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Warlock Demonology 5.4 PVE

• Welcome To Demonology!
• Quick Gearing
• Stats
• Picking a Haste Breakpoint
• Enchants and Gems
• Racial Bonuses
• Trinkets
• Set bonuses
3.Talents and Glyphs
• Level 75 Talents
• Level 90 Talents
• Imp Swarm
• Other Glyphs
• Single Target & Cleave
• AoE Rotation
• Fury Generation
• Fury Consuming
• Mechanics
• Macros
• Tips and Tricks on boss fights
• Videos

Welcome to Demonology!
This guide will try to collect everything related to PvE Demonology play, and present it in a quick but accurate layout. Everything in here is correct as far as I am aware, if you notice anything in here that is incorrect please bring it up so I can keep it updated .
Demonology is a spec that can give unparalleled control over damage and mobility, properlly used this spec can produce some of the top damage in a variety of scenarios. Your Primary pets, Wild Imps, Doomguard, Molten Core, Demonic Fury, and Dark Soul give you insane amounts of control on when and how you are doing damage.
If you are a person that generally enjoys have many powerful cooldowns and can plan out your fight ahead of time then I highly suggest that you give Demonology a try. Be aware though, that Demonic Fury is a relatively slow building resource, if you are the kind of player that plays mainly in the moment then I would suggest Affliction or Destro.

Q: Is demo viable?
A: Yes it is.
Q: Can it compete against Affli/Destro?
A: There are some fights where Affli is better e.g: Council of Elders but there are also fights where Demonology shines like Lei Shen, Horridon, Tortos etc. So yes it can compete against those specs.
Q: Why do i pull such little dps?
A: Demonology requires good gear in order to do damage, especially trinkets, these are the main things you need to focus right now.
Q: Why should I play Demonology when Affliction does better dps?
A: The answer is simple, Demonology is the most fun spec to play in my opinion, having great burst, sustain AoE is great and Metamorphosis every 10 seconds is really cool, who doesn't like being a demon every 10 secs?Hurr Durr.


Quick and simple stat guide:

• Intellect
• Hit / Expertise
• Haste to a Shadowflame or Doom Breakpoint:

    • 3036 (Doom)
    • 8064 (Shadowflame)
    • 14873 (Shadowflame)
    • 21596 (Shadowflame)

• Mastery
• Crit


This is our primary stat, everything we do scales with it.

Hit / Expertise
While some warlock specs (Affliction) can get away with not being hit capped, Demonology cannot. You need 15% or 5100 rating. With the release of MoP 1 point of Expertise is equal to 1 point of Hit.

Increases your crit chance by 1% every 600 rating. Soulfire now crits 100% of the time, and gains a damage increase based on your crit percentage, which makes this slightly less RNG then it used to be. Also, whenever Doom critically hits you spawn 1 Wild Imp that does good damage and will generate 50 fury over its duration.

Increases basically all of our pets damage and increases the damage of metamorphosis by a solid amount. Also increases the damage while we are in caster form by a small amount. Unlike cataclysm, in Mists of Pandaria none of our abilities snapshot mastery.
1% Pet damage: ~600 Rating
1% Caster form damage: ~600 Rating
1% Metamorphosis damage: ~200 Rating

Haste rating increases the speed we cast, the rate our DoTs tick, how fast our Primary pets gain energy, and also decrease the cooldown of Imp Swarm and Demonic Calling. Touch of chaos is at a 1s GCD and is not effected by haste. You will need 425 rating for 1% haste.

Haste will generally drop in value after hitting a break-point that includes both Doom and Shadowflame. Which break-point is best is going to depend on your ilvl and how much haste is naturally on your gear. I recommend you hit the highest haste break-point that you can without sacrificing socket bonuses.

Picking a Haste Breakpoint

Quick Note:
I personally recommend going to the highest haste point that you can without sacrificing socket bonuses, without losing too much mastery. As i said before haste isn't worth only till Doom/Shadowflame breakpoints, losing a 10% dmg increase on Metamorphosis is not worth for a single tick of one of those 2 spells.

Picking a Haste Breakpoint is actually very simple, but since there are so many different Haste cooldowns available what you should be shooting for can vary a lot from person to person.
First off Unchecked Corruption, you should basically just never worry about corruption breakpoints.

