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  Topic: selling rep for gold good trade

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 05-01-2020, 23:46:42   Subject: selling rep for gold good trade
Hello, I will trade my 80 rep for 50k gold, PM me
  Topic: [FIXED] [Item] Infernal Alchemist Stone

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PostForum: Fixed bugs   Posted: 23-07-2017, 10:03:03   Subject: Infernal Alchemist Stone
WoW Freakz link:
Bug description: doesnt proc, on retail it procced from anything really
Proof: http://i.imgu ...
  Topic: delete pls, wrong section

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 23-07-2017, 10:00:10   Subject: delete pls, wrong section
Sorry wrong section, delete pls
  Topic: Obliterum

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 23-07-2017, 09:54:07   Subject: Obliterum
Hello, are you planning on adding obliterum forge at all?
  Topic: [REJECTED] Mythic loot bug

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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 27-06-2017, 20:10:33   Subject: Mythic loot bug
Character Name: MikiQ
Item Name & ID: Biornskin Moccasins (ID Missing, cuz the item is missing in armory)
Armory Link: -
Details: (optional) I did a mythic +3 and received 835 item level item, ...
  Topic: [DUPLICATE] [Rogue][Assasination]Pandemic

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 22-06-2017, 10:11:28   Subject: [Rogue][Assasination]Pandemic
WoW Freakz spell link: Can't find the link of the spell.
Bug description: Simply does not work. It should do as the tooltip states: "When you refresh Rupture before it expires, the duration that ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] World bosses loot

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PostForum: Rejected bugs   Posted: 22-06-2017, 09:22:31   Subject: World bosses loot
WoW Freakz link: ??
Bug description: Mythic fix of loot applied to world bosses(or was there), for now world bosses drop 2 items which it doesnt matter if they are tokens or items. It should drop waa ...
  Topic: Character Trade System

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 03-12-2016, 15:12:19   Subject: Character Trade System
Hello, as we all played on other servers too, most of them have a feature of Character Trade System. Ive seen many of those, one working on base of coins >sell char for x coins >buy char for y c ...
  Topic: [COMPLETED] Drape of the omega

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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 28-11-2016, 22:54:46   Subject: Drape of the omega
Character Name: Kutong
Item Name & ID:
Armory Link:
Details ...
  Topic: [Druid]Flight form vs phasing

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PostForum: Trash   Posted: 27-11-2016, 22:00:40   Subject: [Druid]Flight form vs phasing
WoW Freakz spell link: [url=]Flight Form [url=]Swift ...
  Topic: [COMPLETED] No loot from hodir

Replies: 2
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PostForum: Item Recovery   Posted: 13-11-2016, 11:48:09   Subject: No loot from hodir
Character Name: Kutong
Item Name & ID:
  Topic: [REJECTED] Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen

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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 27-06-2016, 13:47:07   Subject: Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen
Tooltip states: Equip: Your damaging attacks have a chance to trigger a Flurry of Xuen, causing you to deal 1 damag ...
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Hunter]Pet's Bite/claw/smack vs enemy damage taken increase

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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 26-06-2016, 22:07:52   Subject: [Hunter]Pet's Bite/claw/smack vs enemy damage taken increase
WoW Freakz spell link: ...
  Topic: [FIXED] [Item] Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl sound for wielder only

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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 26-06-2016, 21:31:37   Subject: Xal'atoh, Desecrated Image of Gorehowl sound for wielder onl
It makes sounds to whole raid not just the wielder.
  Topic: [REJECTED] [Hunter][Spell]Explosive shot vs t16 4p

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PostForum: Fixed / Closed bugs   Posted: 18-06-2016, 11:45:09   Subject: [Hunter][Spell]Explosive shot vs t16 4p
WoW Freakz spell link:
Bug description: ...
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