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  Topic: [REJECTED] Kosumoth the Hungering - World Quest attunement

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 11-08-2017, 18:59:54   Subject: Kosumoth the Hungering - World Quest attunement
two weeks of cooldown.
Here comes the part how to summon him and get the quests available for you:
First you have to go to
After that you're supposed to go at a cave ...
  Topic: [FIXED] PvP Deserter debuff duration

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 11-08-2017, 03:05:22   Subject: [FIXED] PvP Deserter debuff duration
WoW Freakz link: [url=]Deserter
Bug description: At the moment you can leave battleground without getting deserter. You actually do ...
  Topic: [FIXED] [Quest] [World Quest] Won't Anyone Think of the Whelps?

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 30-06-2017, 20:06:15   Subject: [World Quest] Won't Anyone Think of the Whelps?
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: Cages have 5 min respawn time, which is extremely long for a World ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Battle Pets] Fading from bars

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 30-06-2017, 17:18:34   Subject: [Battle Pets] Fading from bars
Bug description: All battle pets (companions) are fading of the action bars after relog or town portal use.
  Topic: [Toy] Flaming Hoop

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 30-06-2017, 17:14:26   Subject: [Toy] Flaming Hoop
WoW Freakz quest link:
Bug description: Literally does nothing. Pets should be jumping through it.
Proof: https://youtu.b ...
  Topic: [Battle Pet]Zeradar

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 30-06-2017, 17:09:10   Subject: [Battle Pet]Zeradar
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: Zeradar appears as Murky as you can see on the video below
Proof: ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Darkheart Thicket][Dresaron][Earthshaking Roar]

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 24-06-2017, 00:31:04   Subject: [Darkheart Thicket][Dresaron][Earthshaking Roar]
WoW Freakz link:
P.S Excuse me, but I don't have any idea how this topic went to "Quests" sub-forum...It would be nice if you move it back to "PvE"
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Neltharion's Lair] Tarspitter Lurker

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 20:04:02   Subject: [Neltharion's Lair] Tarspitter Lurker
WoW Freakz link: [url=]Normal, [url= ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] RDF Reward System

Replies: 2
Views: 285

PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 19:54:59   Subject: RDF Reward System
Bug description:
Normal: First completion of the day should reward [url=]Adventurer's Wisdom
Heroic: First completion of the day should reward [ ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Test Artifact Weapons

Replies: 1
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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 07:17:18   Subject: Test Artifact Weapons
First I wanna thanks the one who actually deleted the items yesterday, but somehow they are in my inventory again. After that I made four tickets, two of them with silly responses (Excuse me, but that ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] Ticket system and User interface

Replies: 1
Views: 1322

PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 06:50:08   Subject: Ticket system and User interface
Bug description:
First thing: When you make a ticket, a window was appearing into the top right corner next to the minimap saying that your ticket is in queue and will be viewed soon. Does that thin ...
  Topic: [DUPLICATE] [Azsuna] The Right Weapon for the Job

Replies: 1
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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 06:00:56   Subject: [Azsuna] The Right Weapon for the Job
WoW Freakz link: [url=]The Right Weapon for the Job
Bug description: When you use the item [url=https://ww ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Azsuna] Let Sleeping Giants Lie

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 18-06-2017, 05:45:43   Subject: [Azsuna] Let Sleeping Giants Lie
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: The object [url= ...
  Topic: [FIXED] [Pandaria] A Witness to History

Replies: 3
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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 17-06-2017, 23:16:40   Subject: [Pandaria] A Witness to History
Bug: Nothing happens when you talk with Anduin. Also the horde Npc attacks you when it shouldnt. Check t ...
  Topic: [FIXED] [Quest] [Azsuna] Their Dying Breaths

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 17-06-2017, 18:02:04   Subject: [Azsuna] Their Dying Breaths
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: Spawn timer of the crystals needs to be increased.
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