Which glyphs to pick and when to use them: Holy PvP Edition

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Greetings folks,in this tutorial you will learn which glyphs are the best and also when you're supposed to choose each of them

Chapter I

Holy Priest

General Overview

Glyph of Renew

Glyph of Renew is the glyph that you will be using 100% of the time while playing Holy.Renew is one of your main spells that you must keep up all the time,so 33% heal increase is huge boost.3 seconds less doesn't really affect you at all since you refresh it with your direct healing spells.

Glyph of Prayer of Mending

Glyph of Prayer of Mending is the second best glyph you will mostly need to use.Your 2/5 set bonus forces you to use PoM to boost the healing of your Flash Heal/Greater or Holy Word:Serenity which makes you way more effective in fights.60% heal boost on PoM is huge and you'll most likely choose this + Renew unless you're forced to go with Mass Dispel + Shadow word:Death when you face Rogue/Mage teams for example.

Glyph of Shadow word:Death

Only use it when you're fighting classes that got breakable by damage Crowd Control such as Polymorph,Paralysis,Blind,Scatter Shot,Paladin AoE Blind.

Glyph of Mass Dispel

Usable only against Paladin & Mage

Glyph of Fear Ward

Really good against Warlocks and Priests.You get like -1 minute off cooldown before gates open then you got like 1 more minute to finish the cooldown which is pretty overpowered.

Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment

Pretty decent against DK setups that you need to counter.

Glyph of Fade

Decent when using Phantasm .Combined together it does help you a bit when you're getting tunneled(Hunter/Rogue,DK/Warrior(Mostly)

Glyph of Inner Fire

I personally used this glyph like few times only against Hunter/Rogue teams that had amazing dmg and had trouble surviving the first game,so you don't really play with this glyph a lot unless you personally feel like you need it.

When to use each glyph and how to combine them best

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Prayer of Mending + Shadow word Death

  • Use this combination against DK/Monk,Warrior/Monk,Ele Shaman/Monk,Warrior/Ele Shaman/Monk,pretty much every comp that has monk in it since you won't need to replace Glyph of PoM and Renew,so you go with Shadow word:death to break Paralysis when the monk wants to CC you or you go for Chastice > Fear,he will always try to counter you by using Paralysis.Other situation is when you land a successful fear on the monk.Most of the times the monk uses Nimble Brew or Trinket then instantly Paralysis you,so you land a Fear in the next global you expect Paralysis.Druid/Hunter,Rogue/Hunter,Hunter/Priest are also in this list since you need to break Scatter shots/Serpent Stings/Lullabys with Shadow word:death and you pretty much need the first two.

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Prayer of Mending + Glyph of Mass Dispel

  • Pretty much every setup with Paladin(Warrior/Paladin,DK/Paladin,Ele Shaman/Paladin)

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Shadow word:Death + Glyph of Mass Dispel

  • Choose both Sw:D + Mass Dispel against Rogue/Mage teams.You need SW:D to break Polymorphs/Blind/Gouge and Mass Dispel for Ice Blocks is also a must.Same goes for Paladin/Mage teams,SW:D for Sheeps/Paladin blind,Mass Disel for Bubble/Ice Block.

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Prayer of Mending + Glyph of Fear Ward

  • This combination gives you advantage against Warlock/Boomkin,Warlock/Priest,Warrior/Resto druid is a setup with double fears.If they don't waste one on Fear ward and then immediately go for 2nd one which will not be immune,you will have huge advantage against that team.Helps against Warrior/Resto shaman as well,but there things are a bit complicated since they got purge as well as Warrior/Priest,but there things are a bit different.DK/Priest is also a great example of using this combination.

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Prayer of Mending + Glyph of Fade/Glyph of Inner Fire

  • Go for this against setups that tunnel you a lot and you can't deal with topping yourself (Hunter/Rogue,DK/Warrior,perhaps Rogue/DK teams except with Holy Paladin)

Glyph of Renew + Glyph of Prayer of Mending + Glyph of Scourge Imprisonment

  • Way too obvious that you choose this one against DK teams only by your own preference too.

This is it,i listed all the glyphs and reasons why and when to use them.It feels like the rest of them are pretty useless in PvP,so i skipped mentioning them here.

As always,if you got any questions regarding this post,ask in the comments.

Best of luck,

Priest PvP Glyph Guide 5.4.8
Priest PvP Talent Tiers Guide 5.4.8
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