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WoW Freakz spell link:

Bug description: Haste should not benefit agility energy classes. At the moment it does on freakz.

Proof from retail:

So I went on retail made a level 1 WW monk who has GCD 1 sec.

However there are factors like letancy, lag spikes, spellbatching that may affect the outcome of the actual 1 sec. So the results may wary within ( 0.850;1.150 ) GCD gap according to SimCraft values:

Here is a demo:

Here you can see 2 tiger palm used and there is 0.917 GCD between the two spells. My Monk is level 1 and sure thing has no gear.

a.) Here is a statement from Blaine community manager of most popular pvp/pve guide website in the whole world:

"Monks have a 1 second GCD, similar to other agility melee DPS. IT'S UNAFFECTED BY HASTE, but cooldowns of abilities are. Problem is, Haste is still terrible for WW. As for the rest of your question, yeah, RSK is cast early so it's up again ASAP. See above for the ideal opener use."

b.) Also GCD formula from WoWAnalyzer:

1. Non energy class like Marksmanship hunter has a BASE GCD = 1500ms

2. Energy class like Wind Walker monk has STATIC GCD = 1000ms that isn't effected by haste.

BASE GCD has minimum and maximum value while STATIC GCD only has 1 value that is indicated in spell database as you can see below:

You can see haste can only be used with BASE GCD via the formula below:

c.) An official addon from 7.3 called DejaCharacterStats also points out the obvious:

1. function casterGCD() is a formula for GCD calculation for classes that benefit from haste

2. It points out that out of all casters only druid in cat form is the one who has static gcd = 1

3. It points out that classes that use intellect, strenght or are hunters or deamonhunters should have their gcd reduced by haste.

4. Anything else is gcd = 1.

And to put your scepticism aside I wasn't the one who made this addon. You can download it from curse:


I've been a GM and a class mod for few servers before migrating here. This is the first server I've encountered who actually thinks that haste should benefit any spec/pet GCD.

Now I know bow posted some gamepedia links which he btw misinterpreted. That isn't even a blue post to begin with like he claimed it was. Non of the external links work from the gamepedia. Not to mention I can literally erase and amend the whole page if I want to. I am a member there.

Is TrinityCore analysis GCD formula or an official statement from Community Manager of Icy Veins who actually get paid for assisting and writing reports for wow community is enough to prove that haste should not benefit energy units?

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Bow on last rejected report posted rogue where we can see that gcd is 0.854 while other 95% global cooldowns in that fight were 1 sec. There are 2 possible explanations for that 1. Gcd is fixed at 1 sec unaffected by haste and that gcd is glitched by server lag, spell queue glitch or 2nd explanation is that his gcd is indeed 0.85 and that rogue is purposely delaying most of his global cooldowns by 0.15 sec to do lower dps. Also zeakey made proof that on retail gcd with 0 haste can go under its set value. Also if what bow is saying correct and i say IF, formula for calculating is wrong bcs energy classes on freakz get to 0.75 gcd with 33% haste and they should really need 100% haste to get to that point because formula used in freakz is taken from classes with 1.5 sec base gcd and they should not have same -GCD per haste ratio bcs this way energy classes can hit gcd floor with 3 times less haste than they should. Either way its broken

Also you should really make yourself think what makes sense and what doesnt
For example during adrenaline rush spell gcd is reduced by 0.20 that is close to floor value separately from haste. Just make yourself think why would they do that if gcd of such classes was affected by haste and it would make that fixed -0.2 gcd pointless on part of blizzard

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Wow this guy really know how to dig deep.

I am not really sure what is all the fuss about. Do I need to call Healzbot for Bow to actually listen? Because last time I checked that person didn't present any evidence whatsoever nor did he made any sense in his report and it just simply got confirmed by Bow.

I am not sure what server Bow played before. But getting slowly killed while in Polymorph, Blind, Paralysis or Repentance is unheard of. Yet still it got confirmed without any further questions asked.

While here you have all the evidence that you need. If you think all of the 3 examples are all fake and you are still in the right then you are officially making this a custom feature server.

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