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  Topic: ce zic baietii pe reddit

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 22-05-2018, 13:53:10   Subject: ce zic baietii pe reddit
ati sters guilda unui ungur, acum istvan va face de cacao pe reddit wowservers -
  Topic: relics question: item lvl or traits on affliction?

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 21-10-2017, 20:41:19   Subject: relics question: item lvl or traits on affliction?
i know that relics which offer points in perdition or shadowy incantations are the most wanted on affliction artifact weapon, but what should i do if i get relics with significant higher item level th ...
  Topic: [COMPLETED] A "Noble" Event quest items lost

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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 15-10-2017, 22:23:33   Subject: A "Noble" Event quest items lost
Character Name: vesemir
Item Name & ID:
  Topic: sugestie legata de guides/tutorials

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 07-10-2017, 16:34:03   Subject: sugestie legata de guides/tutorials
cum pe google se gasesc tot mai greu guides legate de clase pentru 7.1.5 din cauza ca majoritatea sunt "7.3 updated" ar fi ok daca s-ar face iar cum a fost pe cataclysm acel concurs sau ce e ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [MINING WORLD QUEST] brimstone destroyer (still can't be mined ! )

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 04-10-2017, 11:17:45   Subject: [MINING WORLD QUEST] brimstone destroyer (still can't be mined ! )
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: after you kill the mob the brimstone destroyer core spawns but it cannot be mined, even you have over 100 min ...
  Topic: torn invitation item (fox mount)

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 30-09-2017, 21:34:12   Subject: torn invitation item (fox mount)
am cautat sa vad de unde incepe quest chain-ul pentru acel mount vulpe si vad ca am nevoie de [url=]torn invitation care pica din [url=https://www ...

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 30-09-2017, 11:33:30   Subject: NU MAI APAR EMISSARY/WORLD QUESTS NOI
astazi cand m-am logat nu am primit un nou emissary si nici questuri noi, sunt doar cateva vechi ramase de ieri, iar pe unele harti pur si simplu nu mai e nici un quest...
din cate am intrebat pe glo ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [demon hunter][havoc] relics with unleashed demons trait

Replies: 2
Views: 519

PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 10-09-2017, 20:19:30   Subject: [demon hunter][havoc] relics with unleashed demons trait
WoW Freakz spell link: (or any other relic that offers an extra point in [url=]unleashed demons trait)
Bug descri ...
  Topic: [DUPLICATE] onyxia's lair

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Views: 235

PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 31-08-2017, 11:41:50   Subject: onyxia's lair
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: even the boss and trash appear to be spawned at NPC finder, they are not present ingame, the whole instance is empty on ...
  Topic: comanda ingame pentru respawn time

Replies: 1
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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 28-08-2017, 16:36:20   Subject: comanda ingame pentru respawn time
se poate face o comanda pe chat care sa afiseze ingame respawn time left la npc's, ceva gen .time numeNPC ? daca solicita prea mult serverul sa tina cont de toti NPC's din joc ar fi ok doar pentru mob ...
  Topic: question about relics

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 11-08-2017, 21:50:44   Subject: question about relics
so, i have three ilvl 840 relics all of them giving points in the same trait (critical chaos) on my havoc DH, recently i got a 860ilvl relic that offer a point in chaos vision (eye beam increased dama ...
  Topic: nu vad portalul catre dalaranul nou

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 10-08-2017, 12:26:38   Subject: nu vad portalul catre dalaranul nou
portalul catre dalaranul din broken isles e pus in alta parte in orgrimmar?
unde sunt portalele catre restul oraselor imi apare doar unul catre dalaranul vechi...
cu ...
  Topic: demon hunter class hall quest

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 09-08-2017, 23:54:27   Subject: demon hunter class hall quest
questul asta l-am mai facut o data dar luat de la kayn, acum vad ca a aparut si altruis si il da din nou, faza ...
  Topic: intrebare artifact power

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 02-08-2017, 19:51:16   Subject: intrebare artifact power
daca de exemplu folosesc artifact research compendium pe un offchar ce imi urca artifact knowledge direct la 15 si am deja in bag diverse iteme/scrolls ce ofera artifact power, voi primi si la itemele ...
  Topic: [Goblin][Racial spell] Pack Hobgoblin

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 24-07-2017, 12:16:25   Subject: [Goblin][Racial spell] Pack Hobgoblin
WoW Freakz spell link:
Bug description: you cannot receive this spell on goblin characters, ...
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