Would you like to see 3v3 soloqueue implemented?

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Would you like to see 3v3 soloqueue implemented?
 90%  [ 10 ]
 9%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 11

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This vote is a follow-up to topic in suggestions section. One part of it at least.

It's important to note, that result of this poll does NOT mean that soloq will/will not be implemented. It's simply to see whether the community has an interest in the feature.

What is this 3v3 soloqueue?
Many probably don't know. It's something like a separate 3v3 arena bracket. Difference is, you join the queue all by yourself and you get grouped with 2 random people who were waiting in queue and play against 3 other people grouped in a similar fashion. You'd have a rating separate from your 2v2 and 3v3 rating (maybe 5v5 too?). Of course rules are not set in stone and details can be discussed later. This is just the basic gist of it.

It was a very popular feature of Arena-Tournament (RIP). Just to give you some idea of what could be discussed, their rules were as follows: you could queue up solo or as a group of 2, your soloq rating would display in place of your 5v5 rating therefore disabling 5s, you would be grouped only into a healer/caster/melee party, you could play against people in normal 3v3 queue if that team had no one to play against.

So please vote, if you'd like to add some comment to your vote or have some questions, then go ahead. Also if possible, please direct your in-game friends to this topic, I think most people in-game don't normally visit forums.

If you think this feature is "too custom", just think about what we have on Freakz. Cross-faction BGs, custom raid finder, arena spectating, instant flight paths, portals at places of zepelins/boats and in major cities, 3v3 announcer, heirloom weapons for your new alts and some other things which I can't think of now. All of those are awesome quality of life improvements, custom as they are. And so would be soloq.


Here comes my personal opinion. I simply like it, you could just log in, play few 3s for fun.

Right now, 3v3 bracket is not nearly as terrible as it used to be, but it's not good either. Unless you have a stable team, you have to look for random people to play with and then hope someone else queues as well. Then some rating hungry team could just stomp you and since most people like to rage/give up easily, after 1-2 games you can look for a new team. Nothing new. This is of course caused by lack of people at certain ratings. With the random nature of soloq this wouldn't be an issue, if someone rage quits - whatever, you can play with some other random.

Another issue when you're looking for a 3v3 team is gear and class discrimination. I've met few people who wouldn't play, simple because I was a shadow priest, or because I didn't have 520 ilvl. All they want is a warrior or dk with legendary meta gem. It's pretty sad to be honest. Also solved by soloq, since you never know who you'll end up playing with.

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