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Hello to everyone curious enough to click on this Topic and read what very little I can share of my experience with retail WoW. I appreciate each and everyone of you for taking time out of your day to read some ramblings from this lowly MMORPG player. May I, in this endeavor, string a story together that, hopefully after finishing this read, explains some of my limited experience with this game.

The Beginning -
My journey with WoW begins sometime in 2005, I was 15 years of age when I first logged on and was promptly met with an overwhelming amount of information to process and digest that, I must say, probably led me down a path of mediocrity that would last until the end of WoTLK. I played WoW through all 3 iterations of the game at this point, but I never really dived into the mechanics of the game nor did I really care to at the time. High School was a priority for me back in those days because i fancied myself as an athlete and truthfully, I had a lot of success in that department. Soccer and Track & Field were my highlighted sports, I excelled at both of these. However during Winter season I picked up Diving just to work on my core and stay in shape waiting for spring to roll around to participate in Track. I was absolute garbage at diving and funnily enough I have very fond memories from participating in the sport I cared very little for, at least competitively speaking. Something changed for me personally however with the release of Cataclysm, I had successfully graduated from High School and suddenly, I had an abundance of time that needed to be utilized otherwise extreme boredom would wash over me and I'd turn into a walking meat Popsicle useless to everyone I knew, lol. Cataclysm, as i was saying earlier, was really the moment for me that WoW really 'clicked.' I could understand the game and the mechanics involved and felt so comfortable in my ability to successfully run dungeons ad nausea with a 4 man pre-made group of real life friends and bro lads I grew up with round my small town. We were, not exaggerating, one of the best groups to run with if you were having troubles with the new dungeon specific achievements, that would eventually reward you with a pretty cool looking dragon mount if i remember correctly. I had the mount, but at the time I was a Druid, and lets be real folks, Druid shape shifted mounts were baller to use in the open-world, specially considering you can still gather all materials for all professions as an Owl, absolutely seamless and probably a little broken, lol *How's an Owl gonna successfully mine any ore from a node without being able to utilize a pickaxe* Thankfully, WoW is a game and not based on reality or real life rules and that's a plus, lets be real, haha.

My Raiding Accomplishments -
I only ever participated in a few raids, for better or worse, that being Blackwing Descent, Bastion of Twilight, Baradin Hold, Firelands and its daily content to completion, as well as Dragon Soul although I never finished this raid in its entirety. I was bored with raiding at this point, and I had become the #1 Best geared Guardian Druid on the server, #17 Best geared toon in general across both factions, needless to say I felt STRONK!!!!! Especially since I had obtained the Heroic Firelands staff that transformed the Cat Form into Fire Cat Form, and it was at this moment I made my slow transition from Tank Raiding WoW player to DPS PvPing WoW sluice, lol.

End of an Era -
As Stated earlier I was sick of the raiding content, or at least participating in said content with the 10-Man Group that I had found myself with. They, the 10-Man Raiders, that I had cast my fate with was a small, mostly IRL friends from 2 communities, A group of 5 bro dudes hailing from NYC, and my lot a group of 4 friend bros that grew up together since basically 2nd grade. We were a new an upcoming force to be sure and we managed to work our way up the Realms leaderboard for Realm 1st Clears of the newly launched Firelands content. We managed a number of Realm first Clears on Heroic consisting of the following; Heroic Lord Rhyolith, Heroic Alysrazor, Heroic Majordomo Staghelm and The BIG ONE Realm 1st Heroic Ragnaros. I can't describe adequately how I and the rest of the 9 players had felt and reacted to our momentous achievement because honestly, I was sooo stoked and pumped that for at least 10-15 mins all anyone could say in Ventrillo was 'Wow!, We did it!, I can't believe it!, and all other forms of ridiculously loud needlessly heavy nasal sounds from adrenaline jacked players cooing and all types of celebratory hoots and hollers. It was some good fun, however as stated in the beginning of this success tale, I grew tired and bored of the raiding content and the schedule and all around humbug Raiding encompassed, including all the farming required for materials for buffs, pots, meals, and all sorts of stuff that was all together a Boon for the group in general. I was just sick and tired of doing, for the most part, the same old thing over and over again. When you're comfortable with the raiding content and you find yourself completing the raids that you participate in with a lackadaisical assurance of success, gotta tell ya all, gets boring after the umpteenth time. So I resigned my tank position in the raid group and moved into the vast world of PvP as a cat and i didn't look back.

New Purpose -
WoW PvP had me wrapped around her finger like a well behaved dog ready for its scheduled meal, lol. I was in love with PvP towards the tail end of Cata leading into the beginning of MoP. To prep for MoP i decided that I was gonna switch my main from Druid to Paladin. So I started another character, Human Ret. Pally named Refvin, in anticipation of MoP's release. I was looking forward to the love coming Paladins way in this Expansion and I was gonna dive head first into learning a new Character and all the nuance of PvP. I had rekindled my love of the game through MoP PvP as a holier than thou art Ret Pally and it was my divine purpose to make it a living hell for any target on the receiving end of my Holy adjudication, lol. Needless to say i had finally obtained my Final Form and I had felt truly unstoppable. My highlight during these times was a 1v1 PvP duel against famed Twitch/YT Warrior Bajherra, in which I one 2 of the 3 duels we had against one another and shortly after this achievement we had both agreed to que a random BG and we were given Arathi Basin. The two of us mounted up and agreed to head towards mine 1st as Alliance, usually a suicide mission to be sure during this time. Horde favored capturing Mines 9 out of the 10 times I played AB, in my experience at least. Regardless, we both agreed that this was the path we were taking to achieve victory...or death. Baj and myself ( Arms War/ Ret Pally ) laid waste to 8, yes 8 members of the Horde at Mines by ourselves in a clash I can only describe as ridiculously chaotic and beautiful all at the same time, It was glorious! I played MoP PvP for the entirety of the Expansion and never once dabbled in PvE that expansion, except for some Dungeons and some fun Timed Run Achievements that were newly added in MoP, however I never once participated in any of the Raid content of this Era. And this is my personal story with WoW and its expansions. Its a short lived, but undoubtedly fun and generally successful era of gaming that I found myself in at the time. I've not played retail WoW since the release of MoP and i extend my gratitude to anyone who finds themselves reading this excerpt in its entirety. Looking forward to playing this version of WoW with all of you guys in this community, currently waiting for the Download to finish so I can log in and start my new journey. [/center]

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