Under Temporary Buffs check off every single buff that you have available to you. First pick the Shadow flame break point that looks to be closest attainable with your gear level. For most people this will be either 8064 or 14873. Once you've done that see if there is a Doom Break Point near that, this will be your opener Doom.

Gems and Enchants


• Shoulders: Greater Crane Wing Inscription
• Cloak: Enchant Cloak: Superior Intellect

• Chest: Enchant Chest: Glorius Stats

• Bracers: Enchant Bracer: Superior Intellect

• Gloves: Enchant Gloves: Superior Mastery

• Belt: Living Steel Belt Buckle

• Legs: Greater Cerulean Spellthread

• Boots: Pandaren’s Steps

• Weapon: Enchant Weapon: Jade Spirit

• Off-Hand: Enchant Off-Hand: Major Intellect


Meta Gem: Burning Primal Diamond - Sinister Primal Diamond

Blue Socket: Sensei’s Wild Jade - Lightning Wild Jade

Red Socket: Artful Vermilion Onyx - Reckless Vermilion Onyx

Yellow Socket: Fractured Sun’s Radiance - Quick Suns Radiance



Orc: Blood Fury Nice spellpower Boost, also 2% dmg increase on our pets.Secondary best race after Troll.

Undead: Touch of the Grave Passive ability that does damage and heals us.

Troll : Berserking care ne creste haste-ul 20% haste.Best race in my opinion.

Goblin: 1% haste.

Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent Small regen of mana and the ability to silence.


Human : Useless.

Dwarf : Stoneform reduces damage taken by 10% when used.

Worgen : 1% crit passively.

Gnome: More mana.


Generally for demonology you want trinkets that have a high value proc, over trinkets with a high passive stat. This is because you have so much control over your cooldowns and can place most of your damage in very small windows throughout the fight.

5.4 Trinkets
Left list is single target, right list is 3 targets.

Set Bonuses

I personally recommend aiming towards the 2 piece bonus asap, being able to spam more abilities while Dark Soul is up is a huge dps gain. As for the 4p i find it rather useless, it doesn't affect your wild imps or pets fury gain, only your abilities and if i do the math it goes like this : 1 Shadow Bolt is 25 fury. 10% more fury means 2.5 more fury/Shadow Bolt . So every 10 casts of Shadow Bolt you gain 25 fury. But to be able to use a spell in Metamorphosis you need to cast 16 Shadow Bolts in order to gain 40 fury which is 1 ToC.

Level 75 talents

For Demonology you basically only choose between the Grimoire of Supremacy and Grimoire of Service. In general Grimoire of Service is always slightly ahead of Supremacy, however the difference between the two is pretty small so if you don't want another cooldown to press you can get away with using Supremacy without much issue. Grimoire of Service does have a few perks to it however. On any fight with AoE having an extra Felstorm every two minutes is going to outweigh the 20% increased Felstorm from the Wrathguard. GoServ will also generate 60 fury over its duration, which is a huge help on the opener when you are going to be fury starved.With the nerf on wild imps and Lei Shen trinket GoSac isn't worth anymore taking it.

Level 90 talents

Archimonde's Darkness
In 5.4 this talent has been reworked significantly. It no longer is a damage reflect and instead modifies our main cooldown, Dark Soul. The talent now makes our Dark Soul cooldown have two charges. The main strength of the this talent comes from the fact you can now sit on a charge of Dark Soul and not get penalized for not using it until it hits its second charge. You 'can' just use it back to back, however I find that isn't optimal in most situations. This talent is strongest on single target fights, anything more then that and Mannoroth's Fury is most likely a better option.

Kil'Jaeden's Cunning
In 5.4 this KjC no longer provides complete passive cast while moving with a snare. Instead it lets us cast our base fillers (Shadow Bolt for Demonology) while moving with no snare. Fel Flame is nearly the exact same damage, just at a higher mana cost. Demonology already has the most mobility of the 3 specs, so i would rather suggest it not using it, but only if you are a beginner or you have heavy movement fights.

Mannoroth's Fury
Mannoroth's Fury is going to feel like Demonology's bread and butter talent this tier. It no longer provides a passive AoE radius increase, and instead gives us a 1 minute cooldown that increases the damage of Hellfire and Immolation Aura by 100% and also increases their radius by 500%

Anything more then 2 targets sustained and this becomes a very solid damage increase to be using on cooldown. The biggest thing to remember when using this talent is that Immolation Aura is a far stronger ability and you will want to make sure you have the proper amounts of fury saved up for its use.


