Tumultous Aftershock
2. Ravencrest's Wrath
3. Drop of True Blood

7. Best in slot gear

These are just some examples of best in slot gear, not necessarily the absolute best, since the way the itemization system works in Legion.
For Mythic+ Dungeons:
Head: Warhelm of the Obsidian Aspect
Neck: Radiant String of Scorpid Eyes
Shoulder: Shoulderplates of the Obsidian Aspect
Back: Greatcloak of the Obsidian Aspect
Chest: Breastplate of the Remembered King
Wrist: Eternally Recurring Bracers
Hands: Kakushan's Stormscale Gauntlets
Waist: Thundergod's Vigor
Legs: Legplates of the Obsidian Aspect
Feet: Leystone-Toe Kickers
Ring 1: Ring of Ascended Glory
Ring 2: Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet
Trinket 1: Infernal Contract
Trinket 2: Royal Dagger Haft

For raids:
There are several useful legendary items such as: Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus, The Walls Fell, Thundergod's Vigor or even Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles. They all provide a little bit of extra survivability either directly, or by lowering the cooldown on your defensive abilities.

To see the correct item level that you wish for this items, select the appropirate version of them from wowhead.

8. Artifact Traits

1. Strength of the Earth Aspects
2. Rage of the Fallen
3. Vrykul Shield Training
4. Thougness
5. Rumbling Voice
6. Might of the Vrykul
7. Wall of Steel
8. Leaping Giants
9. Scales of Earth
10. Intolerance
11. Thunder Crash
12. Reflective Plating
13. Dragon Scales
14. Dragon Skin
15. Shatter the Bones
16. Will to Survive
17. From 35 to 54 Unbreakable Bulwark

There is not much more I can say, apart from I've already said. You have all the required information in order to be a mighty tank.
Have fun playing a Protection Warrior!

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Great job !

Demonolgy Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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Hello, nice impressive work there, but its kinda outdated if not even totaly wrong, strenght should be main stat on "protection warrior"/ i've read some forums and blizz content lately, you guys might wanna review the guides not only this.
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