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The Telegram Is Outdated This is a secret achievement, the description will be visible once you earned it

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This achievement has been completed 28090 times. Recently earned by:
Kugnar 9 min ago
ZeFury 54 min ago
Sebastian22 3 hours ago
Persian_Emperor 4 hours ago
rank1zed 5 hours ago
MaloyKaratel 5 hours ago
ritobuttolini 6 hours ago
Nimdax669 8 hours ago
turtlekhnight24 14 hours ago
Themakksok 1 day ago
rayen1 1 day ago
anasinfad 1 day ago
imortiel 1 day ago
histerical 1 day ago
Souplax 2 days ago
Hooltay 2 days ago
markoalbania07 3 days ago
mderen 3 days ago
surveyor 3 days ago
adellcomely 3 days ago
Dogoparma 3 days ago
Ultradeath 3 days ago
Raitovankun 3 days ago
berkatk 3 days ago
Pulsoh 4 days ago
Distortion 4 days ago
Deathruler 4 days ago
mixao007 4 days ago
Toymachiner 4 days ago
Balvarez866 4 days ago
anasthabet1 5 days ago
kaonashi 5 days ago
avatarsimm 5 days ago
cajamelo 5 days ago
Onki 5 days ago
Zackiff 5 days ago
Wero123 5 days ago
srdjanftw 5 days ago
Nicotina40 6 days ago
LorenSmith 6 days ago
cosminx500 6 days ago
carrotjuice 6 days ago
Justkivik2 6 days ago
paulorpg 6 days ago
lirox 1 week ago
nenodox 1 week ago
carlos666x 1 week ago
greed051999 1 week ago
BlvckGoo 1 week ago
starguardianyeliz 1 week ago

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