Imp Swarm

Glyph Mechanics:
For the most part the new Major Glyphs are not going to effect your damage at all, with the exception of Imp Swarm.
Without the Glyph of Imp Swarm you will passively gain the Demonic Calling buff every 20s, which will spawn one Imp. This will grant you 6 Imps \ 2 minutes.

With the glyph you will passively gain the Demonic Calling buff every 24s. This means you get 5 Imps \ 2 minutes. You also have the option to use Imp Swarm which instantly spawn 4 Imps, but then make it so you cannot gain the Demonic Calling buff for 2 minutes. This means by using the glyph you are instantly losing 1 imp \ 2 minutes by glyphing it. Actually using the Imp Swarm ability lowers this by another 1. However due to the fact that the cooldown of Imp Swarm is snap-shotted the instant you cast it, you can 'game' the ability to some degree using it during haste procs.

If you are a troll, and have meta gem it will almost always be a DPS increase for you to use Imp Swarm. Use it during every Meta Gem+Dark Soul, and make sure when you have Berserking you using Imp Swarm after using Berserking. Keep in mind this is a very Minor Gain and if you are not comfortable with the Imp Swarm glyph it will not have a noticeable impact on your overall DPS unless the fight is very short.

Non Trolls:
In most cases using the Glyph of Imp Swarm will be a small DPS loss (1-2%). However if the fight is under 3-4 minutes it can still be in increase due to how much stronger it makes the opener. It will also be a BURST DPS increase if you need it for something specific in a fight.

Other Glyphs

Glyph Of Shadow Bolt
This glyph is NOT a DPS increase. It is also NOT a DPS loss. It is simply a cosmetic glyph.

Glyph of Demonic Training
This glyph doesn't suddenly make your Imp do a bunch of DPS, that is just your recount being shit. Still a very nice boost to your Sac Pact cooldown if you decide to use that talent.

Glyph of Unending Resolve
This glyph can me a fairly large DPS increase on fights were bosses interrupt your cast, being able to have interrupt protection during every Dark Soul is huge.

Glyph of Life Tap
This glyph will allow you to Tap indefinitely on Malkorok and Heroic Tortos. Not really needed outside those fights.

Single Target and Cleave

In general your single target rotation will follow this priority:

Single target DPS as Demonology is very dependent on good cooldown management, try to stack as many cooldowns together as possible without delaying the use to the point where you might lose uptime on a fight.

So, there is a few different things that might change up your opener rotation based on if you are using Imp Swarm, GoServ, Mannoroth's Fury of what fight you are doing. However this is the basic Opening rotation that I follow:

Prepot -> Shadow Bolt -> Hand of Gul'dan -> Summon Doomguard(if used on pull otherwise use it at 20%) -> Corruption -> GoServ(if talented) -> Berserking / Dark Soul / On Use Cooldowns -> Imp Swarm(if glyphed) -> Hand of Gul'dan -> Metamorphosis -> Doom

Or if just want to spam one button
/castsequence reset=target shadow bolt, Summon Doomguard(Guardian), Hand of Gul'dan, Corruption, Grimoire: Felguard , Gloves of the Thousandfold Hells, Dark Soul: Knowledge, Berserking, Imp Swarm , Hand of Gul'dan, Metamorphosis, Doom

I have marked with red the things that may or may not need to be changed depends on your talents/items.

If you aren't using Imp Swarm or GoServ you may have room after the corruption to add Shadow Bolts, but this will depend on your haste levels.

You want to plan to use your Demonic Fury when you have other damage increases like Dark Soul or trinket procs. When you enter into Metamorphosis after using Shadowflame you don't want to stay there for more then 1-2 casts unless you have procs to be spending the fury on. Always keep an eye on your ICD trinkets and Dark Soul Cooldown, there may be times when you get a nice trinket proc, but saving the fury for 30 seconds to be used with stronger cooldowns is worth it.

