[EN] Protection Paladin Guide (In-Depth 7.2.5.)

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[EN] Protection Paladin Guide (In-Depth 7.2.5.)

1. Introduction

Hi, my in-game name is Zerodeaths and I am playing on Freakz since Mists of Pandaria, i did a lot of PvE since then.

This guide will cover almost everything about the Paladin Protection spec.

All of those being said, let's get on with it.

2. Races

Passive:Heroic Presence - Increase strength, agility, and intellect by 425 at lvl 110.
Passive:Shadow Resistance - Reduces Shadow damage taken by 1%.
Active:Gift of the Naaru - Heals the friendly target for 20% of the caster's total health over 5 seconds. 40 yard range. 3 minute cooldown.
Passive:Might of the Mountain - Critical Strike damage and healing increased by 2%.
Passive:Frost Resistance- Reduces Frost damage taken by 1%.
Active:Stoneform- Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 seconds. 2 minute cooldown.
Passive:The Human Spirit - You gain 2% more from all secondary stats "Haste, Crit, Mastery, Versatility" from all sources.
Active:Every Man for Himself - Remove all stun effects has a 2 minute cooldown, shares a 30 second cooldown similar effects (trinkets).

Blood Elf
Passive:Arcane Acuity - Increases critical strike chance by 1%.
Passive:Arcane Resistance - Reduces Arcane damage taken by 1%.
Active:Arcane Torrent - Silence all enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds and restore 1 Holy Power, 1.5 minute cooldown(only on Retribution).
Passive:Brawn - Critical strike damage and healing increased by 2%.
Passive:Endurance - Increases your stamina by 1283 at lvl 110.
Active:War stomp - Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 seconds with 0.5 second cast time and 1.5 minute cooldown.

What race should you play if you are tanking?
1.Draenei=Dwarf=Blood Elf=Tauren(they all have good Racials for PvE)
2.Human(human doesn't have a PvE purpose Racial)
3. Talents/Builds

Raiding build


Mythic+ build


4. Stats priority

Those are the stats:
Critical Strike:Chance for extra effectiveness on attacks and heals.
Haste:Increases attack speed and spell casting speed.
Mastery:Increases damage reduction from Shield of the Righteous by x%, and increases your chance to block melee attacks by x%.
Versatility:Increases damage and healing done by x%, and decreases damage taken by x%.

Stats priority:
Survivability:Haste>Mastery>Versatility>Critical Strike(Haste:27%+/Mastery:27%+/Versatility:5%+/Critical Strike:20%+)
Damage:Critical Strike>Haste>Versatility>Mastery(Critical Strike:25%+/Haste:25%+/Versatility:5%+/Mastery:25%+)

5. Artifact path/Bis Relics

Artifact bis relics:
Survivability:Use relics that empower the following traits in order: Unflinching Defense , Righteous Crusader and Faith's Armor
Damage:Use relics that empower the following traits in order:Consecration in Flame, Hammer Time and Stern Judgment.
6. Bis legendaries/items

Bis legendaries:
Survivability:Saruan's Resolve and Heathcliff's Immortality
Damage:Tyelca, Ferren Marcus's Stature and Pillars of Inmost Light

Trinkets(the order doesn't matter, i've choosed only obtainable trinkets):
Survivability: Parjesh's Medallion; Reliquary of the Damned; Feverish Carapace; Shifting Cosmic Sliver.
Damage:Umbral Moonglaives; Terrorbound Nexus; Cradle of Anguish; Infernal Cinders
7.Main spells and how to use them correctly

Judgment:Ranged damage active spell, you can use it to empower your Shield of the Righteous(only if you have the Blessed Stalwart trait)
Blessed Hammer/Hammer of the Righteous: Damage active spell, you can spam it on cooldown.(if yo have the Blessed Hammer talent it reduces damage taken by 12%)
Shield of the Righteous:Damage active spell, main defence spell(it gives you 40+ damage reduction based on your mastery stat)
Avenger's Shield:Ranged damage active spell, spam on cooldown(when it hits the target it spreads to another 2 close targets intrerupting and silencing them for 3 seconds(non-players targets))
Consecration:Damage active spell, spam on cooldown(while standing in Consecration, Shield of the Righteous and Hand of the Protector/Light of the Protector affects are increased by 20%)
Avenging Wrath:Damage cooldown/burst(increases all damage and healing done by 35% for 20 seconds)
Ardent Defender:Defensive cooldown(reduces all damage you take by 20%, while Ardent Defender is active the next attack that will otherwise kill you will instead bring you to 12% of your maximum life)(use it when you think the next mechanic will kill you)
Guardian of Ancient Kings :Strong defensive cooldown(reduces damage taken by 50%)(use it only when needed)
Divine Shield]:Strong defensive cooldown(protects you from all damage and spells for 8 sec)(use it only when needed)(if you dont have the Final Stand talent, you will loose aggro)
Eye of Tyr :Artifact active defensive/damaging spell(all the targets hit by Eye of Tyr deal 25% less damage to you)
Blessing of Protection:Defensive active cooldown(can be placed on any party member and friendly targets and it reduces damage received by physical attacks by 100%)
Blessing of Sacrifice:Defensive active cooldown(can be placed only on party members and friendly targets, and it transfers 30% of damage taken by the target to you, or until the transferred damage cause you to fall bellow 20%)
Blessing of Freedom:Active spell(can be placed on party members and friendly targets, making them immune to movement impairing effects for 8 seconds)
8. Gems, Enchants and Consumables

Gems:Quick Dawnlight
Enchants: Mark of the Heavy Hide/Mark of the Claw;Binding of Strength; Binding of Haste
Consumables: Azshari Salad;Potion of Prolonged Power(for aoe/trash pulls); Potion of the Old War(for single target); Flask of Ten Thousand Scars(HP); Flask of the Countless Armies(damage)

This was my first guide ever on anything, I hope it will help some of you, if you have any questions just PM me in-game or leave a message on forum. Thanks!

Special thanks to Meow, i've got some pictures and ideas from his Guide!

[EN] Protection Paladin Guide (In-Depth 7.2.5.)

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First Protopaladin who kill KJ in mycth logs -
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