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1. Introduction

2. Talents and Races

3. Artifact Traits and Relics

4. Stats

5. Gems, Enchants, Legendaries, Trinkets

6. Rotation

7. Tips and Honorable mentions

1. Introduction

On freakz BM hunter has many issues with pets but thats allready fixed and we can enjoy this spec to our full heart content. BM hunter is perfect option for new players or lazy single target persons. DPS on single target is higher than MM with same gear. So if you are raid leader and want to see what happened on raid with strong dps on few clicks or you just need to move a lot in fight this is spec for you.

2. Talents and Races


15 - im playing wih dire stable more focus more kill command spamming, i have seen good dps players go throught way of cobra with stomp build you can try it if you want which fit you better

30 - dire frenzy with no shoulder legendary then stomp by default do more dmg / stomp is also AOE dps choice

45 - filler choose what you want. I like Trailblazer - faster movement

60 - blink strikes are best choice here because sometimes you need to switch targets and pet looses dps when he run for next add and so on. If pet dont need to move or you have legendary ring ( Apex Finger ) use bestial fury and use pet charge

75 - Depends on situation binding shot is good for mythic + controlling a lot of adds to help a tank. Intimidation is good too strong interupt interupting non interuptable spells (same as pala stun)

90 - Murder of crows single , Volley AOE barrage considerable choice in M+ AOE because of skitish and you want to misdirect all possible adds to tank ASAP

100 - im used to play with killer cobra some players use aspect of the beast. Stampede is AOE spell where you need to point it in good way and mobs must stay on that location.

PET Talents : Ferocity



Blood elf -Arcane Acuity and with arcane torrent more focus more dps and +1% crit

Troll: Berserking

Orc: Blood Fury and +1 % pet dmg

BE is best call here followed with Orc


Dwarf: Might of the Mountain crit bonus dmg +2%

Night Elf: Touch of Elune +1% crit or haste

Human: 2% more secondary stats

Here it is harder according to popularity NE is best choice then Human and Dwarf third

3. Artifact Traits and Relics

BiS Relics:

Many choices here in my opinion best bonus is Wilderness Expert

to get your offensive CD as long as possible it has maxing your burst dmg and with convergerance and legendary to reduce CD on aspect you can cover most of the fight with your offensive CDs

But as usual higher relic IL higher DPS doesnt matter if it is BiS bonus or not

Iron Relic

Storm Relic

Arcane Relic


4. Stats

Dire frenzy build:
mastery - haste - crit

Stomp build:
crit - haste - mastery

Versa is good for low IL players

5. Gems, Enchants, Legendaries, Trinkets


200 agility - you can hold only one

Depend on your build 150:


Cloak - +200 Agility

Rings: +200 Mastery / Haste / Critical - same as Gems

Neck: +600 mastery


Mantle of Command

without any question best legendary dire beast got 2 charges

Roar of the Seven Lions

bestial wrath reduca all costs by 20%

Kil Jaeden

a lot of agility and stats


same as trinket more stats and absorb for better survivability

Apex Ring

help pet a lot get more HP charge ability so he can survive more battles and move throught battlefield faster

Eredun War Order

powerful single target legendary

Call of the Wild

reduces cd on all aspects by 35% if you dont have convergerence trinket its optimal trinket faster recharged more dps


Good trinkets = good DPS so :

Unstopable Arcanocrystal

BiS in this point a lot of stats

Convergerance of Fates

reducing CD on dps cooldowns

Honorable mentions:

Bloodthirsty Instinct

Eye of Guarm

Entwined Elemental Foci

Nightblooming Frond

6. Rotation

Single target:

1. Opening CDs Aspect of the wild Bestial wrath
2. Dire beast / Dire frenzy
3. Titans Thunder on CD
4. Kill Command
5. Cobra shot - when you have last talent killer cobra, when you activate Bestial wrath cobra shot reset your Kill command CD, use it all the time

Multi target:

1. Opening CDs Aspect of the wild Bestial wrath
2. Multi shot
3. Titans Thunder on CD
4. Kill Command
5. If u have Stampede use it on specific location on CD
6. Cobra shot - if you have Bestial Wrath to reset Kill Command

Just use all your CDs on cooldown and you will be fine.

7. Tips and Honorable mentions:

Bursting Shot

perfect spell if you want to interrupt many adds at once (DT small red elementals for example)

If you get barrage it willll produce on skittish a lot of aggro during misdirection in this situation much better than volley. Even some bosses need that to get all adds ASAP to tank (NH Starcaller last phase, Advisor elementals, Scorpion scorpions, EN, dragons).

Use your traps on trash!

Tar Trap

on necrotic or raging can save your tank.

Freezing Trap

freeze problematic add on place very usefull.

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Nice guide -

[EN] Protection Paladin Guide (In-Depth 7.2.5.)

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