Hand of Guldan - Shadowflame Weaving
The 'correct' way to use Hand of Gul'dan is to wait until there is less then 6s until you get 2 charges of HoG. You then want to use one charge, cast a few spells, and then clip shadowflame right before it runs out so you have ~5s of a one stack shadowflame, then 6s of a 2 stack
shadowflame. As soon as you cast your second Hand of Gul'dan immediately jump into Metamorphosis to increase the damage of the 2 stack Shadowflame. Doing this correctly will make Hand of Gul'dan out-preform Chaos Wave virtually always, and makes Chaos Wave pretty useless in PvE.

Soul Fire - Molten Core
Using MC stacks correctly is a big part of making sure you are optimizing your damage as much as possible. You should be treating your Molten Core stacks like an additional resource that you use with other procs such as Trinkets, Engineer Gloves, Potions, ect. You should only be casting Soul Fire outside of Meta when you have high stacks (>8) or if you are under 30%. The goal is to make sure you have no MC stacks when you hit 25% so that none were wasted.

Choosing your pet
Currently you should be choosing to use Fel Guard in nearly every situation. However if you find your losing some damage due to your pet taking awhile to switch targets you can use Imp or Succubus instead. If you are really needing some extra burst Imp with Glyph of Demon Training will allow your pet to burst a little higher, however it is an overall damage loss. On fights such as Horridon or Iron Qon using Imp for dispels may also help your raid out.

Doomguard or Infernal
Most fights you should be using Doomguard.

Doomguard does not gain any casts from haste so when you use Bloodlust won't have an effect on when you want to use Doomguard. There are two ways you can use it, and either might be better. The first option is to use it right on the pull, you are guaranteed to have all of you trinkets and cooldowns effecting it on the pull so you will have the most consistent Doomguard with this option. The other option you have is using it sub 20%, I would only recommend this if the sub 20% phase is going to last at least a full minute and you'll use Dark Soul at some point during that period. It is a lot harder to time this well and will give you more inconsistent results, however if you time it right it may give more damage then just using it on the pull.

The majority of the damage that you will get from Infernal is from Infernal Awakening. In general you won't actually get much damage from the Infernal itself, maybe 200-300k. The damage of Infernal Awakening is buffed by Metamorphosis so you want to make sure you are in Meta when you cast it. If you have DS up you need to hit ~7-8 targets to equal the damage of Doomguard, if DS isn't up you will want ~15 targets.

Aoe Rotation

Demonology AoE is very encounter specific and has a lot of different situational options. When encountering an AoE situation you need to figure out how long the targets will be up for, how often the adds might spawn and if you will run out of fury during the AoE.

Your AoE rotation will follow this priority:

1. Dark Soul: Knowledge
2. Grimoire: Felguard if talented
3. Glyph of Imp Swarm if Glyphed
4. Felguard: Felstorm on CD

1. Metamorphosis: Immolation Aura
2. Keep Metamorphosis: Doom Ticking on all targets. Under 8 Targets it needs to tick once, over 8 it should tick at least twice.
3. Chaos Wave If the targets will be alive under 10 seconds and you will not run out of fury for AoE
4. Carrion Swarm if you are in Meta, and corruptions are at max duration (Recommend using the glyph)
5. Use Metamorphosis: Void Ray is your filler AoE spell. Use it at 4+ targets. As of 5.4 it no longer refreshes corruption so you won't have free AoE corruption refreshes anymore.

Caster Form
1. Hand of Gul'dan - Double Stack like on single target if the targets will live long enough
2. Hellfire

Fury Regenaration

• Soul Fire: +30 Fury
• Shadow Bolt: +25 Fury
• Corruption: +12 Fury per tick
• Drain Life: +10 Fury per second
• Hand of Gul'dan: +25 Fury per target and +2 every time Shadowflame deals damage
• Fel Flame: +15 Fury
• Hellfire: +3 Fury per target
• Wild Imps: +5 Fury per Firebolt
• Legion Strike: +12 Fury

Fury Consuming

• Being in Metamorphosis: -6 Fury/sec
• Touch of Chaos: -40 Fury/cast
• Doom: -60 Fury/cast
• Immolation Aura: -25 Fury/second
• Cursed Auras: -50 Fury/activation
• Drain Life: -30 Fury/cast and -30 Fury/tick
• Soul Fire: -160 Fury/cast
• Soul Fire + Molten Core: -80 Fury/cast
• Chaos Wave: -120 Fury/cast
• Carrion Swarm: -50 Fury/cast
• Sleep: -60 Fury/cast
• Demonic Leap: -50 Fury/cast
• Void Ray: -40 Fury/cast\

Personal Note:
I find it huge to know how much demonic fury spells cost in order to avoid the scenario where you can't apply Doom twice to benefit from Pandemic because you casted 1 Touch of Chaos that left you with low fury.


