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I Made You A Cake Wish someone a happy birthday in the Anniversaries forum Forum where posts need to be made: Anniversaries

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This achievement has been completed 1455 times. Recently earned by:
Sspyddy 1 week ago
bosh 4 months ago
tapata 8 months ago
SeeKs. 9 months ago
sNkys 9 months ago
Char 1 year ago
Supreme21 1 year ago
DoCmrs 1 year ago
Exell 1 year ago
@dey12 1 year ago
inside97 1 year ago
[M]onste[R] 1 year ago
Dura 1 year ago
f0rever-dA-KING 1 year ago
Coltenul 1 year ago
Sloo69 1 year ago
floredox 1 year ago
IsGolanDeMic 1 year ago
WanNnted 1 year ago
QueenOfDarkness 1 year ago
Done. 1 year ago
Maiter 1 year ago
M-am saturat[;x] 1 year ago
Ramses94. 1 year ago
OnlySh0T 1 year ago
-[N!cola$]- 1 year ago
Mihai89Sakalu 1 year ago
rayan68 1 year ago
cALibrAz0r 1 year ago
Tasse 2 years ago
TeRaNo 2 years ago
[FRT]Supreme 2 years ago
NiLeRRi 2 years ago
Party3r 2 years ago
Darkin 2 years ago
01/02 twinzkejno 2 years ago
AMQ 2 years ago
<DMX> 2 years ago
Yeti 2 years ago
DuBsTeP ;o3 2 years ago
chetrue 2 years ago
Uzzywood 2 years ago
Ei8hter 2 years ago
Rewd12 2 years ago
KING_KONG 2 years ago
Dazu' 2 years ago
Carpe the F Diem 2 years ago
KrYPtONN 2 years ago
Entered 2 years ago
IAmDavid 2 years ago

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