Frost Death Knight PvP Guide 5.4.8 - Revised Guide

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I`ve written this guide to provide a decent source of information for Frost Death Knight PvP players.

Under no circumstances are you obliged to follow this guide. It is here merely to serve as an overview of the Frost specialization in a player-versus-player enviorment, and as such you can use it to learn more about the class. Beware that some things are taken from other guides but will work on Freakz. I have called this a "Revised" guide because everything here is tested and all attempts at creating a frost DK PvP guide have been consolidated into one, with some information added by me. I am open to tips and all manners of criticism and your input is greatly appreciated.

1. Races

Bellow, you can find a list of races which I believe are decent:

Human - The "Every man for himself" makes the human race the best for PvP.
Gnome - The racial (escaping roots and slows) is fairly decent, however the extended cooldown makes it a not-so-good choice when compared to the rest
Worgen - Has a 1% increased crit chance, and the sprint-like Darkflight racial.
Orc - The Blood-fury and Hardiness racials make the Orc race the best for horde PvP.
Troll - They have Berserking.

2. Runes and runic power

Runic power is represented by the bar bellow your health bar, and can be either used (By frost strike, for example) or generated (By spells such as howling blast). Because runic power is such a valuable resource (even more useful for DW DKs, but that is not important) we will not be using conversion, which takes away your resource in exchange for health.

Those 6 things bellow your portrait are your runes:
- Blood: Used by spells such as blood strike
- Frost: Used by frost abilities, like obliterate. These are the most valuable "standard runes" for our specialization.
- Unholy: Pretty useful. They are used by spells such as necrotic strike or plague strike.
There are also death runes, which replace your normal runes and activate only when using certain spells (Plague leech, blood tap). These can be used for any attack, regardless of which runes they would normally use.

3. Abilities and passives

Passive benefits of the spec:

Mastery: Frozen Heart - Increases the frost damage you deal
Icy Talons

The following are the spells which you`ll be using the most:

Frost Presence
Frost Strike
Howling Blast

And these are some other ones:

Icy Touch
Empower Rune Weapon
Plague Strike
Necrotic Strike
Death and Decay

Please do not forget spells such as chains of ice, death strike and soul reaper. These are useful too.

4. Talents

- On the first row, pick Plague Leech, because on use it removes your diseases from the targetand provides you with two Death Runes (They can be used as all sorts of runes, and having these up constantly will maximize your damage)

- On the second row, pick Lichborne because it turns you into an undead. While undead, you can use Death Coil to heal yourself. More about this will be discussed in the "Macros" section. Lichborne also breaks fear / sleep / charm, and you will be immune to those effects while the buff is active.

- On the third row, pick Asphyxiate because it stuns your enemy / acts as a silence if the target is immune to stuns. You can also use chillblains in certain situations.

- On the fourth row, pick Death Pact because it provides an awesome heal and doesn`t use runic power. I will show you a macro on how to use the ability effectively later on.

- On the fifth row, pick Blood Tap. For each Frost Strike or Death Coil you use to damage your enemy, you`ll get 2 charges of Blood Tap. You can use five of these charges to activate a Death Rune.

- On the last row, pick Desecrated Ground, because it is an extra trinket, and as such you won`t have to take up equipment slots. You can play with two DPS trinkets.

5. Gemming and Enchanting


- Meta: Reverberating primal diamond
- Blue: Tense imperial amethyst
- Yellow: Skillful venom onyx
- Red: Bold inferno ruby


Weapon: Rune of the fallen crusader
Chest: Glorious stats
Bracers: Exceptional Strenght
Gloves: Super strenght
Shoulders: Greater tiger fang inscription
Cloak: Swordguard Embroidery
Boots: Pandaren's step
Belt: Living steel belt buckle

6. Glyphs

Bellow is a list of glyphs which are useful to a frost Death Knight.

- Glyph of Shifting Presences
- Glyph of Death and Decay
- Glyph of anti-magic shell
- Glyph of regenerative magic
- Glyph of icy touch

7. Macros

(Credits go to Amnezx for this section!)

Self Heal

/cast !Lichborne
/cast [target=player] Death Coil

Focus arena 1/2/3 Macros

/focus arena1

/focus arena2

/focus arena3

Target arena1/2/3 Macros

/target arena1

/target arena2

/target arena3

Focus Death Grip

/cast [target=focus] Death Grip

Focus Strangulate/Asphyxiate

/cast [target=focus] strangulate

Focus Chains of Ice

/cast [@focus] Chains of ice

Focus Mind Freeze

/cast [target=focus] Mind Freeze

Focus Dark Simulacrum + Spell use @focus

#showtooltip dark simulacrum
/target focus
/cast Dark Simulacrum
/click RightActionButton 8 (inlocuiti cu butonul pe care aveti pus macroul)

Remorseless Winter sau Desecrated Ground

/cast Remorseless Winter
/cast Desecrated Ground
/run SetMacroSpell("T6",GetSpellInfo("Remorseless Winter") or "Desecrated Ground")

Frost Strike + Blood Tap macro

#showtooltip Frost Strike
/cast Frost Strike
/cast [@focus] Dark Command
/cast Blood Tap

Death Pact

/cast [nopet] raise dead
/cast !death pact

Howling Blast

/cast howling blast

Necrotic + Blood Tap

#showtooltip Necrotic Strike
/cast [@focus] dark command
/cast Necrotic Strike
/cast Blood Tap

Burst Macro

#showtooltip Pillar of Frost
/use 14
/use 10
/cast Pillar of Frost
/use 13
/use 14


/cancelaura hand of protection
/cancelaura hand of freedom
/cancelaura divine shield
/cancelaura ice block
/cancelaura conversion

Presence Macros

/cast Blood Presence
/cast Unholy Presence

8. 2v2 arena combos

- Frost DK - Holy Paladin
- Frost DK - Restoration Druid
- Frost DK - Mistweaver Monk
- Frost DK - Restoration Shaman

These are the FDK-healer combos I enjoy and reccomend. Playing with a priest also works, but I don't like it in certain situations. Beware! If you are doing arenas with a priest, always pick Holy or Discipline.
I don't recconend playing with another DPS unless you have skill and great means of player to player communication. While certain comps might work, the possible gains are not worth the risk. You might be tempted to class-stack, but that won't work against players that aren't your run of the mill 1550 users.

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