[EN] 7.2.5 Fury Artifact Guide &FAQ

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Disclaimer: This guide is only explaining The 7.2.5 Artifact: Path, Relics, & Traits.
Not what you're looking for? i will be posting more in the future as we are getting closer each and every day to the new patch 7.2.5


"Arms or Fury in patch 7.2.5 Pve content?"
The two specs are extraordinary well balanced when it comes to metters. Other then that, encounter mechanics will dictate performance, especially the prevalence of Cleave, burst AoE, and length of the Execute phase.
My advice is simple, play what you enjoy. Spend time learning the class, and be successful at it.

Artifact: Path, Relics, & Traits:

*Fury warrior 7.2 artifact pathing:

*What are the best Relic traits?:
Battle Cry, Enrage, and Raging Blow, regardless of your trinkets or tier.

*How do the new traits work?
- Pulse of Battle generates 4 rage per critical strike with Raging Blow. Since Raging Blow attacks and can crit independently with each hand, it can generate up to 4-8 rage per crit, and has a greater overall chance for at least one hand to crit. For the mathy types, this means a 10% chance to crit converts to a 19% chance for at least one hand to crit (+4 rage), and a 1% chance to crit with both (+8 rage).
- Oathblood has a 15% chance to trigger an extra Bloodthirst attack after Bloodthirst is used. It's completely automatic, the damage is rolled separately, generates rage, and has its own chance to crit, which can trigger Enrage.
- Death and Glory causes Odyn's Fury to deal extra Fire (Odyn's Glory) or Shadow (Helya's Scorn) damage (300% attack power roughly 50% of OF's direct/non-DoT damage), and either generate 20 rage (Fire) or leech (Shadow).
- Concordance of the Legionfall is a 50-point trait, which requires all other traits to be obtained first. It's a 10s duration, 1.37 RPPM, Strength increasing proc.

this guide is a living document; updates and beautification may occur at anytime

[EN] 7.2.5 Fury Artifact Guide &FAQ

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