Shadowlands: Content Release and QoL Changes

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Shadowlands Content Release

We will release the 9.1.5 (40944) client version of Shadowlands but with content lock, meaning you will experience progressive content, starting with the first season.

We are offering many Quality of Life features right at the start of the seasons and we are trying to avoid making the same mistakes Blizzard did.

Below you can see our plan for this expansion:

Season 1 (9.0.1 + 9.0.2 + 9.0.5)
  • Latest 9.1.5 Class Changes
  • Max Item Level: 226
  • Max Legendary Rank: 4
  • New Character Customization
  • Levels, Items and Stats Adjusted
  • New Level Cap: 60
  • Exile's Reach
  • Five New Zones (Bastion, Ardenweald, Revendreth, Maldraxxus, and the Maw)
  • Eight New Dungeons (The Necrotic Wake, Plaguefall, Mists of Tirna Scithe, Halls of Atonement, De Other Side, Sanguine Depths, Spires of Ascension, Theater of Pain)
  • Castle Nathria Raid
  • Torghast, Tower of the Damned
  • Covenants and Covenant Campaigns
  • Covenant Class and Signature Abilities
  • Covenant Swap
  • Renown (40)
  • Soulbinds
  • Conduits
  • Conduit Energy Removed
  • Professions Revamp
  • Adventures
  • Mythic+ Affix: Prideful
  • Mythic+ Rating
  • PvP: Sinful Gladiator
  • Empyrean Domain Arena
  • PvP Vendors
  • Runecarving Legendary Items System
  • Customizable Crafting
  • Upgradable Gear (Valor / Honor / Conquest)
  • Threads of Fate
  • New mounts, pets, achievements, transmog gear, and more!
    Quality of Life Changes

    • One free Level 50 Boost + Epic Mount (Wandering Ancient) in the first week of the expansion.

    • While you are dead, your ghost can fly without any requirement.

    • After completing the Shadowlands intro on a character, you will be able to skip it on your alts.

    • Completing all the Shadowlands Mythic 0 dungeons on a character will award a random 190+ ilvl BoE item.

    • Soul Ash has an initial seasonal cap of 1500, this cap doubles after each weekly reset. Torghast re-runs drop 20% of their first Soul Ash reward.

    • The Runecarver offers an option to destroy an existing legendary item and return all of the Soul Ash that was spent to create that item.

    • After mastering the legendary crafting on a character, you may transfer a portion of your Soul Ash to your alts by talking with the Runecarver.

    • Mounting in The Maw can be unlocked by obtaining a blessing from Ve'nari. (Costs: 300 Stygia, Requires that Ve'nari has an Apprehensive or higher opinion of you)

    • Depending on your reputation rank with Ve'nari, you may ask her to transfer a portion of your stygia to your alts. After reaching the highest standing with Ve'nari on a character, all your alts may benefit of a daily 2 hours buff that increases their reputation gain in the Maw by 30%.

    • Completing a Shadowlands Dungeon at Mythic Level 17 or higher will unlock teleportation to the entrance of that dungeon account-wide.

    • Defeating a Mythic Boss in Castle Nathria will award you a conduit power point, up to a maximum of 3 per week. You can use these points at a vendor in Castle Nathria to buy Mythic Conduits from any of the released bosses.

    • Rated Battles (2v2, 3v3 or 10v10) can also be queued without a party now.

    • Revamped Leveling Chests system.

    • New Custom events (PvE and PvP) after few months from release.

Season 2 (9.1.0 + 9.1.5)
  • Max Item Level: 252
  • Max Legendary Rank: 6
  • New Zone: Korthia, City of Secrets
  • Flying in Shadowlands
  • Sanctum of Domination Raid
  • Shards of Domination
  • Tazavesh, the Veiled Market Mega-Dungeon
  • Mythic+ Affix: Tormented
  • PvP: Unchained Gladiator
  • Renown (80)
  • New Covenant Campaign Chapters
  • New Soulbind Tiers
  • Professions Updates
  • Runecarving Updates
  • The Maw Updates
  • Torghast, Tower of the Damned Updates
  • New mounts, pets, achievements, transmog gear, and more!
    Quality of Life Changes

    • Torghast re-runs will award the full amount of Soul Ash.

    • TBA

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