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  Topic: [Quest]The Tidestone: Shattered

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 22-05-2019, 11:52:17   Subject: [Quest]The Tidestone: Shattered
WoW Freakz link:
  Topic: [Suggestion] More character slots?

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PostForum: Suggestions   Posted: 21-05-2019, 12:46:26   Subject: [Suggestion] More character slots?
Please could you give us more character slots because, for those of us who are altoholics, 12 isn't enough. -
I already have 12 x 110 Horde characters (all classes) and would like to make Allianc ...
  Topic: [Quest Item] Leyworm Bait

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 08-05-2019, 12:06:25   Subject: [Quest Item] Leyworm Bait
WoW Freakz item link: [url=]Leyworm Bait / [url= ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Rogue][Achievement][Power Unbound]

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 26-04-2019, 00:31:27   Subject: [Rogue][Achievement][Power Unbound]
WoW Freakz spell link:
Bug description: I have completed the all of the rogue class hall missions and have 36 trai ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Missing Pants

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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 15-04-2019, 16:24:54   Subject: Missing Pants
Character Name: Noremacian
Item Name & ID: Xorothian Greaves Armory Link:
Details: (optional) Logged in today and noticed my pants are g ...
  Topic: Forum Profile - No characters?

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 15-04-2019, 16:01:36   Subject: Forum Profile - No characters?
On the forums profile when you view an account/profile, how do you add characters to the section that is there? Or is it not yet implemented?
This is where I mean....
  Topic: [FIXED] [Hunter][Talent] Black Arrow taunt

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 05-04-2019, 15:08:28   Subject: [Hunter][Talent] Black Arrow taunt
WoW Freakz spell link:
Bug description: Using Proof: Try using it on a single mob while other are near.
  Topic: [FIXED] [Demon Hunter][Havoc][Talent] Demonic + Soul Rending + Eye Beam

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 25-03-2019, 12:30:14   Subject: [Demon Hunter][Havoc][Talent] Demonic + Soul Rending + Eye Beam
WoW Freakz spell link: Bug description: For some reason you only get Proof:
So you ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Terrace of Endless Spring] The Emperor's Gift

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 31-12-2018, 22:36:45   Subject: [Terrace of Endless Spring] The Emperor's Gift
-WoW Freakz link:
-Bug description: I cannot complete stage 2 of this scenario as "Hellwarden Xaphan" 2 s ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Nagrand] [Hemet's Happy Hunting Grounds]

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 27-12-2018, 05:16:05   Subject: [Nagrand] [Hemet's Happy Hunting Grounds]
WoW Freakz link: (Quest)
(Big Pete NPC)
Bug description: The ...
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