Dot Damage
Damage from DoTs DO NOT automatically benefit from procs, you have to refresh them manually or update them with Touch of Chaos. This does mean that if your DoTs are already gaining damage from a previous proc, and you refresh via any method that your DoTs will lose the damage from that proc. I suggest using using the addon 'Affdots' for tracking DoT strength. Shadowflame is included in these mechanics.

Corruption does not get any benefit from metamorphosis, however it does get a benefit from the caster form mastery. There is a slight delay upon leaving Metamorphosis where you don't have the caster mastery increase, so you do not want to cast corruption or hand of guldan directly after leaving meta.

Depending on the strength of you procs when you are casting Doom, you may want to consider double casting it to have a higher uptime of Doom + procs.

Refreshing DoTs
At level 90 you gain the Pandemic passive. This allows you to refresh a DoT under 50% of its normal duration without losing DPS. For example: Corruption has a base duration of 18 seconds, this means you can refresh at under 9s and it will go to a maximum of 27s. I strongly recommend using the addon 'Affdots' for tracking DoT strength.


    • Wild Imps + Berserking
    #showtooltip Imp Swarm(Glyph)
    /cast Berserking(Racial)
    /cast Imp Swarm(Glyph)

    • Burst Macro
    #showtooltip Dark Soul
    /cast Dark Soul: knowledge
    /cast Berserking(Racial)
    /use 10

    • Mannoroth's Fury + Hellfire
    #showtooltip Mannoroth's Fury
    /cast Mannoroth's Fury
    /cast Hellfire

    • Opener Macro - this macro won't work if you have something on cooldown

    /castsequence reset=target shadow bolt, Summon Doomguard(Guardian), Hand of Gul'dan, Corruption, Grimoire: Felguard , Gloves of the Thousandfold Hells, Dark Soul: Knowledge, Berserking, Imp Swarm , Hand of Gul'dan, Metamorphosis, Doom

Tips and Tricks on boss fights


    This boss has an ability which is called Fluidity (wowhead link) which increases the damage on you by quite a lot.It affects our pets too also, but it does affect your pet only when it sits on the pool, try to move your pet in the pool once it spawns without stopping his melee attacks once he is there.Also it is worth to keep 2 charges of Hand of Gul'dan and try to stack as much demonic fury as you can to stay in meta form longer when you are in the pool. I recommand Supremacy+Archimonde, because guardians don't get damage increase, making Service rather useless.


    Everytime you close a door the boss gets damage increase, but before that you have to deal with adds.It's not worth to put on mobs Doom as they won't live long and maybe you get 1 tick.Hand of Gul'dan should be used on adds only when they are stacked up, with the 2nd charge 'snapshotting' Metamorphosis. Also it's worth to play at Mannoroth's Fury because most of the time Immolatian Aura will be up for the adds. Both Service and Supremacy are good, but if you want more dps it's better to keep Supremacy because after 1 st gate you will be keeping your pet on boss. If you play at Service it's worth using only when there are many adds for its Felstorm.Also don't forget to keep at least your Doom on the boss for more imps and a nice dps boost.Tl;dr Supremacy=dps; Service=add control

Council of Elders
This fight is just amazing! Having 3 targets stacked at all times and another one free to multidot is really really awesome. Pick Mannoroth's Fury and if manage properly your fury you can keep immolatian aura for some time, yes it drain a lot of fury but if you can multidot properly all the bosses and with 3 of them stacked your shadowflame will regenerate you a lot of fury at a very fast pace. Pick Grimoire of Service for 2 felstorms.

To be updated


Feel free to whisper me ingame if you have any trouble with the spec, also give a thumbs up if you liked it.

Demonolgy Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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Nice guide. Congrats! +rep.

Destruction Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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congrats:D nice guide
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Thanks -

Updated the guide

Fury consumer and set bonuses+macros

Demonolgy Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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Hm .. Seyrox da din casa.Ceva nu e bine -).Frumos organizat guide-ul GJ:D


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Great job.

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Demonolgy Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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Updated section Videos(incoming more) and council of elders

Demonolgy Warlock Guide 5.4.8

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